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Revelations on the occasion: Valiant Latvian football is not bought into the "Russian money"

August 23 2005

Just otshumeli passion after the match, Latvia and Russia, where our squad drew with Baltic neighbors. Only enthusiasm waned condemning and sympathizers of our national team, which of the ill-fated tie almost drove myself into a corner like Thunder.

In the role of the thunder made the captain of Latvia, who scored the ball in this game, Vitaly Astafyev. Lett said in an interview with Sports aviso "that representatives of the Russian side suggested that football players and football executives money to defeat an opponent, put it more simply, offering a bribe for the fact that Latvia's national team lost the match.

"It was a bribe from the Russian side, they offered money for something that we have lost in this game. The only thing I can say that the money offered, as the leadership of the Latvian Football Federation and the individual players, which contacted the representatives of the Russian side."

Also, football is a player Rubin Kazan, noted that the proposed money was very significant.

"The proposed amounts were quite impressive - said Astafyev. - In football, some of the championships it happens. In the national team in Latvia there were no precedents, and I am confident that we will continue the game result will be determined only on the field. Our generation is playing football honestly. "

Word of the valiant and probity Latvian captain reprinted in dozens of Media reached the ears of the President of the Russian Football Union Vitaly Mutko.

The leader of the Russian football, moving away from the initial shock, called the new Latvian words "Star Press" complete nonsense.

"Legal Service of the Russian Football Union in the near future, carefully consider slanderous statement of the Latvian football player in the local newspaper and will prepare the appeal to the disciplinary bodies FIFA and UEFA," - said Mutko.

I note that immediately after the words Astafieva in various publications, the oldest Russian newspaper Soviet Sport "held online vote among readers about the scandal. Thus, the overwhelming majority of respondents were in favor of "an application to the FTC's UEFA demanding lengthy disqualification talkative" magician the ball. "

On the statement of a football player immediately responded and Latvian officials. Thus, the general secretary of the Latvian Football Federation (LFF) Janis Mezhetskis said that it was not! And the gossip of this kind appear every time you play the former Soviet Union.

"The words of Vitaly Astafyev probably been misinterpreted or failed footballer himself put it, which caused confusion, - the Mezhetsky. - The Latvia-Russia match was a real festival of football and both teams played fairly. About any bribery can be no question" !

"I do not know who benefits from it, but I believe such misinformation provocation. But we have excellent relations with the Russian Football Union (RFU), which in no case will not spoil," - he added.

In general, similar rumors circulated long ago.

Commented on the words of Vitaly Astafyev coaching staff and representatives of the Russian national team. Assistant head coach Boris Ignatiev said in particular:

"This is a libel on the Russian side. I think that Astafyev rather intriguing. And if an honest man, then it should tell you that I was approached by Ivanov and Sidorov, and suggested that so-and-so" - he said .

akogo the same opinion of the national football legend, vice president of the RFU Nikita Simonyan:

"I have not heard anything about it, and exclude the possibility that someone from the RFU could do it. But if someone suddenly from Russian businessmen suddenly decided to secretly give us such a disservice, then Astafjev should tell everything specifically, and his statement to say the least, look strange, "- said Simonian.

I note that in the medium bolelschitskoy common opinion that the Latvian side has allegedly sold the game the Russians. "I got a call yesterday and reliable sources say that the difference in the bill in favor of Russia will have two goals - quoted Latvian fans Marisa local newspaper. - Our reportedly decided to sell because the Russians have a chance, but we have not."

According to many, the act of existing players Rubin Kazan looks, at least, thoughtless. If the player who currently plays for Russian club wanted to attract the attention of the press and society, then he did it.

But what next? Really, the captain of our former "Baltic brothers" did not think about the consequences? If you did not think, then it makes the trick to think seriously about the accuracy of "bearded" anecdote about my father, who had two sons and a football player ....

However, Vice President RAF Vladimir Bauer said that perhaps this is very bad for Russia, the incident goes far beyond the edge of the football field, and even outside of the football - he suggested that this case was "designed to foment a quarrel at a higher level .

"In this business there are state, a political subtext. Implications of such words were counted easily," - concluded Bauer.

Today in the Latvian capital was a series of events dedicated to the 66 th anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. This date Latvian historians consider the beginning of "occupation of Latvia." Local right-wing organization "All-Latvia" and "Club 415" laid wreaths at the Freedom Monument in Riga.

Let me remind you that it is August 23, 1989 residents of the three Baltic republics joined hands and organized a human chain, stretching from the southern borders of Lithuania and ending in Estonia.

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Maria Pavlikova

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