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"Plywood" is not the case. Singing to the soundtrack violates the law on consumer rights

May 23 2005

1980. Moscow supports super popular Boney M. I must say that Soviet viewers had not favored by the visits of world stars. And then "a» Boney M, who is at the moment to "Top" all the European charts. Sensation. The country is stuck to the screen and experienced slight disappointment: even from a distance of thousands of miles from Moscow, it was evident that the stars were singing to the sound recording.

Invasion of the "plywood" in the West began in the era of disco, and strictly speaking, no one, except for "diskarey" razevanie mouth before the microphone was not practiced. Singing and playing the sound recording can not imagine any rockers or punks, or avant-garde. "Plywood" forgive techno music, for understandable reasons: it is born of the computer, sometimes works of one person. Elements of the soundtrack is widely use the rock band, playing complex music such as Pink Floyd. But the balance of live sound and recorded with the help of computer technologies of musical effects in the "Floyd" is always - in the direction of live sound and music is replete with dizzying effects.

Last year, the musical world of the planet with a biting irony seen scandal initiated by Sir Elton John . He accused the gentle Madonna of cheating fans - singing to the sound recording. "Anyone who merely lip-synching on stage when you pay £ 75 to see it, you need to shoot," - said definitive Elton John, won the award for best songwriter at the Award ceremony magazine "Q" in London. He was referring to the price of tickets to the world tour, Madonna's Reinvention Tour. And he added a couple of Matyukov.

Press Secretary Liz Rosenberg, Madonna responded immediately. She called the words Elton John's lies. According to her confidence, Madonna sings only "live" and not going to waste neither time nor the nerve cells out to fend off unjustified attacks by other artists. Every song her Reinvention tour patron sang herself without a phonogram, the spokeswoman said. But the accuser Elton John is now flying with the annual greeting cards for Christmas ... Madonna

Believe spokesman stars in a word and recognize that the stars of Russian pop music - all or nearly all - appear under the "veneer", it is not hiding.

By the way, a way of singing, when the artist opens his mouth expressively a finished soundtrack, now almost not practiced. Common method of cheating the fans becomes a kind of artistic creativity, as recorded on the soundtrack musicians accompany the singer's voice "in kind". Well, the illusion of live performance and more complete, but the "plywood" remains a "veneer": go, then listen to Christina Orbakajte, but not its remarkable bass player.

The banner of fighting "plywood" scandalous raised by Elton John, picked up his Russian supporters.

First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Lyubov Sliska prompts whether criminal, or administrative, or moral responsibility for the performance to the sound recording . Such an amendment she wants to see in the text of the law on consumer protection. Amendment can be adopted as early as the spring session, "Interfax". "The consumer must know which concert it is, will pursuant to" live "or in front of him to jump on stage to have recorded music," - says the vice-speaker of parliament.She also believes that there should be a substantial difference in price for a ticket, depending on whether the songs are performed "live" or before we have a session of artistic dance to the sound recording.

Earlier, a proposal to ban the "plywood" raised his charming voice bard Alexander Rosenbaum.

Joseph Kobzon, with the support of United Russia, which took place in Parliament for the electoral district in eastern Siberia, has promised voters to throw all their efforts on the adoption by the Duma of the law banning sex show on TV and speaking to the sound recording and performing.

If such a law is passed, the stars of Russian pop music appear bigger problem.

And the State Duma - yet another opportunity to demonstrate the ability to change the country's at least something.


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