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Yuri Titov: I - the perfect man

August 26 2005

Yuri Titov cherished dream - to become a true artist. From childhood, parents instilled in the boy with expressive eyes love to be creative. With age, habits of the Jura has not changed - the music became the most important thing in his life. Then there was the "People's Artist" ... In the final ten, he did not hit, but collected all the compliments in his address from Larisa Dolina. Then - taking part in "Star Factory" 4 " . Their creative success Jura explains: "I try to be sincere on stage." And it is indeed possible.

Your parents - talented musicians. Many creative people are trying to protect their children from the same profession as theirs. In your case, all quite the opposite. How do you think, why?

I guess I did not save myself (smiles). Everything started from early childhood - I've danced up a home performance, serious about music.

We are often guests came, and my parents are musicians always wanted me to, do not hesitate to play or sing something for them. Thus they were probably trying to emancipate me. Although, frankly, I've never been shackled boy. I loved to include in my room to music, especially Michael Jackson, and dance for hours to myself. And my first appearance on stage was at age 8, I participated in a musical.

I was assigned a small role - to make a candle and sing a song now, I do not even remember. And then, like all children, I walked into an ordinary music school vocal class. So my choice is quite logical.

What was most difficult for you when you came to the draft "National Artist" and "Star Academy"?

Of course, the hardest was "to get" under the TV format and take into account all the prescribed rules and strictly follow the conditions necessary for life on the project. I want to say that the "Factory" was much easier . The first time is always scary and strange. "People's Artist" was the first.

And despite the fact that both projects are different, we can find similarities. For example, be able 24 hours a day to be closely monitored cameras at the same time be able to show myself and in life and in art.

Very often it happens that you're on stage alone, but in life, in communicating with their colleagues - is completely different. And the picture that is visible to viewers on TV does not always correspond to the true face of a man who sings.

And I think know the person and the outside and the inside is equally useful. At least for complete objectivity when voting and expressing their sympathies.

In the questionnaire, "People's Artist" you wrote: "I must go to the finals, as I try to be sincere on stage." As a simple listener to understand and feel that the line between sincerity and affectedness hypocrisy?

In fact, it was the first thing I wrote. And never repudiated his words. I really think that an artist should always be yourself, avoiding hypocrisy and useless bombast. In general, I am inclined to believe that the duality of the stage and in life - a vivid example of complex man. But they certainly some viewers can not skip.

It so happened that the audience used to seeing an artist faultless, so let the actor knows and tries to match.

And you are nervous before a gig and going on stage?

p align = "justify"> Yes, and this is primarily due to the fact that I appreciate and respect your audience. I want him to express all that I feel this song, this music, these poems. I want to make room froze on the song as well as froze the first time I once wrote to her. I want to transfer all of your feelings, and this is very difficult not to worry.

If, before going on stage do not feel anything, be indifferent - it is a dangerous sign

How do you think, what the most important test in the career of popular artist?

Maybe I'll be trite, but believe me, there's nothing more horrible and debilitating than trains and planes (smiles).

Jura, you are now still remember my first payment?

Of course. At a young age I had several opportunities to participate in various performances. For example, I was very fond of school concerts, raised by the students themselves, during which tore wild applause.

Never forget how I did the girl Compliments and sent kisses. Let my fee was immaterial, but this kind of recognition of my talent was not very nice.

Sometimes it seems that you strive to appear more mature than it actually is. Maybe it affected the early success? In general, you took care of much older?

I would not say that much. I just be what is, from birth, sometimes it seems to me that I did not change. I can not say that as a child was a bully, but a good boy to call me was impossible. For example, I was very fond of throwing potatoes out the window from the sixteenth floor.

In this case, almost always, I got into cars. And we have a child with the guys from the balcony throwing condoms filled with water. Passers-by raised the alarm head up, trying to calculate the floor to rise up and inflict disassembly, but we cleverly hid that we have never seen before. In this case, the parents of my antics I'll never reach them. To them, I've always been extremely creative.

And what happened as a teenager?

Puberty, acne, and so forth (laughs). In fact, I often say that in my childhood I was very discreet boy, and looked much older for his principles. I grasped everything literally on the fly and absorbed like a sponge. And girls, too, does not hurt ...

One gets the impression that you are always very well know what you want. Tell me, is hard to live with you?

This question is better ask my friends. Every day they see me and know me much better than I do. But you correctly noticed, I do clearly know what I want out of life. And you know, that this self-confidence and reliance, independence has always helped.

Do you consider yourself a perfect man?

I think. It seems to me that this attitude will not prevent any person male. Today, because so many insecure men, and so interferes with and in relationships, and generally in life. Here I am a completely satisfied - and in terms of appearance and character.
Would not have wanted a change. And if he himself is not convinced that you are wonderful, the best, it is unlikely that you hear so flattering feedback from someone from the outside. I do not mean, of course, the beloved ...

Since you spoke about a loved one, then let's talk about his personal life ...

I do not like discussing their private lives. After all, private - this is something that concerns only you.I can only say that my heart is not free, but rather, employs a fine figure, which, just as I sing. I became acquainted with his girlfriend in downtown Moscow, and I think that the happiest moment in my life.

We are very good together, but I married is not ready yet. Despite the fact that many young people are afraid of this state "together", yet we can not refer themselves to their number. Just do feel that we have a family early.

Probably, you girls have always loved, even before you became popular?

I can not say that I have had an easy victory. But do not hide the fact that the attention the girls had not been deprived. Even before school to pay attention to me girl, and I was very pleased. It is easy victory did not turned me into a cynic (smiles).

Tell us about your first love ...

It was at school in the elementary grades. A girl and I was seven years old. Her name was Julia. Very sweet girl. I remember we were very friendly couple in the class! First glance, the first children's feelings. Then we were so young and cute, but the children's feelings so much kindness, warmth and innocence. Now we rarely see each other, sometimes calls back. I often think of her.

Very much that young people like children's feelings have not lost over the years. In my opinion, it was some kind of childishness is so lacking modern couples in relationships ...

Many of the girls all the time complaining that in our days is difficult to meet a nice guy. How do you think, why such a trend emerging?

Very often jokingly say that all good guys sorted out as early as kindergarten (laughs). I find it difficult to analyze ... But, I think, who are looking for - that will always find. In this I am absolutely sure. But when you find your half, you're immediately covered willies (smiles). You suddenly realize that love.

You do not think about getting a second higher education in another industry, not the music? I heard you keen on the work of fashion designer?

Yes. I am very close to the creative work, although the profile of education I have. Nevertheless, I know up close and sense of style and beauty. I love to draw. At home I have very many good paintings and sketches. I'm not an artist, but drawing helps me relax. I also like to arrange things beautifully and harmoniously blend with the interior. I do not know why I have such a gift ...

Perhaps this is a sign from above that I do not bury your talent in the ground and tried to show themselves as a designer or art director. But it's all in the future. And while I myself want to realize the maximum in the music ...

In his house you design yourself doing?

Of course, myself! Everything in my apartment permeated my mood in this house lives my soul. When a person with love refers to the fact that he has, the atmosphere in the house will be completely different. Those people who know me are coming to visit me, no doubt, that worked on the design of the apartment myself. And say that this house Titov (smiles).

You aesthetic at all ... What kind of car you like?

I give preference to only sports cars. I am one hundred percent can be considered extreme. In this case, I do not put their lives at risk. I love the speed, thrills, but my head never blows. I do not like to unnecessarily risk their lives, because it is one given to me ....

Jura, a lot of money for you mean?

As much as, and should mean.I think every normal person is about the same position. There are several components. Firstly, it depends on human ambitions. If they are justified, then you have and queries, and the opportunity to realize their plans, and the desire much more.

Secondly, the needs. If you are sure what you can do something in life, you should do it themselves, without resorting to one's aid. Then everything will come back and reward you in material terms.

From the popularity of many people in your age starts star fever ...

Fortunately, I was not familiar with this condition. And I'm glad, because all around me a lot of examples of my colleagues, when a man seriously "puts". I think it all depends on himself, from an understanding of its importance, the necessity of his work.

And not from everyday glimpses of the secular parties and the desire to light up in each picture frame. This is not important. Always much more important to account for their actions and thoughts.

Yura, what do you think you can benefit from close critics?

You can, of course - if it's really close to you people who can objectively judge whether someone likes. It's the most difficult task - to be able to disengage and look at the native man from the outside, appreciating or condemning his services. A stranger to you do not care.

Or, you sing good or bad, anyway, you will be subject to criticism, if you're popular, known demand. A native person loving you, through criticism tries to save you from many mistakes. Although I personally more clear and close self-criticism. From it more effect. Anyone else I may not be so sincere, as with itself. Can not fool your own self.

Did you ever cry?

Da-ah-ah-ah ... When picking up a poem to music when I sing that sometimes it is very difficult to convey in words and music helps me here. My tears - an echo of unspeakable in my work or something that I still definitely have to say.

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