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Benefit Sergey Zverev: "Group" Shining Panties "a lot, and I am one!"

October 17 2005

October 16 at the Kremlin Palace was a solemn concert dedicated to the 25-year activity of the top stylist Sergei Zverev, who now often called "the legend of hairdressing.

Benefit Sergei Zverev gathered the cream of Russian show business. Among friends successfully concert maestro visited Pavel Bure, Dolores Kondrasheva Slava Zaitsev and Valentin Yudashkin. From the stage jubilee congratulated veterans of the national pop scene Joseph Kobzon, Avraam Russo, Nicholas Basque, Igor Nikolaev, Sergey Penquin, Alexander Peskov, and young, but already popular "Reflex", Anastasia Stotskaya, Lyubasha, Alex, Anita Choi, Barbara and many others . Special overseas guests - the Germans and Swedes CC Catch Bossom.

One thing to watch the view from the auditorium, but quite another to be all this time behind the scenes. Members of the press had a behind the scenes, even an hour before the "Benefit". Backstage was bustling and the final preparations. Rushed two-meter models in evening dresses Italian fashion house "DSQUARED2" furs and haute couture. Their tall hair and an incredibly high heels makes them even higher, so that all the boys model barely getting out of the shoulder.

In the smoking room was a smokescreen, there were the same model and celebrity podtantsevka. Once out of the wings came out the next star, photographers immediately surrounded her and started snapping flashes, stars appear quite often, so sometimes had to choose, whom chase.

Behind the scenes, constantly sticking Maria Malinowska, every now and then cuddling with male models. When both of the wings appeared Stotskaya and Katya Lel, the press chose the popular "Musi-pusi, so Stotskaya bit her lip and looked clearly as the underdog, posing three photographers.

A few minutes before the concert was released to the press, Sergei Zverev, who said in a businesslike manner, which may be given 10 minutes and will try to answer all questions.

- Say what you mean today's "Benefit" in your honor and 25 years of success?

- 25 years of success? 25 years of hard labor, that's what it is. The success I fell on my head, I do a lot and worked hard. Success, recognition, popularity is only one side of the coin, which is on everyone's mind. And few people know about hard work, sleepless nights, nerves of those days when not even had time to eat. I got to the success of hard sweat and blood, not what some. For example, there is a group of "Shiny pants, that's easy for them. Their grimiruyut, dress, a soundtrack they do. And to me before his show to 70 people to comb all of them rehearse.

-Who is your family come to support you and congratulate?

- My son is here with me. He is my guardian angel.

- And your mom here?

- No, I do not want her to come. Once she was on my show in "Russia", she suffered so much, and I was afraid that she would not live until the end of the submission.

- You want your son went in your footsteps?

- No, God forbid. His son, I do not want such a profession.

-Why did you decide to arrange a "Benefit" in the Kremlin Palace?

- I played around the world with his show, probably not the country where I have not seen. But the most elegant place - this, of course, the Louvre. But after the Louvre Museum in Moscow, I can speak only in the Kremlin.

What are the challenges you face as a part of show business?

- Issue number 1 - it's jealousy. Recently went on tour with Alla Borisovna, then that's all jealousy, and sailed out. Still, of course, envy. Without that, nothing.

- To what heights in the profession you aspire to?

- I have never had such a purpose - to strive for the heights of professional excellence. My head is never entered. I still learn, absorb information, it is necessary to me to grow up and not stand still. If I stupidly tried to heights, it is unlikely that would have achieved such success. My victory is not to be regarded as a kind of striving for stardom, to the heights of show business.

- You are expected to be sold out?

- I never thought about it, was so busy with preparations. In fact, even if the hall was one of only a spectator, I'd spoken to him and tried not less.

- What do you consider most important in life?

- Love and Relationships. Besides, nothing else matters.

Sergei Zverev - a talented stylist and hairdresser, we wish him continued success and we hope that he will in future have to please their new creations.

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