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Ksenia Sobchak: "I am myself very much"

August 16 2005

I called Ksenia Sobchak, to negotiate with her for an interview. "And on what subject we talk?" - She asked. "On TV" - I replied. "Then come to Istria, I have almost all the time I spend there," - said Xenia. But one of the first spring of days I arrived in Moscow on a platform, where a film crew TNT channel for almost a year translates viewers the reality show "Dom-2". We walked with Xenia and breathe the fresh air and talked about her work on TV.

Xenia, leading to be easy. Profession dependent, based on breaking the nature and the suppression of self-esteem?
I have a slightly different look. I think, on the contrary, the profession presenter largely contributes to themselves as individuals.

Generally, it is believed that the craft of leading complex. You're trained in the basics of the profession? Maybe it went to the course?
No, I'm not trained. As a matter of all happened. This profession and complex, and a light simultaneously. First of all, is the ability to communicate with people, ask questions, make jokes, do something impromptu. And if we talk about the skills you'll need an educational basis, to have something to talk about.

You're the girl held, secured. You never asked, why do you all this fooling with filming a reality show?
For me it is primarily the implementation. I have my family, which has never been rich. This, again, the next speculation. I like the most banal to earn money, you want the most work. I always knew that sooner or later, so in my life and will.

Naturally - this is a great talent. And the most difficult task. In what situations can you on the set to depart from the canons of natural and indulge in a little acting game?
Of course, sometimes it is necessary. For me, "Dom-2" - not just a reality show. I - Leading, which should pursue a certain purpose, people talk about certain subjects, to make the participant himself occasionally utter some phrase.

He says it quietly to themselves. It is certainly difficult, especially when people close to you. These things are always very difficult to control.

Do you have a favorite couple on a project? What do you really worried?
My favorite couple - Alena and the steppe. These guys closest to me in spirit with them always have something to talk about. And Allen, as a girl, in the case of any problems with the steppe can always turn to me for advice.

Someone known to the people expressed in your face opinion about the show "Dom-2"?
Firstly, it is a reality show for teens, and it is necessary to discuss it with such a category of people. My friends do not watch this show, perhaps, it is unlikely I would have watched it myself. It's such a special product. Agree that it is impossible to discuss a film about World War II next to the cartoon "Well, wait!". This show is designed for specific age groups. My friends in this group are not included. My personal opinion? I think it's neither good nor bad.

And what programs are on TV you most like?
I'd probably like someone who works in television, she almost did not watch TV. I do not have time for it.

Xenia, and what you most struck by a television industry?
I have a lot that impressed. Most probably, such a smooth ongoing process. It seemed to me that TV is much sharper and more dynamic.

Upon completion of the project you're thinking to pursue a career in television?
Yes, I think that will continue (smiles).

img hspace = "10" src = "/ img/4028.jpeg" align = "left" border = "1" /> You have a degree in political science. Tell me, would not want to tie their profession from a political orientation?
You know, I just received a good education. I think it has achieved its goal. I've defended in the past year, graduated college. Now go to graduate school.

Xenia, as well as you think you can benefit from close critics?
Of course you can.

"Dom-2" makes you stare deeply into people. You give the guys a lot in terms of advice, but for himself learned some truth?
In general, I think it's one of my main assets. I feel very good people at the energy level. I am not sure about them to know something or to find out. I usually just know: this is the right man, wrong, good or bad, as it concerns me.

Intuition tells you?
Exactly! And, oddly enough, it never failed me (laughs). On the project I was in the first place, I see relationships. What they are, how they may be different. All the more so for me it's a unique experience I will never communicate with their peers.

And to understand these people live with their problems for me is very important. I always, from an early age to communicate with people who were much older than me. And here I am very interested to communicate with their peers, among whom I sometimes feel like an old veteran.

You have a great experience, it shows. Especially on how you skillfully unravels the complex tangles of relationships on the project. Tell me then, what do you think, who are sensitive to betrayal: a man or a woman?
I believe that men are much to changing painful. Man by nature - being polygamous and woman - monogamous. Therefore, they just have different sexual needs, a man always feels stronger sense of possessiveness.

You objective in relation to itself?
Of course, biased. I myself very much. And how can you be objective in relation to the person whom you love more than anything else (smiles)?

And you have is apathy, when you realize that absolutely nothing you do not want to do?
Sometimes, especially when I look at my favorite person in the mirror, and he has dark circles under eyes, tired appearance or he really did not want to go to work.

And finally, let's go back to your work on television. What grade are you would put myself as a presenter?
Always different. It all depends on the day: when the five, when four. But at least (smiles). I always horoshistka!

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