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Anfisa Chekhov: a lover of Murakami, ballet and sex

August 24 2005

She is sexy, charming, intelligent, with a great sense of humor, with justified ambition ... Anfisa Chekhov - a successful example of modern women, which found its niche on the Russian TV. Leading the most intimate transmission on channel TNT "Sex with MAIL SAVE" recently gave an exclusive interview with the portal StarStory .

Anfisa as the casting leading to the transfer of sex on TNT?

Nothing. This is my own program. Went to the mirror and said: "Anfisa, you are very suitable as a leading" sex with MAIL SAVE ".

How do you feel being in the lead role?

Wonderful. "Sex ..." on TNT - it's not my first program. Therefore, I feel like a completely comfortable.

You easily with thousands of people to discuss the details of intimate life?

I do not see anything unnatural. This is a normal part of our lives. In sex there is nothing illegal and shameful. Ashamed to speak about the violence. It's a shame to see poor old people on the street, hungry and dirty children. And not what is considered shameful - the sexual side of life.

They say that when were looking for leading the transfer of "about it, the choice fell on Helen Hangu, since it was difficult to determine - whether or not she blushes. You're totally liberated to speak intimate topic. Admit it, this is not everyone can freely say. How do you manage it?

I say that I like my program, I calmly talking about sex. Just as literature or music. Sex - is also an art. When the program was just beginning to exist, we even wanted to take his slogan: "A girl who talks about sex and not red, not because she is black, but for some reason we had to refuse it.

You like everything in the program? Maybe something you would like to change?

Now I like it like it is, but the program will still be subject to change. For example, we change the studio surroundings. I will change his image. Soon all the viewers can see for yourself.

On what basis did you choose to send correspondents? As far as I know, Nicholas Burlak a recent graduate of the "American Idol - 1" ...

For a column in the transfer of three of the leading answer - it's Nicholas Burlak (member of the project "Factory of Stars - 1"), Denis Morozov (a professional journalist and translator) and Basil Shepelin (dancer, stripper, party entertainment group Candyman, who lives in the U.S. and had come to Moscow especially for the filming of the program).

But after a month of working with us Vasya decided that will forever remain in America and ended their trip to Russia. We had to urgently find a new correspondent.

It came to what I have in clubs, cafes, restaurants suited to young people and offered them to try their hand at "Sex ...", they perceived it as a new way to get acquainted. Torment would continue forever, if we had not surfaced in the memory of Tarzan.

At first we were hesitant to make him an offer to cooperate, but later they release the other was not. To our surprise, Sergei Glushko gladly accepted our proposal and very organically fit into the program. With him is very pleasant to work, I'm just ecstatic.

Why did you decide to withdraw from the channel STS?

Probably because the channel management has decided that as a TV presenter I told them no longer interesting.Although what is now doing Tina Kandelaki, a "parts" - copy of "Show Business", which led me to the CCC.

How did you decide for yourself what you want to become a presenter?

Her friends called to keep them company on the casting of the leading «Disc-channel", I agreed, and then I was invited to work on this channel. But some special plans for that moment I did not have. Always dreamed of becoming an actress or a singer, even went to theater school.

But during my training, I decided to take a musical contest, and drama teachers do not like it when their students begin to waste your time, in their opinion, worthless to the stage, well, me and expelled ...
How do you feel about working on TV, does not it seem it is you are too dependent on the opinion of the producer, program director, etc.? As far as your opinion is taken into account during the recording of the program?

My opinion is always taken into account. This is my own program.

You did not offer to star in a movie?

I starred in the TV series "Theatre Academy, which, unfortunately, did not go to Russia. I have it, for example, saw when I was vacationing in Turkey. My friends have seen him in Latvia and Ukraine. Possible, and we viewers will be able to ever see.

And what programs are on TV you closer in spirit?

I mainly watch music channels, especially because the time on TV are left. But over the weekend I always try to see my favorite program "Housing Problem", I love this project.

What situations might make you worry and how you cope with anxiety?

Worried constantly for some details. But if there is something serious, then I'm all mobilized and calmly find a way out of this situation. For example, when filming the next edition of the program "Sex ..." It turned out that the camera there was some trouble, and all the shooting had to redo it.

All survive, but I very calmly reacted to it. Well, just have to adapt - so we will. And trifle some can be deduced from myself and spoil the mood of the day. And like cooking? Yes way. All the very place and falls into place.

It happens that you treat yourself with a sense of humor?

I always treat myself with humor. Sometimes with dark humor. I think that you should be able to laugh at yourself and find yourself a disadvantages to them before you no one noticed. Then any attacks from the meet fully armed.

And you quickly go to a rapprochement? For example, can a guy with whom you meet, give the keys to his apartment?

No, it is now longer look to the people. Watching. Especially do not give their keys. I am now in search of the perfect halves. With time already formed an image of a man with whom I would like to stay close, to love him. But it's still in the plans, in my thoughts ...

And if you give someone the keys, you may be happy or scared?

I will take, I guess. But the fact is that I need sometimes to be alone. Previously, when I lived with a young man, simply rents a room in the hotel and lived there a day or two. I sometimes vital to stay one to clear my head. Together with someone it does not work.

How are you fold relationships in your personal life?

Yes, nothing yet. I am in search of her ideal man.
And now your other half probably looks at you with TV screens ...

I think, of course, looks (laughs).

p align = "justify"> Three main points of seduction of women from Anfisa SAVE?

A man must be interested in a woman. For example, in a conversation the woman dropped: "I love lilies, and he then gives her the flowers. You have to understand the little things that benefit women and remember them, then communication will be much easier and more enjoyable for both. Then, the man must have a sense of humor, not zanudstvovat. Well, of course, be able to give gifts and love doing it. All elementary.
Where to find the line between a strong man and a hard man?

A strong man is distinguished from hard that he shows his power, yielding the weak, for example, a woman. After all, we, by definition, weak creatures. A hard - just overwhelming. It puts pressure on the person who is weaker than it ... What is it power?

Do you think it is possible to convert a fan into the category of friends?

I think is impossible. Fans, if we talk about those people who see me on the TV screen used to Anfisa one who has always good mood, and she is always perfect. If such a person to translate into the category of friends, he will not on its own.

In normal life, that is life beyond the ether, I, like all people have bad mood, I get angry, upset. And with a former lover, I can not leave in an amicable way. Of course, I do not slam doors, no scandals, nothing like that, I'll just go away, but people do not like it, the problems begin. They are nasty things to me once some do.

It is said that man, like the peacock's tail dissolves. This tail can be anything: P, money, anything else that concerns women. That's when you start to look for, you can clearly define: likes you personally or a popular television presenter?

Yeah, probably, like me. If I was under 80 and hovered around me young boys, then it would be clear what they are with me. In the meantime ... How can you separate love my breasts, my eyes, my legs, my work? If you really like me, then all of a complete set.

Do you have many fans?

Quite enough, as with any beautiful woman.

Did you know that: Anfisa Chekhov big fan of Murakami, ballet and sex. Ex-host of "Show Business" on the STS channel. The popular program "Sex with MAIL SAVE" on channel TNT - authoring program presenter.

Anfisa Chekhov and her colleagues on "Sex ..." (Photo)

Material provided by the portal StarStory

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