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Alexey Chumakov charmed morzhiha. Soloist "A Sortie" "fried" in the cold

January 26 2006

Terrible frosts that hit the Moscow probably go down in history. Wrapped in scarves, hats, coats, people tried as quickly as possible whisk in the warm entrance. But the finalists of "People's Artist" Alexei Chumakov these misunderstandings nature very much. And here's the thing.

Once back from the friendly parties, the actor said feminine silhouette. The most amazing thing was that the lady had no clothing. Baffled Alex reached over and saw that it actually stands barefoot in the snow and perform intricate exercise.

Puzzled Chumakov walked closer and heard the splash of water. "Crazy" - flashed through his mind, the singer rushed to the rescue. But, coming closer, he saw that night bather is not going to sink or settle scores with life - she pretty and with obvious pleasure and splashing in the icy hole.

And suddenly, from nowhere, there was a whole crowd and began screaming, shouting that he did not touch their friend. "At some moment I thought I had gone mad" - recognizes the artist. But the situation quickly resolved. It turned out that the park decided to "tusanut" the company walruses, which are purchased in such weather - the most buzz.

After tusovka moved to a nearby cafe, Alex calmed down and listened to story of a girl about the benefits and pleasure of swimming in the hole with great interest. And looking at her eyes shone with joy, Alex even began to believe that such a mockery of themselves can be fun. "Doubt me, of course, remained, but I began to wash in the morning with cold water to the next winter to be" in shape "for such entertainment - told an artist. - And if I will instruct so beautiful, I'm ready to dive into a hole every day! "

Yes, frost is saved each in his own way. Everyone has their own methods - one begins to harden, and someone instead of the usual coffee drinks pile of brandy in the morning. In general, if anyone is in that much as long as it was a good fantasy, violent ....

Only the unlucky girls in the group «A Sortie», who were to live performance outside in the thin summer dress. "Well, that's okay, move more actively," - reassured the girls organizer shooting. "Thanks for the advice," - said depressed girls.

And Oksana Kazakova, Olga and Vatlina invented their own "proprietary" recipe for warming. On the advice of his doctor, they decided to warm up "sport" techniques, namely a special ointment. But the doctor warned: "The ointment is strong, so be sure to stir it mixed with Vaseline." "Well," - said Oxy Olya and "kneaded" a magical substance. However, the proportions are not satisfied with the girls, it seemed that an ointment composed of too little, and they still freeze.

Thus the content of petroleum jelly in a super-solution is reduced to one-third, and ointment, respectively, increased. Satisfied girls smeared magical elixir, and during the performance felt excellently. "The cream is slightly chilled body, but during a speech to us was even too hot" - gleefully told the girl. Pleased with his superinvention, Oxy and Olga went home. This is where the fun began.

After the miracle of the "chill" the body, it gradually became his ... fry.

In addition, girls have made yet another stupid - have tried to wash off the ointment is water, making the effect even more intensified. In desperation, the girl rushed to a medical adviser.He responded with humor: "Adults need to listen, not to engage in amateur!" In the end the terrible suffering of girls rescued rubbing sunflower oil. "My God, it would be better, we were freezing! - Admitted tortured artist.

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