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Dibrov: work on television has changed my life

August 15 2005

I met with Dimitri in the entertainment center of the "Young Guard" for a few hours before the concert "Rock Mechanics". During the rehearsal, I once again convinced of the exceptional talent of this man. He played excellently! However, for five-plus by Dmitry all turns out in life ... After the rehearsal was held on our conversation, which I have long dreamed of! Two journalists have met face to face. And, of course, talking about television.

Dmitry, how to change your life work on television?

Crucially, of course ... (smiles).

As far as I know you worked long enough in the print media (from the head of the department of letters to the deputy editor of the youth newspaper) before they got on TV? Your path was thorny?

He was smooth as sharp Japanese sword (laughs).

What is the principal difference between working on TV and in print media?

On television, you do what is more important than yourself. And you get paid for it. And in the print media rather perform craft duties. Why do people from print journalism increasingly trying to break into the literature? They want to give birth to something of my own personal.

The writer should understand and realize that can do! Now I am thinking of writers such as Marquez and Borges, but not our modern authors, who at the very moment when their books come from the press, are given only one question - will take place whether or not their next opus in hits ...

The same thing happens on television - you're forced to give birth to something firstborn. But on TV, no one broke. The less you'll stop people from their idiotic designs, the better for them.

Because ether is not dimensionless, but is limited to 24 hours a day, and then 12 of them can be discarded because they are completely uninteresting and unprofitable to the accounting point of view. And those 12 hours, which occur at night - is the destiny of warriors and the warriors of light (laughs).

You 're now the transfer of "I am ready for all" . How did the idea of creating such a project? And how does it differ from the other show "Fear Factor", "Last Hero", for example?

My transmission is similar to others such as cancer and cancer, only one - a deadly disease, and another - the sweetest of dishes. And if the program "I'm ready for anything" with the other TV - projects have external similarity, the motivation is radically different.

In typical television contests doing something, a person gets himself something: money, books, or at least fame. Our own party does not receive anything.

The fact that our heroes do in the program, they would gladly complied, and without cameras, just like in life if they knew that they would be sold in the middle of a child's dream.

It is this dedication through preaching changes the entire picture of this program ...

And yourself on what you are willing to go to realize the most cherished and conceived?

I actually go to all (smiles).

Dmitry, you're very accomplished much in life and become famous. No wonder that his colleagues look at you with wary curiosity and see your opponent ... After all, today television, as well as theater, called the "terrarium minded »....

"Terrarium" may correct definition in relation to people television career, but it is not without exception to all my workshop. In my team are very good people. And the bickering and gossip, I do not pay attention.

It is only natural that people hate anything that is a reproach their own fate. It is better to suspect someone in the ingenious machinations, rather than jeopardize their own dignity.Personally, I am one of those people do not have a relationship.

Many of my colleagues and friends, even concurrently. And if anyone of them had the opportunity to be a wealthy man - I can only rejoice for them. For example, I gladly follow the work of Sergei Shumakova is a producer in the world, because we're from the same nest, I know his goal on TV.

I knew very well Voroshilov, and as you know, with Listyev we did a generation. And me, these people all my life saved ....

Tell me more ....

When I did the program "Assembly", the Bolsheviks notch, many subjects come to me, Alexander Lyubimov, and said: "So what you have done from stories? Let us show them in the "Vision", while the Bolsheviks just can do nothing. " That there exists a mutual assistance on the TV. So television is not always "terrarium associates (smile).

And then I have nine television professions. I not only leading, but the director and designer of computer graphics. I know how to sound and music to all its programs write itself. So on TV the place I was always there and all sorts of squabbles simply not paying attention.

Dmitri, you publicly and easily recognizable people. Does not prevent you from popularity in his personal life?

Some relationships in public - it's a business! We know such marriages and unions, which are specially created to allow as much as possible to write about them. But I is not typical. And if people notice something in me, so I do not hide it.

Do you ever been hurt a woman?

Sometimes, and sometimes even beyond his own will.

What kind of women you easier?

Anyway. But I tell you honestly, if a woman is ugly, I do not care about its rich spiritual world. I'm not on it will turn any attention. I do not know that in this world to make ugly women, just as I do not know what to do foolish men.

And what can you say about women's infidelity?

I personally know many women who are in a state of happy marriage. Nonetheless, every day you can see them in the society of a new partner. That there was no treachery on the part of women, should always mimic the turns of the new energy, sexual habits and style. Infidelity can not win the gene, it can only be reined in, and a man.

Middle-aged men do not go to discos, but because of their sexual gender readiness no less. And they can offer a woman a lot. In turn, the woman also needs to give herself to the man fully to serve him.

I read one time you got acquainted with the women on the Internet? Do you like the virtual communication? And what is better communication and dating a living?

I'm still happy to continue to communicate, and I have thousands of beautiful companions ... I like to talk to them ....

A woman recognized you in love?

Many women find my ICQ, mail, go to the Learn and declaration of love. But not really me, but that form, which looks at them from TV screens. I think the women on the Internet come to me looking for some kind of emotional support.

And your fans can become your friends?

I've seen! And agree that it happens. Why not? After all, as the saying goes, "nothing is more important buildings of friendship, in which time you vobesh golden nail." Then this friendship forever.

Did you know that: The "Rock Mechanics" with the participation of Dmitry Dibrova support the best creative forces of the world of show business.With Alexander Lyapin a year working the famous director and producer Paul Brun (Circue Du Soleil, Peter Gabriel, Show Celin Dion).

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