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The group "Queen:" We have expensive stylish women - the real queen "

April 21 2006

Three bright beautiful girls, united in a group "Queen" liked the viewers even during their participation in the TV show channel "Russia" "The secret of success." At the show on "talent identification" Marina and two Ani immediately fell under the guardianship of a meter of Russian pop Valery Meladze. He led the girls from the very beginning to the end of the project, on which the group "Queen" took the fourth place.

Next were the final show "The secret of success" in the concert hall "Russia", where they performed together with his patron the song "Girls from high society and participate in the solo program Valery Meladze Okean, held at the State Kremlin Palace.

And in the concert program RTR "Saturday Night" was first performed a new version of the song Dmitry Malikov "Come to me", sung with the band "Queen."

Despite the youth team, in its composition has been replaced. Initially, "The Queen" consisted of two An-blondes and brunettes Marina. But for family reasons, "the King" left the company one of the girls. At the same time with "orphaned" group met contestant of "American Idol 2" Marianne. The meeting took place already on the project "The secret of success", where the ex-fabrikantka came to cheer.

Explaining the reason for his breakup with "factory" life Marianne noted that during the casting producer Max Fadeev promised her freedom of expression. When it started working life, neither of which self-talk is not passed - were duets and perepevki somebody hits.

When you woke up in the pursuit of the stage?

Anya: It's like a drug, once worth a try and all. I've had in my life are periods when there was no work - for me it was hell. I can not imagine myself away from the scene.

Many people want to get into the TV show, but it is possible units. What's the secret?

Anya: It depends on luck. God knows what will happen next. When we came to casting "The secret of success", we had a multivalued number ... I think that everything in life is destined to again. I know that we "lead" someone.

What a result for you will be a success?

Marina: Speaking of the Russian level, we want to recognize the public. I very much want to love us and our songs. In the end, we all do for the sake of the audience.

Now there are several examples where the Russian performers go on an international level ...

Marianne: Of course we would like to reach that level.

Marina: One is always easier to achieve any results. We same three, and we need time to find their own style.

Anya: I personally have always had the desire to work in a group. Usually say that if brought together the three girls, it will necessarily be scandals. Nothing like this in our team there!

When you are involved in the project, there was a scandal in the group "VIA Gra". On many sites you can find the opinion that it is you Meladze brothers want to make new members of known groups. You are not embarrassed?

Anya: It causes one to smile. Valery Meladze - it is our religious father, he and I sang together.As for the "VIA Gra", we are two completely different team, we have different creative niche.

And what is your niche?

- Roads stylish women - queens.

Where does the name "Queen"?

Marina: Blame our friends. When we came to any company for us was the train cries, "O our Queen."

Marianne: Before we get into the group, I worked in the musical «We Will Rock You», where friends with Brian Maemo (Queen). When I started my "royal" activities - had written to him about it. He wished me luck.

You three, and the name "Queen" ...

Marianne: This is intriguing. For everyone - his own queen. Besides "The Queen" - too pompous.

When you see the light of your first album?

- We are working on it. It is now fully prepared to own only four songs. If you take along with the songs we sang together with Valery Meladze, Igor Nikolaev, and Dmitry Malikov, then we get somewhere in 13 Things. We now have a process of selection of material - it turns out good songs are now very small. In addition, it is important that they approached us in style.

Who helps you in your work?

- Basically these are two of our producers, who are looking for composers and poets. And the choreography is helping us Miguel from "American Idol."

Previously would have been on the sidelines, and now enters the scene and all attention is riveted on you. Afraid before going on stage?

Anya: It's like a bungee jump. Because of this life worth living. You get to the stage and you realize that everything is now looking at you that all of you waiting for something - it's a real thrill.

Marianne: I just go on stage and bear his image. Constantly think about how to better convey to the audience their understanding of the song.

Marina: Of course, the excitement is always there.

Three beautiful girls singing on stage, always become the object of attention of male population. Many people dream of reciprocity on your part. And if you have the ideal man, who would you fit a 100 percent?

Marianne: The most important thing - it's not appearance. Of course, it is nice, COH so close to you is handsome, but still important, that the man felt an inner strength. It is important that he lives already achieved something. This means that he is intelligent and purposeful. With such a man interesting to communicate - with him learned a lot.

Anya: That is, you see people and understand - your or not he is yours. I can list many qualities, but in one man all of them together is difficult. Generally, I feel good people.

Marina: I can not say free - I am afraid to hurt her boyfriend. I have a very complex character and anyone who can endure it - my ideal. In addition, not every person will be able to put up with our hectic lifestyle. Usually, men believe that women should always be near, to love, cooking, washing. Unfortunately, we do not have time for it. Lovely men who are willing to put up with this, we will inscribe in the list of our fans.

More photos of "The Queen" , see fotogalleree.

Photo: Sergei Ivanov

Maria Pavlikova

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