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Lustful fans destroyed the group "VIA Gra"

December 12 2005

These girls just after its appearance on our stage firmly entrenched in their heads and hearts of the male part of our population. Three crazy Ukrainian, performed a very interesting song ... but does anyone pay attention to it? After all, costumes girls have been very frank and very profitable stresses the excellent form of soloists. I think, is no one left in any doubt about who they are - a group "VIA Gra". They were the absolute leaders in the fight against the "brilliant", "Factory" for the viewers love .... Why were? And because these days it became known that the team akkurat on New Year's cease to exist.

And it all evolved so positively .... It turns out not all and not so favorably ....

From the outset, the staff has been conceived as a duo Alena Vinnytsia and professional dancer Nadia Granovsky. When Hope went into the decree in its place came just two girls - one of Ukrainian television presenter Anne Sedokova channels and model of the St. Petersburg Tatiana Naynik. The very first track, recorded sexy trio - "Stop! Stop! Stop! "- Became a huge hit. But, despite the fact that success came to a group of three girls, to write off Granovsky producers still do not like ... and at one point, "VIA Gra" turned into a quartet - thankfully the fans knew no bounds. So much beauty in one "bottle"!

That's when a group knit underground name - "Singin 'boobs."
Several frivolous image has played a cruel joke with the team - leaving the main soloist Alain (Olga) Vinnitsa. She said she was "tired of running around with bare booty", the producers are categorically forbidden "to shine" to her own husband - lead singer of the group «Cool Before» Sergey Alekseeva, which because of the tour she was seen on ten days a month.

In place of Vinnitsa came 20-year-old Vera. Her real name Galuska, but quirky producers learn that she hails from Dneprodzerzhinsk, invited her to become Brezhnev.

Vera, Nadia and Anya - the "gold" of the group, which lasted longer than others. A sort of alliance bitchiness "sworn Girlfriends: Do not accidentally became a huge hit song in their performance of" Kill my girlfriend! ". But nothing lasts forever.

Anya Sedokova pregnant by 31-year old captain of Dynamo Kyiv Viktor Belkevich that because of this, separated from his wife Lesya.

As a result, Anne marries Belkevich, which is still a month before confidently declared: "Love is love, but I do not intend to marry!" Naive ... At the wedding of the group "VIA Gra" was present only full-time masseur. Sedokova offended that she was not invited to the ceremony MUZ TV, and former bosses are not invited.

Instead of "dezertirshi" Sedokova was urgently introduced in the Svetlana Loboda, who sang before a little-known group of "Cappuccino". But not enough that the producers had to pay a penalty moneybags, who wanted to see at private parties only promoted Sedokova. So once she Loboda their behavior quickly "got" the whole team. She thought nothing of, for example, push on the stage or Vera Brezhnev had called reporters after the concert, "jerks."

A few months later Loboda with a bang with fire from a group. And calls in the series "VIA Gra" The former backing singer Valery Meladze modest Albina Dzhakibaevu.

But more - more interesting .... Pretty Nadia wanted independence. To keep her and Konstantin Meladze (Producer) has written to Granovskaya solo song and took the clip.

ryunetka remained, but had to quickly find a replacement blonde Faith, which has exacerbated the problem in October, with the spine after trauma.

Producers had to cope with the peculiarities of almost all ladies teams - with a war of ambition and temperament. As a result, the first lost their nerve in Meladze - he publicly announced the closure of the project, not even notifying Kostiuk (second-producer).

"Five years I've been doing this project - said Meladze. - And now do not want to put the dots, and the point. Declare that I end up working with the team. Last time, I feel very tired. I have only one desire - to rest. And write songs. "

That's all. More no additional information. Some clarity, introduced his brother Konstantin Meladze - Valery. He particularly noticed that the collapse of the group to blame ... the media, raskruchavayuschie "VIA Gra" as "boobs with legs or a foam boobs."

Constantine tired scandalous popularity, monotonous work. However, Valery said that after the gap between the participating team and his brother were normal human relationships. A vote of confidence at work and says that Konstantin Meladze not sign with the wards are no contracts ....

And Valeriy Meladze noticed that a spectacular appearance of girls hide the fact that distinguish them from all others - the original and only musical performances.

On materials of "Express newspaper.

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