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Ksenia Sobchak's life in serious jeopardy?

November 25 2005

On the New Year a few Russian artists active in order to "get into the jet, issue one hundred percent hit, which will be during the long winter holidays to sing the whole country. That, and the red-haired brothers Grimm's name with fabulous New Year released the single" Hi, People! ".

December 3, one of the metropolitan clubs will be a presentation of two songs - "Hi, People!" And "New Year's Butterfly." Both tracks are not marked in any track-list debut album twins, nor in the list of tracks of a forthcoming second album. As a bonus on the single are remixes of "eyelashes", "Second Half" and "Kusturica, as well as a video for this song. For registration drive was used photoshoot Vadim Gortinskogo, where the group is presented in an unusual situation.

"On the cover depicted Kostya, the remaining band members and lots of vegetables ..., - reveals the secrets of Boris Grim. - Two red heads and hundreds of colorful apples, bananas, oranges - these are the rich colors that are needed to reach the warm days at the height of the holiday season! "

Three days later, on New Year's gift to his fans and will make a pop band "Dynamite." Issued this Presentation will be in the form of fourth album. The disc includes 14 tracks. The authors of almost all the songs on the disc are Durov Ilia and Ilia Zudin. All the songs from the album were recorded during the life of Yuri Ajzenshpisa whom he is devoted.

In addition, the record also included the already known hits such as "What happened?", "My MI.

Disc title gave a lyrical ballad "Until the spring." The band members insist that the presentation of the sound will only be alive, no "phonogram."

Presumably, the group will come to congratulate the most ardent fans of the team: Igor Saruhanov, VIA "Cream", "A-Studio", "Dirty Rotten Cheaters," Alain Sviridov, "Ivanushki Int», «Disco Crash" Batyrhan Shukenov and many others.

Much more urgent and vital issues are decided by other members of the most read on the screen layer of the society.

Thus, the TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak in the summer decided to get rid of moles on the body. But as you know, these same outgrowths on the body are very dangerous and zlonravny - any attempt to disturb lead to the risk of cancer. And, behold, the most well-promoted "daughter" of our show business every six months will go and see a doctor. In addition, the operated portion of the body is contraindicated in ultraviolet. But Xenia often seen in the tanning studio, and about the doctors she did forget.

Only woke when she felt a strange sensation on the spot removal of birthmarks. In a panic, rushed to the doctor Sobchak.

But, the good doctor reassured socialite - her health is not threatened. "There are no exact suspected a disease we do not, - said the employee of the clinic, where the presenter was examined. - But after such operations, even the most secure, there is always the risk of melanoma - most aggressive tumors, a virtually untreatable. Therefore, Xenia must undergo a full medical examination. "

By winning the last "Star Factory" Victoria Daineko opened a pet - pretty creature, Yorkshire Terrier became a full occupant of her apartment. She did it with a long-term view - the fact that Vick tortured by jealousy by her friend Garik, who literally would not let her pass, even accompanied her on tour.

eper jealous have to stay home and care for the new "family member". "It is absolutely not a burden. I think he's happy dog more than I do "- says Wick, content done scam. Now "fabrikantke" nothing prevents instruct horn her boyfriend.

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