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Natasha Koroleva: "A woman must be attractive"

April 12 2005

Queen Natasha and Sergei Glushko starred in the video for new song "Heaven is wherever you are." The video promises to become a real sensation of the year. You bet! After all, the singer and her husband brought it in the buff. It is - in the costume of Eve, "he -" in a negligee from Adam "...

Life Natasha Queen woven of bizarre twists of chance that may seem ordinary luck. In fact, its popularity and the female singer is obliged to happiness only to his talent, will and love of life.

- What you have taught for twelve years, lived with Igor Nikolaev?

- Since childhood, I believed that my favorite person is not capable nor betray or deceive me. And if our marriage with Nikolaev is not broke, I would have lived with such illusions, and more. And only after the divorce began to understand that even the most intelligent men often think of another place, not the head. (Laughs).

But despite the collapse of all my hopes, I'm not angry with Igor. On the contrary, grateful to him and for this experience, and for science, how to build a show-business and survive in it. And Nikolaev his shock therapy has taught me stoically withstand the most severe situations, when it seems that the pain caused to you dear, never will. Since then I've stopped a lot to demand from men, and look at all the easier. And now, no matter what happens, ready for anything. But this wisdom came to me not once, but somewhere in the year after we parted with Igor.

- But there was a moment when Nicholas asked you to come back. Why did you refuse?

- Too late he realized his mistake ... I knew that I could no longer trust him, and she'll never be what it was before. Escape Escape is not married, sooner or later he would still have collapsed.

- Sometimes a lot of problems in the family ends with the birth of a child ...

- Always feel to what at this stage is ready - to a child if, for business to implement some creative plans. Everything has its time and not in my power to hasten. When Igor asked me: "Let's birth" - I myself was a child, and absolutely no idea what to do with my toddler. And when the seemingly ripe for the mother, then to Nikolaev ideas have a baby was cool, then he was busy with other problems. Hence, not destiny.

- But there were still signs of fate, who said that your marriage with Nikolaev disintegrate?

- I was tuned to a long life together. And Igor, perhaps unconsciously, had some doubts. No wonder he wrote that the Dolphin and Mermaid - not a couple. Or another song that he dedicated to me: "A girl of sixteen years have believed in happiness, which is not. And then one day with a smile, an evil minion of her, her character said quietly:" Come with you, we'll just friends. " I experienced this situation, word for word in twelve years. What is it - the prophecy?

- Divorce - always stressful. How do you cope with it?

- At that time, thank God, next to me had a girlfriend, who actually went through with me this whole nightmare. Mom, I just wanted to disturb the very least - for her it was a shock. I found tremendous support in the church. I prayed for the health of Igor, that the Lord gave me peace and strength to forgive and endure the pain, and most importantly - find the right solution.

In my house there is an old picture, get me on the great-grandmother. On canvas depicts Jesus in the desert: he prays to the Father, so He showed him the true path.I have there is a ritual: if I find myself in a difficult situation, then get in front of this picture and ask: "Lord, show me how can I do?" I'm very emotional person and I rashly commit acts, which then will be very sorry. And this ritual helps me focus, focus - and the decision comes as it were by itself. Not immediately, of course.

I go to bed, and in the morning already know what to do ... That's how I gradually came to normal. Plus, of course, did not allow work to faint. Because then I have lost not only the man she loved, but also the man who wrote a song for me, was engaged in studios, an arrangement - I am of all this was far. So I had to solve a lot of problems and, above all, seek repertoire. Sometimes, if it was really quite unbearable, wept bitterly, and I felt better.

- At that moment, someone cared for you?

- When the rumor spread that the Queen is free to swarm around me was a lot of men. They did not pretend to hand, heart on the bed, it was just nice to have dinner with me at the restaurant, invite me to some event. I knew that you can not dwell on his experiences, that we should be distracted - it's very important to feel like a desirable woman. I inspire myself that life is not over, that I must look beautiful and feel the drive of flirting. Among my Cavaliers were a lot of wealthy and respectable people, but the soul does not lie to any of them.

- And how did you realize that this band - your man?

- When I first saw in the nightclub "Tarzan-show", I thought: "That would be great to invite all those nice guys in your program - this we still have no one did." First, we have developed with Sergei tensions were even conflicts - so that love at first sight did not happen. Although I, naturally, immediately recognized his external data.

To tell you the truth, I was always afraid of beautiful men: it seemed to me that they are all narcissists. However, watching from behind Sergei, I saw that he was not selfish egoist, but a normal, sincere guy, with absolutely no pathos. Then I was already convinced that the road back to Nikolaev No: A year has passed, as we parted, I have to build their lives.

One day after the concert for me and Tarzanov "banquet. The owner of the club approached us, introduced himself. And suddenly, quite unexpectedly nod at Sergei and said: "This is my husband." All jaw dropped! I myself was stunned, and Serega - even more! I then transferred everything into a joke ... But just at that moment I realized that Sergey - my man, I want to live with him, a family, having children. This decision arose instantly, as inspiration.

- How long you had to wait for a declaration of love?

- I am the first to recognize their feelings, because before he knew all about us. Sergey is too modest, it would be very long way to these important words. So I decided to take the initiative. (Laughs). We sat in the office, and I just spontaneously said that I love him. Sergei confused and did not even know how to behave: "You see, Natasha, these words do not strike." "And I did not rush, - answer, - I speak openly, honestly, and you can take it as you like." I was overwhelmed emotions, and I had to vent. By the same intuition that Sergei and he wanted to confess my love.

- And who was the initiator of intimacy?

- Our present rapprochement began a month after three or four. It was spring evening. I sat in the office alone, I was terribly depressed and lonely. And that really is not completely raskisnut decided to unwind. Called Sergei.I thought: if "Tarzanov" speech, go to the club fun. It turned out that evening he is free. "Let me now to you primchitsya", - Sergey suggested. "No, I better to thee" - I persisted.

- What's the difference?

- (Laughs) On the territory of others is easier to leave. And from his home uncomfortable turn out a man, even if it bothered you. And besides, I wanted to see his bachelor lair. Our first date we Sergei still celebrate as the Day of apricot jam, because Sergei gave me tea with mind bending jam. That evening, all agreed. A couple of days I carried my things to the earrings, and up to seven months pregnant, we lived in his rented apartment on the first floor. In this second room served Serezhin friend with his wife and dog, so this was a voluntary "communal". Hard to believe, but I'm really happy it was. There have been a global thing - was born, our family, our son.

- Why did you both hide the fact that Sergei - father of the child?

- We do not hide, just do not advertise, and all who should be aware of. Just journalists decided to "fry" the situation: I'm officially divorced from Nikolayev in the seventh month of pregnancy (with Igor, we long to settle all our financial and material matters). That's where all the hype about someone who is actually the father of the child.

- How Sergei reacted when he learned about your pregnancy?

- Our first sexual experience began with my request: "I want my son". And Sergei is my order fulfilled. I learned that pregnant on tour. Shackle has called me, and I said to him: "I think did it!" He was so glad, because at first marriage had no children. I shouted to him: "Yes! Yes! "We laughed and cried with happiness! When born Arkhip we Sergei somehow became known to each other "Mom" and "Dad" - is the dearer, warmer.

- Why did you make the wedding a year after the birth of his son?

- Was to come in the form below to look beautiful. I madly like a wedding, with a veil, guests, elegant dresses - all that I have not had a first marriage. To us, Igor came to the house and painted the banal. Holiday did not happen. So this time I decided that my dream is necessarily true.

- Where do you live with her husband and son?

- After the birth of Arkhip we moved to a country house, which got me on the division of property. But Serge does not like to go there, because everything related to my past life, though I converted the house to almost recognition. Therefore, the child is constantly out of town, and we live in two houses - in Krekshino in his Moscow apartment.

I like the fact that Sergei calm in daily life, economic, knows how to cook. And that's very important that I followed him like a stone wall. For example, say: I want so-and-so - and he immediately rushed to the store to fulfill my whim. He does everything simply but heartily, and most importantly - original. For example, on my birthday, put the box with the ring in the pillow cushions, and I found a present, when we went to bed. Once gave me insanely sexy panties sex shop.

- Do you have a proprietary secrets of seduction?

- Sex - is probably the most important moment in the relationship of husband and wife. Therefore, women should always be attractive, desirable and not to spare money and time to care for themselves.

- By the way, where did you get such a cool zagarchik the middle of winter? Visit the solarium?

- I am not a supporter of the solarium. In many women it causes pigmentation. Therefore, I use cream for self-tanningThe first time I tried it during pregnancy, because the sun was not, and did not want to go pale. That's when it dawned on me to do a cosmetic business.

This is a wonderful color - my know-how. Together with our American partners, my firm has developed not only a unique cream made from natural products, but also a special machine for spraying it. From conventional creams are stains, sprays, too, do not give a uniform distribution of auto-tanning. A perfect machine does it on the skin. Our cream is absorbed quickly (no need to dry for 20 minutes), the tan lasts up to seven days, and goes smoothly. By the way, and at prices our new highly accessible.

- Are you and your husband collaborative projects?

- No. Sergey has recently acted in three serials simultaneously. I completed a music video for the song "Purple Paradise" - a sort of remake of the movie "Some Like It Hot." Starring me, Andrei Malakhov, Sergei Drobotenko and Len Sparrow. But, unlike in American films, our gentlemen prefer brunettes.


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