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Maxim Romashchenko: "Quietly prepare for next season"

October 25 2005

Midfielder Dynamo Moscow and one of the best players of the club Maxim Romashchenko in late May received a serious knee injury and was out and fail before the end of the championship. Who knows at what point it would be now, "Dinamo", even with all his "Portuguese" problems, and play for him Romashchenko. But - alas. Failed to adequately without the Maxima and the team to play Belarus, which it does not matter finished qualifying round world championship. Footballer himself was terribly hurt by six months to remain without football, but he took himself in hand, treated, recovered and are now confident that next year he and Dynamo will compete for medals of the Russian Championship.

Maxim, how do you feel? Injured his knee still bothering you? "

- Thanks, I feel fine. Started training, but, of course, doing an individual plan under the supervision of a coach on physical training. The foot is almost disturbing. In general, the cruciate ligament rupture, for a football player - a terrible thing. Six months without football. You could even do with football to finish. So this year I'm on the field is unlikely to come out - I will calmly recover and prepare for next season, in which at "Dinamo" will be a big problem. Incidentally, the club also asks me to train without any fanaticism and take care of yourself for the future. Although, of course, want to play.

Feel that the player Maxim Romashchenko not enough and the Dynamo, and the national team of Belarus?

- Perhaps not enough. That's "Dinamo" and the coaches and players say that without me hard. And the Portuguese are ours, those who have been with me pre-season training - Durley, Danny - they say, they say, come back soon. And coach Ivo Wortmann, although I have not even worked under him, not once mentioned in conversation that awaits my final recovery. As to the team, then I do not want to seem immodest, and could help her. I read the Belarusian press, and saw there the words of head coach of our team of Anatoly Baidachnyi that Romashchenko team is not enough, there is no one to score.

Anatoly Baidachnyi - people uneasy. So said, when he worked with the Russian clubs, so they say, and now, when he coached the Belarusian team. You with Baidachnyi too hard?

- I am with Anatoly Nikolaevich work comfortably. And the relationship we have them good workers. Baidachnyi trusts me, and I try to pay for a trust worthy game. I generally well educated, that regardless of the relationship with the coach trying to give all the best on the field for the full program. After all, for me, on which Mandu so many people watching, the fans are going through for us. That's for them and play. It is not you yourself, namely, the fans decide you're a good footballer or not. In the "Dinamo", in Turkish "Gaziantespore" and "Trabzonspor" I was important, as they look at me from the side. One time I had had a "Trabzonspor" certain problems with the coach. He did not let on the field even when the situation required it. I remember, it begs me out a replacement, but the coach issued to someone else. And then the podium for about ten minutes chanting: "Romashchenko, Romashchenko. So they expressed their views. And in the next match I went into the first team.

Often, their Turkish life-byte remember? Because many of our players thence manners were not to their liking. They told how they cheated, they quarreled with the coaches.

- I'll say this - in Turkey did not like those who are there in football and did not play. Often, because as it happens, if the player does not produce on the field, he blames others - coaches, the president, even his teammates, but not themselves. But agree that this is not correct.I am in Turkey was good. The Turks themselves - ordinary people, only a very hot tempered. They are long on ceremony, and certainly does not matter if you're playing, they immediately will express to you the whole truth in his eyes.

Turkish fans you seem to love?

- Yes, I was treated well in Turkey. Often invited to an interview on television, in schools. Supporters me, I will not hide love - and "Gaziantespore" and "Trabzonspor". Turks are generally very curious. Can just come to my place to start asking how my business. Say, they say, we are of you are experiencing. Or walk, we, for example, in the city. Someone I know immediately comes and asks: "You - Romashchenko?" - "Yes." And let's ask questions. After Moscow it was unusual. I remember once we went out into the street, at the other end of it all already knew that Romashchenko goes. And strove barbecue treat, something else.

What is the level of Turkish football?

- When I left, it was higher than in Russia. In Turkey, like to play skillfully, they all want to score a goal, even the defenders. I used to play like in the Soviet school was taught - in the fold. So we had to rebuild. But nothing was used. However, during those years that I played in Turkey, the level of Russian football has grown significantly, and play here is interesting. But the time spent in Turkey, I recall with pleasure. Still, you played there Cup, became the second winner of the championship.

If all you have been so good, why leave?

- Because of "Dinamo" was called. I have many clubs named - Russian, Ukrainian. But he decided to return to Dynamo Moscow. Still, I spent several good years, no problems. That's my wife and I decided that it was better to return to their familiar place already. A return must be because they grew up the son, daughter to school prepared.

This season the Dynamo shakes. Why?

- Since the new team assembled, the coaches have changed. Preseason we have passed from one trainer - Oleg Romantsev, conducted under his third championship, then came Ivo Wortman, their views on football, on the composition. In addition, we have actually a new team, many players have come during the season. It takes time to find a common language. I hope that next season the Dynamo will play differently and fight for the medals.

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