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Love Tikhomirov: "I love filming sex scenes!"

April 18 2005

This young talented actress is familiar to many on the series "Sisters." She is energetic, cheerful and confident that everything simply must be good. Maybe this is the secret of her charm.

Dossier on the actress:

Born on September 7 in St. Petersburg.
Graduated from the Higher Theatre School. Shchukin. Actress "Satyricon" and the theater. Vakhtangov (on a contract in 4 performances).

In his free time involved in theater in show business. Has its own variety-entertainment, is the winner of the dance competitions in Moscow, including striptease. Starred in the TV series "Sisters," "Doctors," "Secular Chronicle," "Love is an adventure of Maupassant," "Young and Happy", "Cherubim", "Airport", "Detectives regional scale", "lover of private investigation", " The groom Barbie "in the movie" Pops, "etc.

At the moment, is removed in a picture of Yuri Grymov "The Collector".

- Luba, you've come to Moscow just a young girl. It was difficult?

- When I started studying the Shchukin, then settled in the dorm. But it soon became clear that it was possible to do everything - booze, has an affair - just do not learn and do not relax after classes. Thanks mom, who helped me get a room.

- With the money throughout the school also helped my mother?

- Money is not always enough. Therefore, from the third year I was making myself by making your own show program: step, dancing (even belly dancing), acrobatics (I have it all worked professionally since childhood), theatrical skits. Attracted to the program and some other actors. Itself reached agreement with the casino, nightclubs on the presentations. She worked evenings and nights. It was certainly hard, but me know, talking. I no longer ran the clubs to agree, but I found, was invited. Then with the money became easier.

- And she went to a completely different life?

- No, for a long time lived in the room, because to rent an apartment - it's expensive. And I set a goal - to get your own (by that time already knew that staying in Moscow), and that's put aside all earned. Of course, when a little "bummed" and wanted to spend all at once to coat the car and the like, but I have taken of herself. Generally, the more respect for myself not even for what I earn, but for the fact that I can save.

- Good luck to you accompanied and after graduation?

- Yes, but, more importantly, seldom talk about it, so it does not frighten. The fourth season working in the "Satyricon," in Konstantin Raikin, play entreprise, shoot.

- Actors - people are superstitious. Do you have some of his signs?

- And how! The first time I stepped on the stage of the theater Vakhtangov, a student - had to dance a tarantella. And suddenly on delivery performance "Cylinder" - again! - I was going up the heel and flies straight into the hands of Vassily Lanovoy! I say: "Good luck! Indeed, performance was excellent. Another case. I ran up the stairs to sample the series "Sisters" - broads! - Fall. Heel breaks, her knee knock - I think: good luck! - And I was chosen for the role.

- What are you most annoying on set?

- Shooting - is generally excitatory process.Get at least the expectation, which usually lasts longer than the work itself: while the light is put up until the frame is built ... I do it is just languishing! In fact, I even can not make up for a long time - start to fidget, twist - makeup artists already know how to work with me. There are actors who spend hours getting ready, adjust yourself, and I, on the contrary, it is necessary immediately to the scene or site - otherwise known as "burn out" and there was nothing I could do.

- The sex scenes had to be removed?

- Yes. I love to do it and not allow any understudy to replace me! The "amorous escapades of Maupassant" I acted in the role of oriental beauty Alina - a minimum of clothing, most of the body. So, playing this body, all its parts - back, hips - I seduce the hero. Kindly - erotic scene! I do not think that there is understudy, would have done it better than me.

- Not afraid to fall in love with your partner?

- I have a law - not to have any novels on the set, either in the theater. A partner may like it - how to play without it?

- You are now a lot of work, how to restore the power?

- I love to sleep, but often early morning shooting or voice. Yes and Konstantin Raikin loves to arrange a rehearsal in the morning, so that has to get up early. So when I go somewhere to relax for a week, then sleep for four days out of seven. All are surprised, but then everyone has his own holiday - someone goes to discos, someone gets drunk, I was - asleep. Sometimes, very rarely, I have in Moscow is happening day "breather". I wake up very late, eat breakfast and think: "I think I dospala, you need more." I go to bed and sleep till noon, then lunch and then go to sleep - and so the whole day.

- You were married but the marriage fell apart ...

- My ex-husband - a businessman. With people such a difficult profession to live. They have a certain schedule, they thought and soul immersed in his work, very tired. I told my husband: "When you make a bargain, then the whole day walking, someone to call, write down something, think about it. That's love - it is the same important matter. If you want our love blossomed, like your business, you should invest in it as much force. ... But I guess a woman can be given and the career and family, and no man. We parted, but I think its a wonderful marriage school.

- How to survive the separation?

- I think that separation as hard as a sweet love. It is said to be cured of love, you have to live exactly half her life. I know the happy women who leave one love, and immediately another comes. They were given no joy to despair, and I try to follow their example.

- That is in a state of permanent love?

- Women can not be otherwise. If there is no true love to find some objects just to be able to flirt. A woman should always be shrouded in attention, male fluids.

- And a new serious relationship ready?

- Yes. And now I know exactly what should be the man. Know what to expect. I'm like a cat that was prepared to jump to the most important in their lives. Here he appeared, and give me God does not miss!

- And how will you seduce him?

- No specific plan I have. I believe in intuition. I will use the situation to all possible levers for women - each of us has his tricks. But it is never going to impose my feelings, because love - it's just a mutual desire.

- Can you imagine her future husband, actor?

- No way!Perhaps his profession to be close to the cinema, that he did not have to explain what a night shoot and I'm walking on them, and not somewhere else. But the actor? God forbid! Ape - is not a man's business. The main thing is that the man was not with shattered nerves!

- Easy to come together with people?

- Probably ... Wherever I play, the team loves me. Believe me, not all actors of the film crew making gifts. And to me after work on the series "Sisters" gave a doll Masha. After another movie - a real telescope, so I could at him to see his star. Can you imagine? Somewhere in the constellation Virgo is the star, which is called Love Tikhomirov - me her birthday was presented (in fact I was born under the sign of the Virgin)!

- What are dreams?

- A dream to be unreal, but achievable. I want a big house and children (only about building a house to her husband's head ached, and I already bought two apartments - and his mom). I want to play a decent role in a movie. Have a dream to build a "House of Friendship." This kind of thing in which I want to attract the maximum number of their friends. What exactly it is - a beauty salon, fitness center, or theater - do not know yet. My dream is to get an Oscar - this is unrealistic, but achievable.

- Do you like shopping?

- I do it endlessly, not only in Russia but also abroad. Of all the countries of the world something to bring. I love that my apartment is reminiscent of my travels.

- And how you care for your skin?

- It is very rare in everyday life more beautiful. I have my beautician, who picks me some makeup. Creams I use only professional. Once a week, doing a facial massage and easy cleaning - it's very good for toning. I also try to monitor facial expressions, even the directors always say: clap me on the forehead when I frown.

- Luba, but it happens that the skin is wonderful, and hairstyle, and clothing, and all that something is not right ... Do you think that a woman needs to look good?

- First, get enough sleep - if you're fresh. Second - love. When you're in love, my soul soars. The third - to smile, and you instantly improve your mood, you will begin to emit a warm light.

- And if it does not fall in love, to smile?

- It is necessary to the life of friends, then come out. I have a motto: "Everything that is done, everything - for the better."

- That is a bad mood does not happen?

- Fortunately, my profession allows you to splash out a lot of energy during operation. But when all is accumulated negative, begin at home loudly sing, dance or tumble. But disappointment in love always leads to depression. But we must be stronger than the circumstances - not that they took possession of us.

- What clothes do you like to wear?

- I have some amazing things. Some way, especially for a bad mood. For example, a cap with a pompon - I love to pull her eyes. Or shapeless overalls - get into it, and nobody sees what's inside. Go out on the street. On my pompom scarf, wide overalls - that is stuffed! Go, and I feel good, I - happy. Still love the classics: skirt, dress, costume. Yes, jeans, pants - it's good, but the woman receives energy from the earth. When you're in a skirt, it all comes at you, and when in trousers - in two parts is broken, and it is bad. Before, I loved the black.Then I realized that life must paint, and now I have a green coat, green skirt, boots, even a car - green.

In general, dressed in the morning must be so if it is going today to meet the man of her dreams. And never regret it, because sure somewhere will enter, and all gasp: "Oh God, how beautiful you look!"

With erotic photos of Luba Tikhomirova us, honestly, napryazhenka. But there are many other things. erotic.


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