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Hidden sharks in show business. Who owns the "Tattoo", "Factory," Glucose

January 16 2006

Who lights the stars on our stage? Who are able to do anything of the idol of the whole country and earn fabulous money? Well, of course, we are talking about the producers! And how many have with their charges the producers of the top ten?

Professions producer can not teach. It should be a special flair. We need to clearly understand what songs and what artists need people right now. In addition, the producer - it's PR-manager, marketer, manager, stylist and a psychologist all rolled into one.

Currently, virtually every star of Russian pop music is the figure of the producer, and the scale of the success of the musical group or artist is directly proportional to the professionalism of this same producer. Nevertheless, like any rule, and here there are exceptions. Some seek fame and recognition without assistance. It could, for example, groups "UmaTurman", "The King and the Clown", Sergei Shnurov, earrings, Lolita Milyavsky.

Producer relationships with their wards - a complicated matter. Since all brewed on a lot of money to reach an understanding can not always. Frequent scandals, the contracts are broken, spilling the mutual accusations and insults. More recently, almost simultaneously broke two similar scandal. Soloists Premier Minister "quarreled with his producer Evgeniy Fridlyand, at a press conference dedicated to the disintegration of the group, among them nearly happened a fight. Producers "VIA Gra" Konstantin Meladze and Dmitry Kostyuk, through which the group has become one of the most popular in Russia, suddenly refused to work with girls and announced the elimination of "Via Gra".

Maxim Fadeev

The first project was Fadeeva singer Linda. With the help of image a la "crazy girl from Tibet" voiceless mediocrity won the super popular in the mid 90's. Once Fadeev stopped working with Linda, her career effectively ended. Now it is almost not seen or heard. To date, the main project of Max Fadeev - singer Glucose. It is one of the most profitable people on our stage. Fadeev owns 70% of all money earned by the singer.

Igor Matvienko

Belonging Matvienko "Ivanushki" - the only group that managed to keep popularity since the early 90's. In addition Matvienko is the producer of "Luba", which in turn is a favorite group of President Putin. Thanks to the efforts of Matvienko, we found a group of "Factory" and "Roots." With their projects Matvienko has 65% profit.

Joseph Prigogine

Now the main project Prigogine - his wife, singer Valeria. After her divorce from first husband, Alexander Shulgin is Valerii Prigogine brought out the creative stagnation. The services of producer Prigogine is estimated at 50% of earnings.

Igor Cool

Steep owned production company "ARS". By its very beginning are the "Disco Accident ", the graduates of" Factory of Stars - 4 ", group" Hands Up "and others. All of the above give a steep 70% of the money earned.

Ivan Shapovalov

His head was this person once born the project "Tattoo." Everything was just to genius: the image of adolescent girls, unconventional lyrics. The result - a truly fabulous pile of money. Later, feeling a confidence tattoo refused services Shapovalov.Parting was surprisingly quiet and peaceful. Shapovalov getting any 80% earned the group "Tatu" money.

According to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

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