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Rebirth Tattoo - presentation of the album "People - people with disabilities"

October 22 2005

Yesterday (21 October) the presentation of the new album Tattoos "People - people with disabilities, which in the English version has an entirely different name -« Dangerous and Moving »(dangerous and moving). Tatu are back together and look fine, so that all the rumors that Tatu broke and lost his popularity by not more than empty gossip.

Despite almost a year break from his work Julia and Lena are not forgotten and fans they have not diminished, that the evidence of their performance at the launch of the new album in the store "Union" at Pyatnitskaya.

When I went to the store, we immediately saw a ladder up, jam-packed with people. At each step there were nearly ten people staircase led upstairs to the room where he had to appear Tattoos. The higher the ladder, the harder it was to be. Fans with red faces, standing on one leg, hanging on the railing, hoping to break into the room and see their idols. Those who stood at the bottom, pushing hard, trying to break up. And none of them knew that the hall is already full, and nobody else will not be allowed.

When the speech began, a ladder into a single living organism, which crept up, and then fell down, the girls screaming, boys shouting, but to see anything anyway could not only hear.

Tatu singing live, the voice of Yulia Volkova was very hoarse, and when she talked, giving the impression that She has recently suffered from bronchitis and a voice for her still has not returned. Lena Katina squeaky voice was heard hardly be much louder than the fans chanted, drowning out the miracle - the singer.

Julia, love is much stronger, and it catches the eye. When she came close to the fans, they started to cry and pressed on the iron fence that guards barely restrained. Behind the back of Julia's always stood bodyguard. Approximation of Lena Katina was perceived by the public without strong emotions.

The new album Tattoo, in my opinion, is very similar to the previous music, but all the songs except for "monkeys", now in English. "People with disabilities - it's certainly not about people with disabilities, and about youth issues" like - not love, "" does not love me "," wants - not "and stuff like that. The album is designed to conquer Europe and America, judging by past success in Japan, Tattoo succeed.

Questions from journalists and fans responded only Yulia Volkova, Lena stood on the sidelines. When asked why not meet Lena, Lena said: "Because the microphone at Julia." One can immediately see which of them the leader. Lack of Lena, I think, hardly would have noticed because all eyes and questions were for Julia.

Right now Julia is growing daughter, who is only year and month.
With regard to the ex - Producer Ivan Shapovalov, the Julia reported that they did not take offense to it.
- We have a friendly relationship with Ivan. We went with him quietly, without any scandals. He is engaged in the business, we are - his. From America called him when the album were recorded there. Can meet for a cup of tea.

Tattoo fans to never let him. They yelled, screamed, asked, pressing forward on the fence, poking their drives for an autograph to those who were on the other side of the iron barricades. Tattoos have argued that all will sign CDs, but this did not happen, but the store "Union" all drives with their new album bought.

1. Dangerous and Moving (Intro) 0:49
2. All About Us 3:01
3. Cosmos (Outer Space) 4:12
4. Loves Me Not 2:55
5. Friend or Foe 3:08
6. Gomenasai 3:42
7. Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have) 3:50
8. Sacrifice 3:10
9. We Shout 3:02
Perfect Enemy 4:12
11. Monkey Zero 4:25
12. Dangerous and Moving 4:35

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