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Ivanushki International ": a frank interview in a 10-year anniversary

November 14 2005

November 10th the legendary group "Ivanushki International» celebrate its anniversary. The musical Olympus guys stand for 10 years, during which time the group fell in love in all cities in Russia and abroad. Select date anniversary is not accidental. On the birthday of the guys will honor the memory of his friend and colleague Igor Sorin. A few days before the anniversary "Ivanushki International» answered questions from readers portal

Guys, the anniversary of you probably will release a new album? What will it be?

Oleg: Yes, we manufacture specially for our 10 th anniversary album. It will be called as well as a concert program - "10 years in the Universe." We invite everyone November 10 GKTSZ "Russia!"

Cyril: I would not say that it will once the best of, it is simply a compilation of hits, "Simons" in the history of the group. This is a revision of all the best. Of course, there will be loved songs of our students, but in the new reading.

Andrew: We would have breathed into them a new life. I would not like to disclose the track list. Let it be a surprise.

Do you communicate with your female fans? Do you think that you have not lost much of fans, when they began an exemplary family man?

Oleg: Yes, we communicate. Before the concert, during, after: they come, give flowers, for his autograph.

Cyril: Intelligent girls realize that we are - normal people, we must also be a personal life. When my Lola had just married when Cyril was born, of course, they besilis (laughs).

Andrew: And gone mad. Now accustomed to and quite respectful of our privacy.

Remember the last time you rode the subway?

Cyril: There are traffic jams in Moscow, I can calmly walk down the subway and travel a few stops, not to be late for important meetings.

Favorite vacation spot? Are you always able to relax with your family?

Andrew: Travel - it's our job. And I love the rest somewhere in the islands. We really like the marina, it's just heaven on earth.

Oleg: I love and passive recreation, and informative. For example, go to a country with ancient history, somewhere in Italy.

Cyril: I prefer a quiet family holiday in hot countries.

Guys like th cuisine do you prefer?

Andrew: In the kitchen I unassuming. On the one hand, I certainly like the dish an exotic cuisine: Chinese, Indian. However, from homemade cakes will not give up. Italian food - spaghetti, of course.

Cyril: I just love Japanese food: sushi, sashimi, rice, raw fish and anything connected with it: ginger, wasabi.

Oleg: I am not so much matter what kind of cuisine, I'm pretty omnivorous, the main thing that was cooked with the soul: at home. Even if a restaurant meal, it can have a home taste.

What do you think is the secret of your popularity?

Oleg: We are so often asked about the secret of popularity, as if we reveal, then following it, you can achieve the same success. I think not. The success (and popularity for the artist - this is also the success) is an element of unpredictability and luck.

Andrew: Luck - an important part of success, to change it does not. The same can be said about the presence of charisma and talent of a person - either there or not.But serviceability, the desire to achieve something in life - it depends on the person. That's the whole secret. And, of course, plays an important role positivity of our songs.

Cyril: There is an expression - whether it is easier to reach for you. To some extent it is also true for the actor. Unreachable star singers - it's not about us. We are real guys.

What do you enjoy doing, besides music? Your hobbies, interests?

Cyril: I prefer active rest. I love sports: swimming in a pool, jogging in the morning on the waterfront.

Andrew: I love to attend parties and go to the movies. Engage in home improvement, design of the apartment. Still love snooker, however, rarely play, three or four times a month on the force.

Oleg: We are, thank God, are demanded, so after touring so exhausting that the remaining forces on passive recreation and hobbies. Nice to just lie on the couch with a good book. I also love to cook, friends say, I have obtained excellent. True, I am lazy to do it often.

How much time you pay your family?

Cyril: My family - the most important thing in my life. Therefore, I am willing to sacrifice social events, to spend more time with his wife and son.

Andrew: Before meeting with the Marina, I thought that my career, work - more important than family. I was surprised how many creative people feel the opposite. And now I've changed my mind, in my life, work and family, "Ivanushki and Marina with Vanya - in equal positions.

You often learn on the street? Whether you love to be recognized?

Andrew: Find out, of course. When people behave tactfully, it's nice. But I was terribly annoying when someone comes and says: "Hey, Red! Let's drink! What are you, really cool, yeah! ". It's just disgusting.

How do you keep yourself in shape?

Andrew: I confess, does not endorse. Concerts - the best trainer. When laid out on the scene to recover problematic, so the gym, I almost never. "

Cyril: Healthy food, active lifestyles - a pledge excellent shape. I am engaged in fitness, but just keep in shape, no bigotry.

Do you have any bimy style?

Oleg: Concert costumes - this is a special case. As far as clothes casual, then, rather, denim, sporty style. Very practical. Especially for us, for the artists: flights, transfers.

Cyril: I am in daily life prefer the sporty. On the occasion of the publication of my wardrobe there are several evening dresses from famous designers.

Andrew: My wardrobe is eclectic. Love the new fancy stuff.

What is your favorite sport?

Andrew: Billiards, too, is a sport, right? I love the pool since childhood. When I was six years old, my father brought the children's pool table. I was introduced to the game and still love this job.

Cyril: I love active sports - swimming and soccer.

Oleg: Tennis.

Do you have a desire to sing with someone of the popular Russian and foreign stars?

Andrew: And we're on their anniversary concert in "Russia" sing along with many stars. For example, the "Lube", "Roots", "Factory".

Oleg: We will come to congratulate many of our fellow colleagues: Glyuk'oza, Valeria, Leonid Agutin.

irill: Not boyzbendov in the West can boast of such longevity. Not us, but they must want us to sing - with "all-Union boyzbendom, as we recently christened.

Do you think whoever you were, if not linked their lives with the scene?

Andrew: I doubt that my life could be off the stage, is creativity. I think the important thing in life - to give laughter and joy to people. I believe it - my calling.

Cyril: I agree. And when the person calling - how can it be someone else?

Oleg: "Ivanushki" - a group in which all participants - by vocation. Maybe that's why we've been holding on?

Your life credo?

Andrew: "Act so as to rule your will might be a principle of universal law." This is from Immanuel Kant. A more everyday, but not least - "Smile always." We smile sincerely, always and for each of our listeners.

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