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Luc Besson: "I do not believe in God, but I believe in angels!"

March 9 2006

The day before the March 8 in the capital of Russia granted itself Luc Besson. And not to walk - hang out, but for the premiere of his new film "Angel-A". To our country the picture could look only to viewers in France and Belgium. Company, the world-famous director, was leading lady, a supermodel, the face of the brand «Gucci» Rie Rasmussen. To start the maestro decided to present its first in 6 years the creation of journalists. Accustomed to the different stellar tricks performed by home-grown geniuses, people with some caution expected appearance of mega-stars of world cinema. But Luke walked into the hall with a welcoming smile, patiently posing for photographers and sat on his seat in the center of the table. Start a conversation.

- I am very happy to have next to him an angel (Besson nods to Rasmussen). I'm also happy to talk about this film, because it is very important pattern in this cynical world. I think, "Angel-A" gives a lot of good. And for me after 30 years in the movie, it's a symbol of freedom. I am very happy also that the premiere will be held on the eve of Women's Day, because this film is about femininity. Yes, live woman!

Why did you "Angel-A" black and white?

- It is cheaper to shoot (laughs). But seriously - the whole film is built on contrasts: female - male, internal - external, white - black. And so here's this black-and-white styling is involved in creating the final image of the movie. It was very important to the image along with the music would break away from reality and create a feeling of sleep and lack of reality. Just too often the color is cruel.

What is the budget of your film?

- (With a smile) 4 euro per person, this is about the same as "King Kong".

Do not you think that "Angel-A" is a bit like a film by Patrice Leconte, "Girl on the Bridge"?

- I want to say that the script was written before the film was made. I have great respect for Lecomte, a close friend of mine, and I must tell you that when he watched this movie, he was shocked and said that this is my best picture. You know, the only thing that unites these movies - black and white range. Stories are completely different movies and different.

I often shoot in chronological order, generally I'll producer of his films as a producer, I always talk tough with them. I think when you shoot every day, then you are in some way dependent on changes that occur in the actors. You yourself you follow the story, and at the end of filming can get something quite different from what you originally intended. And if you have a clear plan, then you can not change anything in it. I think it allows you to have a certain amount of air, I often allow myself the luxury of shooting in this way.

Why is "Angel-A" out right now? In recent years, you produced the film commercially interesting, and "Angel-A" does not fit into this category.

- When we talk about something commercial, then it seems to me that journalists are glued to the film a certain label. Each of my films are very personal, I purposely did not make commercial films. They did not give a single euro out to shoot "Blue Lagoon" for example. When a person wants to express themselves, he express themselves. It is not always commercially successful film comes out. But regardless of that, you are obliged to take pen and paper to write the script.The financial side does not change anything - still in the film are embedded brain, heart, understanding that you want to do. And a year later if it still will be a commercial project - good, and if not will, then God be with him. I have 5 years working on a very important project for me, animated film called "Arthur", and so I have never felt that I was staying.

Earlier you said that you limit your creativity - 10 movies. "Angel-A" - Ninth ...

- As for the 10 films - is self-defense. I try to defend that actor and who lives in me. When you know that you have 10 rounds, you think, as in this shoot. Almost every week I get out of Hollywood is very interesting and nice suggestions. Offer a lot of money, big house ... but in the last 15 years, I very politely say "No".

On the other hand, if the creative person inside of me realizes that I have something to say - I'll shoot more.

But now we can say that I did not nine, and ten films. As I have said for 5 years working on a big project, "Arthur", and it is a real challenge. The budget of this project, 70 million euros, it's no one asked for money, we are funded, so for me it's very, very important project.

What advice can you give a novice director?

- Never lie, above all, himself.

What are your favorite movies from the ones you shot yourself?

- "Angel-A", "Jeanne 'd Arc" and "Atlantis."

Do you believe in angels?

- I do not believe in God, but I believe in angels. Because if everyone was honest, we'd all be angels.

What role in the movie "Angel-A" is the city of Paris?

- Not very important Paris, is important simply a beautiful city that is around the main character there. With the development of the film a sense of the main character develops, he looks around and says: "My God, all around me such a beauty!". In addition, Paris is very photogenic.

A New York - is a nightmare. When you go to New York, you understand that in al for about an hour to see the sun, because half of the city in an hour will have a shadow. It is built very poorly with respect to the sun - to remove inconvenient. When we were filming "Leon, I sent two of his assistants, and within a week they take pictures of all the streets, avenues, which I am in any way interested. It was a horror.

And Paris - the old town, not very tall, fairly compact, so things are a bit stretched, avenues are open, and very easy to shoot this city.

- How would you call your style? What are the components of the film's success, in your opinion?

- Here I am such a nasty boy. In any art there is freedom, and that it bothers me, because creativity without freedom has no meaning and interest. This is the only area where more needs no passport, visa and can explain all sorts of things, even in another language.

We shot 'Atlantis' is almost at the North Pole. We needed a TV to view what we filmed there. Since I took a cassette with my films. I put the seven-year Aboriginal "Underground" - he sat and watched, he seems to like it. For this I love movies.

What is your attitude to Russian women?

img hspace = "10" src = "/ img/11432.jpeg" align = "left" border = "1" /> - For me, it does not matter, Russian or French. Women have the great privilege - an opportunity to give life, I think men are always unhappy, because they do not have this privilege. Therefore, they are all my life and fight to show that they are strong, even though they know that they are - worthless creation.

There is one Russian woman that I wanted to make a film - its call sign in the cosmos was "Chaika" (Valentina Tereshkova. - Note ed.).

How do you choose a soundtrack for the movie?

- Very often during the writing of the script, I chose a certain album, played all the time. Each morning, the music takes me back to the same time. I wrote a script "Angel-A" together with the album Ani Garbarek.

See photos from the presentation of the film Luc Besson's Angel-A ".

Maria Pavlikova

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