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Top 10 most vulgar people "(photo)

December 26 2005

YOKI was his top most vulgar people of the year. The selection criteria served as the hit rate data of representatives of show business on the front pages of magazines and newspapers in connection with major scandals, absurd statements, vulgar antics, a curious situation and blatant stupidity.

1. 50 Cent

Hip-hop star 50 Cent - the most controversial artist in Hollywood. Him, as they say finger in your mouth not baggage, he is always ready to shout, pokichitsya his criminal past, boasting a sexy girls and shake pound bryulikami.

The brightest outburst 50 Cent for the outgoing year: he called President Bush a gangster, and Robbie Williams - minetchikom; released waterproof vibrators for women, while maintaining the size of their own men "dignity", has launched a series of condom use with their own image , created a children's game about the criminal world to Based on its dark past, and much more.

"Artist of the Year" 50 Cent never ceases to amaze people

2. Ksenia Sobchak

Ksenia is also not waste time - after she ran away from the groom before the wedding, Sobchak, the head went into the job, but so out of it and not come out.

"Cradle of debauchery" Dom-2 project has repeatedly tried to close, and very Sobchak sue for pimping. In addition, at a concert at the Olympic (where Sobchak acted together with the project participants House-2) polpredstavleniya viewers saw her bare ass. At the award ceremony photographers Paparazzi Awards show again - Sobchak arranged imitation of sexual intercourse with Sergei Zverev, so that her bare butt again hit the pages of all editions of the tabloids.

"Dom-2" - all the most scandals, the

Ksenia Sobchak has laid bare his rear (exclusive photos)

Behind the scenes. Stars close up. Photo Gallery

Ksenia Sobchak inundated faeces

3. Masha Malinovskaya

Masha Malinovskaya after she was fired from the "Moose TV", so as not to sink into oblivion oblivion, set off in all sorts of adventures and searchlights. Recoloured from blonde to flaming red-haired, Mary decided to become a politician and became a deputy from the LDPR party in elections in Belgorod. Also, Malinovskaya signed a contract with a publisher the right to publish his still unwritten book about sex.

On reality - show Channel One, "Empire" Malinowski beat Shandybin and Zhirinovsky.

Candid photos of Masha Malinovskaya

4. Alexei Mitrofanov

LDPR Mitrofanov, deputy took a mocker porn comedy "Julia" about sex adventures of Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko and Georgian President Saakashvili.After the movie porn star and leading lady Helen Bond got into a psychiatric hospital, and the actor who played the Georgian president, has run away from the shame of his wife. He himself would be deported from the country. At the moment, Mitrofanov is working on filming the second part of the film entitled "The New Adventures of Julia", which will end in March 2006, closer to the elections in Ukraine.

Pornopsihoz for party and supporters - after the filming of "Yulia" Lena Bond hit the loony bin (full gallery)

New porn: orgy at the wedding of the daughter of Yulia Tymoshenko

5. Maxim Galkin

Maxim Galkin from favorite Diva became her husband. Secret intrigue and dirty tricks Galkina had led him towards the desired goal.

Gallery: Diva and her entourage to the party

6. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has turned his love of commerce . On his relationship with Katie Holme all the details are all known in Hollywood. Cruise joins an army of Scientologists.

The most vulgar star couples on the magazine's Star

Tom Cruise buys the family nest ex-spouses Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney

7. Chris Martin, Coldplay

As they say in the foreign press, Chris Martin, each barrel bung. And also he has one - the only complex - he is afraid to outshine Bono of U -2. Frontman of British rock group Coldplay is constantly in the center of all the gossip and scandals, thanks to his talent get into stupid situations and not speak on the topic. "Chris Martin and Bono so will burn in hell for your sins!"

Coldplay topped the British top-10 best musicians

8. Pete Doherty Babyshambles

Famous British rowdy, drug addict and alcoholic, has been on the front pages of the foreign press. He was constantly hiding from the police, gets jail, suing, meets and parts with British supermodel Kate Moss at war with the musicians.

Cartoons Gorillaz vs. Pete Doherty of Babyshambles

Pete Doherty, the true reason for her divorce from Kate Moss

9. Paris Hilton

Her boyfriend is constantly publish her personal photos of a sexual nature on the Internet. Hackers often hack into her laptop and cell phone, laying her photo and Sms ki with grammatical errors on public ridicule.

Paris Hilton - a chronic victim of sexual scandals

a href = ", 748,12"> Spicy Photo heiress Hilton

10. Timati

In each interview manufacturer "claims that all the girls crazy about him and he is worth nothing any of them to drag to bed. But in fact, in his bed, are exclusively male.

Nature can not be fooled - TIMATIki of blue brotherhood

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