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Johnny Depp - the most mysterious and unpredictable actor in Hollywood

October 27 2005

The most mysterious and unpredictable Hollywood actor Johnny Depp never ceases to please the fans for his roles. More recently, Depp played the owner of the Chocolate Factory Willy Wonka in a children's film, and now returned to the role of drug addict and adventurer.

Johnny Depp filmed novel - the autobiography of a self-taught writer Gregory David Roberts Shantara. Depp will play the role of controversial writer, Australian geroinista, robber, forger, founder of the free clinic for the poor Indians and the frontman of rock group «Kill Your Landlord».

In addition to the leading man Depp, the film will also Producing the picture. With Johnny Depp in the film are removed, Helena Bonham Carter and Emily Watson. The director has not called. Adapted the novel for the screen offered Eric Roth, screenwriter acclaimed "Forrest Gump." Tape will be charged under the wing of Warner Bros., Output pattern in the rental will be held in 2007.

Writer Gregory David Roberts began using heroin in their youth and to get money for drugs, became a burglar. He was sentenced to 19 years. Roberts escaped from prison, he found himself in India, where he befriended several members of the criminal world in Bombay. There he became a forger, smuggler, and the founder of a free clinic for the poorest residents. Further fate has thrown him into war with the Soviet Union of Afghanistan. Subsequently, he was in Europe, where he founded the rock band "Kill Your Landlord". In the end, Roberts was arrested again in Germany and at his request, was extracted in Australia, where he continues to serve his prison sentence.

In prison, Roberts wrote a novel about his life entitled "Shantara" (a nickname that he gave in India). 1000-page book became a bestseller in 2003 in Australia and India. Adventures Roberts caught the imagination of not only Depp, but another famous actor - Russell Crowe. But Depp has acquired the film rights to book early, paying them about two million dollars.

Johnny's not the first time to play drug addicts - he was already a drug lord in the film "Cocaine" and played a crazy drug addict in the acid-hallucinatory Ribbon Terry Dzhilliama "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."

According to Depp himself, such roles come easy to him, because these characters are his dark half. It's no secret that in his youth Depp himself used drugs and led anti-social lifestyle. Depp began to smoke and indulge in alcohol at age 12.

"I oshivalsya with the bad guys - he admits. - "We are breaking into various places and destroy them. We were able to break into the school and spread the cabinet or anything like that. I used to steal things from shops. " At 13, he lost his virginity, and in 16 departed from the school. Shortly before he left home to live in a car with his best Durga Sal. Johnny and Sal addicted to drugs, girls, petty offenses, and most of all - music.

At age 19, Depp was married to his girlfriend Lori Ellison and barely making ends meet by playing the guitar. He did not know why he got married: "Maybe I tried to correct the mistakes that led to the divorce of my parents. I convinced myself that it was love. " Lori introduced him to Nicolas Cage. Depp's appearance, his look and demeanor impressed the Cage, and he introduced Johnny to his agent. As a result, the future sex symbol received his first small role in the film Ways Craven's "Nightmare on Elm Street" (Nightmare on Elm Street).The first actor Depp fees spent on desperately needed him at that time acting classes, after which he managed to get a small role in the drama of Oliver Stone's "Platoon" (Platoon).

Frequent scandals and problems in his personal life even more fueled interest in the person Depp whose film career took shape more and more successful.

The film "Dead Man» (Dead Man) Jim Jarmusch, was adjudged the best blockbusters over the past 20 years, Depp has secured a reputation as one of the most talented young actors in Hollywood.

Further roles followed one after another: a mad writer Hunter S. Thompson, a drug addict in the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas» (Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas), somber bookseller in search of Satan in the mystical thriller by Roman Polanski "Ninth Gate" ( 9th Gate), a special police officer in "Sleepy Hollow» (Sleepy Hollow) Tim Burton, a CIA agent in Once Upon a Time in Mexico »(Once Upon a Time in Mexico).

Pirates of the Caribbean »(Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl), despite the film's success, Depp says," shirpotrebnym "project, and is sorry that it was filmed. Charges "Pirates" crossed over $ 100 million, but still not happy with Depp or his role or the film as a whole.

The next film "Secret Window" on the book by Stephen King's "Secret Window, Secret Garden" Johnny Depp played the writer, leading a solitary life and schizophrenia.

"I've always admired writers, and I have always admired anyone who can shift their thoughts and motives to the paper and really let the masses read it and be happy." Perhaps partly the reason for his admiration stems from the fact that he also wrote. But do not think that Johnny Depp will soon be replaced by an acting career on the writer.

"I always wrote, but again mostly for myself," - says Depp. "I like to do this, but I never really thought about how to let other people read it. It has always seemed somewhat strange. A printed page - is a powerful part of the mechanism "-" Depp says.

With regard to personal life Hollywood mystery, it was no less violent than his youthful adventures and film career. Four years, Depp had an affair with British model Kate Moss, then romance and marriage to singer and actress Vanessa Paradis.

Beloved moved to France and to this day live in a mansion in Côte d'Azur on the Mediterranean coast, worth two million dollars, as well as in smaller-sized home in Paris.

In December 2005, held an American premiere, "The Libertine» (The Libertine, 2005), where Johnny Depp co-starred with John Malkovich and Samantha Morton. By the way, the picture is rated NC-17, which means children under 17 years old.

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