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"Brilliant" are sold on the cheap, Katya Lel took away the most intimate

November 17 2005

Recently, we reported on the premiere of the new drive Katya Lel. Undoubtedly, this event in the life of each artist, but here, Kate a little luck - before she could move away from the celebration, both on her head like a snowball hit by unpleasant news. The fact that her former producer and patron of Alexander Volkov, intends to encroach on the most precious thing in her repertoire - songs, "Jag-Jag" and "Musi-pusi.

The greedy owner of the restaurant Samosan "in the hotel« Radisson-Slavyanskaya, from which Lel left a year ago, wants to ban Katia perform her hits. Rights to them owned by a businessman to pay for both netlenki, who turned the singer in a megastar, to 30 thousand dollars. Volkov said that since he was paying dollars out of pocket, it is the rightful owner of the songs, and intends to defend his property in court. Not satisfied with threats, Alexander moved to action - he sent a letter to all the radio stations demanding to remove the "controversial" songs from the ether.

Another scandal, sluggish, but no less loud with a group of "prime minister". Matured, and zamaterevshy boy-band decided to break away from the hot embrace of her producer Eugene Fridlyand. Young people are not satisfied, according to them, enslaving terms of the contract. Professed members of the band announced that henceforth they were irrelevant to Friedland did not have, they are now - on their own. For a long time to remain silent producer, finally spoke. He outlined his views on the situation.

In particular, Friedland said that "none of them (" Prime Minister ") will not let go. They just zanyrnuli by some influential people. And now, being covered by them, arrogantly trying to arrogate to itself the right to group "Prime Minister". In fact, all copyrights, proprietary rights to the name of the group and for the whole repertoire belong to me. " In addition, the amount paid to performers (7.5 per cent of the cost of the concert) is a very decent, even in today's Russian show business.

Ex-producer of "Prime Minister", he also shared that "Shlykov new composition" brilliant "for $ 150 from the concert figachit all pyrlovkam, baths and nightclubs. Sasha Marshall recently happily reported that his girlfriend Nadia in this group began paying $ 200. So that the participants "Prime Minister", according to Friedland, simply zazvezdili.

The next scandal had torn the world of Russian show business, one of those "love" - meter scenes Valery Leontiev parted with his long-term friend Alexander Bogdanovich. The singer could not forgive the silly antics Bogdanovich. Conceited young man, in order to attract attention to his person and a few emerge from the shadow of his venerable friend's heart, came up with a story about what it actually - none other than the illegitimate son of Leontief. Initially, Valery Yakovlevich caught the joke, and at various social events, a friend called "son", but the patience of a veteran pop scene was filled after he was informed that "son" to the right of a passport, in which the column "surname" means - "Leontief".

In the "light" were laughing, as Bogdanovich over and over itself. Valery Yakovlevich demanded that presumptuous one has publicly denied he himself started the rumors - he agreed, but the willpower of the fact, to fulfill a promise, evidently not enough. Enraged Leontiev ordered protection to bugger were not allowed near it, turn off the phone and avoided contact with her boyfriend of delayed.But Bogdanovic still waylaid once a close friend at the service entrance after one of the concerts, and blurted out to her knees. However, Leontiev still decided to finally throw from the heart Bogdanovich, with whom he was together for almost 13 years.

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