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Dmitry Nosov: go to the mat with fractures, and in his spare time baking cakes

April 15 2005

Five minutes of the bout for the bronze medal in the Athens Olympics have become for our judoka Dmitry Nosov hardest test. With a broken arm, he went to fight and win.

Won, despite the fact that the judges did not do him any leniency. Aware of the serious injury, they gave him a warning for a passive struggle, though he struggled, being completely healthy. But Dmitri still won (over Azeri Mehman Azizov), which immediately announced athletic feat. True, he Nosov modestly remarks that did not do anything outstanding.

Now, as time passed after the Games and the hand Dmitry almost healed, he resumed training, and more recently for the first time after the injury was made at major international competitions - Tournament Series in Moscow. Nosov win, unfortunately, failed - losing in the finals, he won second place. Upset, of course, but not much.

- It's a shame that I lost. But the blame for everything: a mistake, for which he paid. Besides, it's my first tournament after a rather long break, and the best form I've still a long way. But do not worry, there is a lot of competitions. Played.

- Do you often remember the Olympic events themselves and the battle for the bronze, "which actually won one hand?

- Sometimes, as I recall. And that battle, and the trauma that still does not forget about yourself. Fracture. Yes, even on a small piece of bone had broken. Found that was just tear ligaments and break the capsule of elbow joint. Maybe I was bad exercise. Typically, a break between contractions lasts an hour and a half. During this time ostynesh, and spirit to fight to keep by cooking. But before the semi-final was a three-hour break, and warm up I was not with anyone. During the fight it turned out that missed the capture, and to remedy the situation, had to fall on his hand. She could not stand it. As a result, I lost, but in the locker room tuned in to what will go out to fight for the bronze. " Understood because the Olympics every four years is, and will there be another in my life - a question. So I decided that I would go to the end. I will cling to your teeth, do everything possible to win the bronze medal. I do not even four years preparing for the Olympics - all my life. Then he would never forgive myself that I had a chance to win a medal, but I have not taken advantage.

- How do you fight with one's hand?

- So I'm not the first time acts with injury. In 2000, the championship of Russia among the youth struggled with a broken rib. Yes, and not one I am. Here, for example, my coach Paul Funtikov once went to the mat with a torn biceps. He has the same hand do not move! Such is the succession of generations we have obtained. In Athens, I could not take my coach. Neither he nor his school "Sambo-70", which for me all sick, nervous. I hope that I could show the boys that in life nothing is impossible. I want to, incidentally, pay tribute to his opponent. Speaker of Azerbaijan Aziz tried to take advantage of the fact that I have not worked hand. He did not single attempt to hit on her or jerk. We just fought as expected.

- You could win purely in the middle of the bout, but the judge then stinted on the assessment?

- Everyone has seen that the Azeris had fallen on both shoulders. Everyone except the judges, who, instead of evaluation of "ippon", which means a clear victory, let me just "Vasari". At that point I myself begged the arbitrator to give me a clear victory. After all saw how hard for me, but the judges had an opinion. Had to fight on, and I still won.

- You have something to believe in what is created?

In the first moments after the fight in my mind all the feelings are mixed. Was both happy and upset that he could not win the gold medal.

- But this is not the end of your agony. Was because more and doping control, which you carried off after the victory?

- Yes, I was immediately taken to be tested. Our doctor then told me that in my life seen anything like that. Today show! Nobody believed I could without any dope with a trauma to fight and win. I have twice been searched, they were afraid that the test can substitute. Forced to take off her clothes. Then another stood and watched. Suddenly, I'm like an old man Hottabych of air'll get another tube.

- The first time you played at the Olympics. They have made an impression on you?

- In the Olympic Village I for one do not like it. The feeling that he was in the desert, which was just built up cottages and scavenge for a barely managed. Can you imagine the trees height in meters, and on each, without exaggeration, on three leaves. Cheerless spectacle. We lived in those same cottages, in double and triple rooms with a minimum of amenities. Bath and toilet on one floor. Just like TV. In the village no entertainment, no events to just relax, relax, it was not. And fed us so himself. I'm much better at cooking.

- So you're a chef?

- I love to cook. Frankly, this is my main hobby. I always especially baked goods - cakes, muffins. Sushi can easily cook, rolls, satsivi. I like it and the process of cooking, and that its people enjoy cooking delivered. Yes, and I honestly love to eat. Previously, much ate what our heavyweights never dreamed of. And my weight is in no way affected. Where did it go - do not know (smiling). Now, however, have a bit limiting, because you have to watch my weight. Because after six in the evening is nothing sweeter, no desserts, do not eat.

- How do you feel about the fact that Moscow claims to host the Olympics in 2012. Probably, we accept athletes will be much better.

- I'll just be happy if the Olympics will be held in Moscow. But, in my opinion, the chances of Moscow on to win the fight for the Olympics, not great. Yes, our capital has certain advantages over competitors. First, Moscow has excellent sports facilities - "Luzhniki" sports complex "Olympic", Krylatskoye. Nothing like our rivals do not. Secondly, the organization of events equal the Moscow authorities anywhere in the world to find. I have no doubt that if Moscow did confide in the Olympics, everything will be done at the highest level. I judge this by the World Youth Games in 1998 in which he participated. I still remember the time with pleasure ... By the way, the Olympics in Athens, no comparison is not with the youthful games. The Greeks have been awful organizers. But Moscow has disadvantages, which may well overlap, and eventually all the advantages. Traffic congestion in our city - a true nightmare. I do not know whether there is any way to get rid of them. The center of Moscow is not always possible to pass even with the siren and flashing lights. Another big problem - terrorism. Yes, explosions thundered around the world, but I often communicate with foreign athletes, and they believe that there are terrorist attacks in Moscow several times a day. To convince them otherwise will be very difficult. But I hope that Moscow will win an Olympic race with London, New York, Paris and Madrid. At least, I do really want. Yes, it's not just me - all the Russian athletes. After all, speak to my audience and let a very responsible, but it's nice.A win in their eyes - even more so.

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