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The truth about the legendary Barbie doll

October 25 2005

History of the creation of the most popular dolls in the world
Polish émigré Ruth Handler was very fond of playing with paper silhouettes of women, which she cut from magazines. These pictures are accompanied by patterns of paper dresses. And why not give her daughter a real doll with a set of beautiful dresses, decided one day Ruth. Thus was born the most famous in the history of the doll, named after the inventor's daughter Barbara - Barbie.

The prototype of the legendary Barbie doll has become a German porn star Lilly. Picture this blonde ever appeared in the tabloid "Bild" until the late 50's and enjoyed in their homeland's enormous popularity among the male population.

Soon, Lilly has become a rubber doll, all of porn star proportions were preserved. Buy ocharovashka could only be in stores for men's pleasures, in beer bars and tobacco shops.

In 1958, the company Matelli, belonging to the family Handler, has purchased the rights to the German Lilly. Preserving the growth and feminine forms, Ruth turned the German prostitute in American teenage girl. Experts on Barbie (as a rule, culture), argue that the facial features remained Lilly and Barbie dolls.

Modern Barbie doll
Now Barbie is produced for every taste - brunette, ebony, Japanese, rocker, stars of show business. And recently in Hong Kong started to produce trendy Barbie with tattoos.

"I wanted to make it look as modern. Modern Barbie has to be mysterious and multifaceted! "- Says Wing Wong, a designer, to whom the idea of creating a" tattooed Barbie. "

But at this creative design is not over. In a major retail store network, located in the village of Shilat (Israel) in the sale received a Barbie doll - shakhidki. Dolls are holding attached to a "suicide belts" device that allows you to bring an explosive charge into action. In addition, one of the dolls holding the bag, which contains explosives and nails.

Mistress of the store told "Ynet", that had no idea about the presence of such a product, it is possible puppets terrorists planted to intimidate her.

The war on Barbie doll
More recently, many psychologists have ganged up against the famous doll and insists to remove it from the production and the ban altogether. The first war Israel has declared Barbie, the newspaper La Repubblica.

"She is too beautiful, too blonde, too thin and antivospitatelna. Better let children play with a "Mediterranean" doll, which has dark hair and a little more weight "- According to the Ministry of Education.

Kindergarten teachers tried to explain to children what a beautiful woman does not necessarily look like Claudia Schiffer and other famous models.

Going to the Israeli market in 1977, Barbie has won the country and the imagination of younger generations. This best-selling doll in Israel. Psychologists explain to parents than dangerous is the most popular doll in the world: "Children have formed an erroneous impression about how the body should look like."

"Barbie dolls restrict the freedom of development - says the director of the Ministry of Gender Equality Education Myriam Shechter. - Girls do not feel quite beautiful, graceful and strong, and this damages their confidence and abilities. "

If Israel still think that Barbie imposes false ideals of beauty, then in several Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, it was banned, considering that Barbie - the perverse creation of the West, insulting the Quran.

Oddly, but in Russia, many are opposed to the beautiful dolls. At a conference in the Ministry of Education of Russian teachers expressed dissatisfaction with foreign toys and demanded a ban on the Transformers robots, monsters from Hong Kong and, of course, Barbie.

"It is quite adult forms may affect the child's behavior - too early to awaken his sexual feelings" - explain the experts.

Through Barbie, according to psychologists, girls inspired mercantile pattern of behavior: a modern woman should have a wealthy friend, a house with a swimming pool, a prestigious car, and bright makeup. Families and children in the set are not included. In pregnant women, therefore, improperly formed about the role of women in society.

Living Barbie

If the doll came to life, then it would become a woman increasing about 167 centimeters and weighing just less than 50 kg, the volume of the chest 99 cm, waist - about 46 cm and hips - 84 cm of lanky teenage body is clearly allocated to secondary sexual characteristics of mature women, and a graceful crown adorned with a pretty face would obviously childish traits. Psychologists believe that such a hybrid of a teenager and an adult lady is very attractive for the stronger sex.

Whatever it was, Barbie - it's just a doll, not a dangerous villain from the gateway. And when I see how my niece drags a new road Barbie's hair, but with an old tattered teddy bear is sleeping in an embrace, then come to the conclusion - the children themselves will understand who their friend and who is not, and something to ban them anyway useless. After all, how can we explain the three-year baby, that Barbie can form her inferiority complex and makes it selfish mercenary? Much more trouble and tears it would have if this Barbie did not buy it.

In the toy store:
- Show me, the most recent doll "Barbie" that appeared in your store.
- Please, Barbie - a teacher, it costs 16 dollars, "Dr. Barbie", it's worth 19 dollars, and "Barbie in a divorce, it costs $ 500.
- Lord, why so expensive?
- And how, with her bundled are: flat Ken, Ken's car, Ken's villa in Cannes.

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