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"The Other Side" by John Lennon in the revelations of his first wife. A new book about Lennon "John"

September 20 2005

"I believe in the triumph of justice and I believe that any human being has two sides. One of them and I will reveal in his new book "John» ("John,") »- Cynthia said in an interview with Reuters. Book to appear in all major department stores in London on September 27.

John Lennon's first wife, Cynthia (Cynthia) wrote that she and her son were literally thrown out of the history of the Beatles, so it wants to restore fairness in his book. Already the first of its chapters narrate how Lennon destroyed their family life with drugs.

This is one of the provocative book, published a 25-year anniversary of the death of John Lennon, who was killed on Dec. 8, 1980. According to experts, the new book, Cynthia will be no less exciting than a book written by Lennon's widow Yoko Ono, consisting mostly of adoring strings and anecdotes of friends and celebrities, surrounded the musician.

Now in the midst of attending a musical director who is a widow Yoko Ono. The show was a success in more than 6 weeks, but now critics have called his "unilateral", recognizing that the musical opens with Lennon's life It is, but no matter how his life as part of the Beatles.

As for Cynthia, she denies the fact that her book - a retaliatory strike Yoko Ono.

"When I read about the widows of Lennon's fight, I do not consider myself to him. It is the only widow "- Cynthia says, adding that it does not feel to It hostility or resentment.

The woman, who knew Lennon from school of arts in Liverpool, said that there are infinitely many books about the "great four" that changed the face of pop music, the 60th, but all these people were not familiar with The Beatles, and many have never did not see them.

"Fans of John deserve to know the truth - told the author by telephone from his home in Spain - they must have a complete picture of events as told by those who were close to John."

The book describes the early days of group travel from Liverpool to Hamburg. Cynthia talks about how they were forced to keep their wedding secret because the band's manager Brian Epstein (Brian Epstein) argued that the marriage of Lennon's bad for the image of the Beatles, like the first time Lennon hit her out of jealousy as the new dose of LSD their happy family collapsed.

Cynthia admits: "I again plunged into the events of the past, it has become for me is so real that I again felt the pain of what me and my son just picked up and thrown out of life. Now Julian is 42 ".

The book concerns an event years 1962-69., Marriage, divorce, relationship with his son John after the breakup of the family, the murder of Lennon.

Much has been written about how Cynthia can only guess that Lennon appeared mistress, described her experiences, doubts, conjectures, then a shock.

After Lennon was shot by John Chapman (John Chapman) Yoko Ono has decided to strike out Lennon's ex-wife and son finally. Cynthia was going to come to New York after the tragic death of John, but it threatened her and did everything to the funeral of John it was not. In New York traveled Julian, while still minor.

The book is published by the publishing house the Crown Books of Random House. This publishing house also published the book "John Lennon: The Lost weekend» ("John Lennon: The Lost Weekend)." The book was written by another "widow" Lennon - May Pang (May Pang), which Lennon lived when I parted with It.

eychas Cynthia Lennon 66 years, she married a fourth time, and she still receives letters of condolence on the death of her first famous husband.

Cynthia proud to have met John when he was still an unknown student at art school, not megapopular "Beatle".

"I wanted to contribute to the crossword puzzle, entitled" Legend of The Beatles. " By my book, I'm like the Bible - she joked, recalling Lennon's famous declaration - "The Beatles" is still much more popular than Jesus Christ. "

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