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Alexander Ivanov nearly beaten in the air, a group of Non Stop strip arranged on the Arbat

November 15 2005

Notwithstanding, as a lull due to the "othodnyakom" on a number of superzvezdnyh activities, musical life goes on. With the Russian pop-rock idols come all sorts of interesting stories and scandals. Stars are divided into the plans, will present the albums. Occurring incidents and scandals.

First, plans

November 17 will be a presentation debut CD's 17-year rock singer Valeria Masskva, became a prize winner of this year MTV RMA 2005 in the category "Best Debut". Album "Masskva" consists of twelve tracks, among which are constantly present in the radio and television airtime hits «SMS-Naya Love" and "7 th floor." Will premiere a new music video of the singer on the song "Well, at last," directed by Elena Kiper has become.

Along with more than "opera" singers with their new products are going to please fans and monster scenes. So, Alex Glyzin completes installation of its first DVD under the working title "Flying Soul" with a record of the jubilee concert in the concert hall "Russia". The drive appears on the shelves of music stores in December.

At the concert the singer had been executed and melodious songs and hard rock hits, which will be included in the forthcoming album "Love Line". Among them - a trio of "Life" by Alexander Marshall, and Nikolay Noskov, as well as a duet with Yulia Nachalova "Stop the night." In a two-hour film will be included performances of friends and colleagues Glyzin the shop: Victor Chaika, Gregory Leps, Vladimir Markin, and the group "Prime Minister".

In addition, "the prolific" Glyzin shortly intends to bestow their Ukrainian fans big solo concert to be held in Kiev, at the National Palace "Ukraine". Artist greatest hits "You're no angel" and "Winter Garden" will bring to the Ukrainian capital a new program The Line of Love. " In support of choreographic Alex will the girls from the ballet "Releve" last entirely European champion and world rhythmic gymnastics.

Meanwhile, in eve of a European tour "Picnic" in the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall shootings of a new theatrical program "Kingdom of Curves." Director and choreographer paintings, which will be published in the format of DVD, music video made by the St. Petersburg and musician Bogdan Drobiazko, known for his work on the feature film «FUZZfilm. Rock ninetieth "," Bricks in the mood "," Skull and Guests "group" Leningrad "rollers for teams Surganova and Orchestra», Billi's Band, «Pilot", "Animation." During the concert "Picnic" filming made ten major and two hidden camera, allowing a unique opportunity to combine the process of mounting large and general plans, stressing that all the nuances of the Surrealist show.

"How this was done - the secret, find professional - says Bogdan Drobiazko. - The main problem of our film crew was not to interfere with the fans to watch the concert. At the same time, it was necessary to adequately convey the impression, the atmosphere of a live performance of rock legend and show the "Picnic" in the most advantageous perspective. "

Do not lag behind their colleagues in the "heavy scene" and cheer punks "NAIVE".
November 18 will be a concert-tribute band "NAIVE". It will be part of the "Agatha Christie", "Pilot", "The Adventures of Electronics", "Sneakers," "The Thirteenth Constellation», IFK, as well as the blonde Xu, Vadim Stepantsov (Bakhyt-compote "), Kirill Nemolyaev (Boni it "), Associate Professor (Distemper) and others, who will present the composition of the group" NAIVE "in their own treatment.In addition, the audience is waiting for a two hour performance festival perpetrators - a group of "NAIVE" which will feature not only songs that are included in the tribute, but also the best hits of the collective.

Record "Naive Song", which became a gift from the group itself to the 17 th anniversary, will be available in music stores from November 10.

"I enjoyed most about reading Blonde Xue song" I'm not kidding. " In verse very carefully, tenderly sung music that can sound at any store, and then hard mochilovo. Very stylish contrast turned out - says vocalist "NAIVE" Chacha. - Many groups have recorded their own versions of them in an uncharacteristic manner. For example, the "Pilot" recorded the song "Trust in yourself" in the style of industrial, and "Mongol Shuudan" - track "Dunno" in the style of ska, while Tears for Fears made an ironic, somewhat in the spirit Tom Waits version of "Rock."

Well, now for the scandals.

In one of them, almost suffered the starry face of Alexander Ivanov of the once popular group "Rondo".

It happened so interesting event in the program "Without a gingerbread" on radio "Pops", where he was a guest of Alexander. Leading Prjanikov Alexander missed the start of the program and the staff of the radio station asked Ivanov to begin broadcasting, which he did, jokingly introducing himself Keksovym, Ptichemolokovym and, oddly enough, by itself Pryanikovym. Stung by a free behavior rocker Prjanikov led the transfer of a sarcastic tone. As a result, the program has become a tough skirmish between a DJ and a guest, threatened to move into a real fight.

"I liked the air on" Pops "- says Alexander Ivanov. - Prjanikov used in their programs down the guests, and here he has something did not work. And we had finally "had a great time." The result was a cheerful, drayvovaya, rock 'n' roll transmission.

Finally, about the "sweet" ....

Recently, in one of the linen boutiques of the Old Arbat street photo shoot magazine "OM", the protagonist of which were participating girls band'a Non Stop, known by the radio hit "Electronic Love". During the "sleeping" shooting soloist pop trio, turned stylist in "Sleeping Beauty", provoked a riot at one of the oldest streets in Moscow. Passing by aesthetes and estetki stopped at the huge "in-floor windows of the store, followed by a spotlight non-stop walking around three young beauties, wrapped in a small bath towels. An hour later, an excited crowd reached such proportions that has attracted the attention of law enforcement officers who broke up her by the end of shooting.

"Venerable arrangements, professionalism on stage and excellent vocal does not prevent us to be proud of the beautiful bodies - says the singer Anna Voronin. - Perfect appearance - an important component of the image of the actor, and what happened behind the camera - is one manifestation of popularity surging after the clip "Electronic Love"! "

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