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Wladimir Klitschko: frank interview after a magnificent victory

October 12 2005

Last weekend in Moscow with a semi-official visit to one of the most famous boxers of our time Wladimir Klitschko. Right off the plane Vladimir hurried to a meeting with the press. I recall that as recently as September 24 in Atlantic City "was a fight between Wladimir Samuel Peter, who is rightly called the most entertaining fight in recent years. In the confrontation between Klitschko - younger, was knocked down three times, still brought the meeting to victory, thus denying all the statements that Wladimir Klitschko was over, and never return to the ring.

Boxer entered the room at exactly the appointed time, was emphasized elegant and benevolent. In his opening speech, Vladimir said:

My visit today - not official, but it has become a tradition to combine an informal to formal channels (laughs). I think that the events that occurred in the sport, and specifically on September 24 in a fight with Samuel Peter, for sure, cause you a lot of questions, I am ready to answer them.

Place Vitaly freely, because today he is in Los Angeles preparing for his next fight on Nov. 12 against Hasim Rahman in Los Angeles.

"You are number one in two versions. Whether to start talks on carrying out a duel for the championship of the world?

Both the world champion Chris Byrd and Brewster Layman related contractual obligations with Don King - all talks are held with him. There are some rules: the champion must defend his title against number 1 ranking on the expiration of 9 months - the IBF and after 12 months - a version of WBO. I have an undeniable desire to quickly conduct these fights. Wait so long I do not want. From this couple, I certainly would have chosen Chris Byrd.

- Recently, you were quite difficult and complicated path. Than today's Wladimir Klitschko is different from what was a half years ago?

- I think that at the expiration of a period of time in sport or in life a person is trying to improve, and the mistakes that were made in the past, if they were made to analyze in order to avoid repeating them in the future. In the passed a fight with Samuel Peter I'm somewhat pleased with what happened. I got worried so many friends and acquaintances, and fans. I was not ready, of course, to such a style. Peter applied the techniques that are banned in the box. I think That the referee saw it too well, but unfortunately there was no reaction from him was not.

- Do you have no desire to visit their homeland?

I have a dream to come back to where I was born, since the age of six, our family moved from Kazakhstan, and from this age the more I was not in Semipalatinsk. So, sometime, I hope, if there is time, I want to come back.

- We have formed a unique situation, when the champions in all versions can be a boxer from the former Soviet Union. In your opinion, is the fruit of individual effort of the brothers Klitschko and Nikolay Valuev, or there may be uglyadet some sort of trend?

- I believe in the merit of the Soviet school sports (laughs), because it was one of the best. A lot of talented coaches, good training systems, which, no matter how much time has passed, athletes enjoy today, including myself. Despite its youth, I still use the old developments. You're right, this can happen, that just three of the world champion, both from Russia and the Ukraine, will lead the heavyweight division.I hope to share the following titles (there will be the fourth) we do not have to. By the way, I want to add: the duel, which was with Samuel Peter, I can compare it with some chess game because the moves Samuel Peter quite clearly were showing. I was ready to dvennadtsatiraundovy fight, but was not prepared for the fact that Samuel Peter can miss so many blows and stay on their feet. For me, it remains a mystery. You can imagine what my weight over 110 pounds, and some experience of "latch-hand I also have. And, of course, for me it was a surprise that such an athlete, as Samuel Peter can survive all twelve rounds.

- WBC President expressed a desire to develop, together with other leading versions of "Four tournament, where the champions will participate in all categories, and carry them out at intervals of four years. How do you feel about this idea?

I think the idea is not bad. Earlier, at a time when Muhammad Ali was a world champion, was the only only one version. But in that one version was a big drawback - the number of battles, which may hold the world champion. This may be one, maximum four per year. In fact, it means that the entire heavyweight division will be waiting for that will make a world champion. You can imagine that if only one match a year, the interest in boxing is, quite simply, to fall. Therefore, additional versions were created.

- Tell me if there is a boxer who you personally likable and interesting as a boxer?

We clearly see that literally next fight should decide to become a world champion Nikolai Valuev or not. I think that, yes. At the Olympic champion Alexander Povetkin has all chances to become a champion. It all depends on their own desire and effort. In sports, the stars appear suddenly. Somewhere star trains, in some of the sports halls, and no one knows at what point it breaks out or appears in the sky.

- During a visit to Mike Tyson in Kiev you have not met with him?

Vitaly seen him, showed him the town, Mike has been a positive response, he very much enjoyed it.

- And have you met in sparring with his brother, perhaps without an audience? Who won?

Our latest sparring were probably ten years ago, and maybe more. Can you imagine - two brothers and one friend of a friend does not want to give, and this was accompanied by certain injuries, and we have decided to no longer sparred with each other. But we help each other in dealing with opponents.

- Vladimir, you're a man of peace. In what place on earth feel most comfortable?

Most comfortable - in Italy. The time that I spent abroad, can be compared to the trip, because we are from each trip back home.

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