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"Torba-na-torsion": sex and rock 'n' roll - it's about us!

September 8 2005

Participants of the rock band "Torba-na-torsion: Max Ivanov (vocals, guitar), Alex Pyatkin (lead guitar), Sergei Grigoryev (bass), Artem Bespalov (flute, keyboards) and Janis Semenov (drums) talk about themselves and their future plans.

Guys, you recently took tour to cities in Russia, which was called "56 parallel to the ground." What you have left the impression of him?

Max: We are very pleased with this trip. One memorable event was that in Novosibirsk, we have forgotten the scene near my electric guitar, which in concert has not been used. And discovered it only when it is already out for an encore. She stood a whole and unharmed nearly the entire concert to the public. Good people live in Novosibirsk!

Development of new Siberian territories is very beneficial effect on the emotional state of the team, meeting new people with good people who appreciate and enjoy our creativity to infuse new energy into us, which, in return, we dove into work on their third album.

What is the reason such an interesting name of the tour - "56 parallel to the Earth"?

So it turns out that most of the cities identified in the round, pass it on 56 parallel, which divides Russia into North and South. Many cities are located on this latitude, are important socio-cultural significance for our country - for example, cities such as Moscow, Tyumen, Izhevsk, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk. Coincidentally, this particular feature and noticed our friends.

Guys, your group was formed gradually - someone came along, someone left - or right?

Max: We all came gradually. One after another. The history of the group began in the 98th, in St. Petersburg, where we studied together with Artem in the Conservatory. With Lehoy we came together from Kirov, and Sergei met in Petersburg club "Zoo".

And who joined the group last?

Max: It was Janis, he is our youngest (smiles). And all together we were recording our last album "The Hour of time."

Under a lot of creative people like you live together? Do not quarrel?

Well, how to say (smile). Anything can happen: creative people are different and differently talented. It happens that fight, we'll even write a song about it.

You often speak in the club "reserve". Why is this so?

We probably superstitious. A "reserve" was the first place where we were. Well, now we're just working with this institution.

And where are you still prefer to speak: in the open air or in the cozy club?

We believe that it is not the convenience or comfort must depend on our willingness to act. More like us, where the music sounds good (smiling).

Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll - it's about you?

Janis: Yes, sex and rock 'n' roll - it's about us. And we do not use drugs.

Know that you are recording a new album. What will it be and what you expect from him?

The fact is that when you create so global and important thing as an album, do not wait to get this album is something brought in, that's just the creative process.

Do you have any musical education?

  Almost everyone, even those with "peel". True, there is no Janis, but agree that 20 years of experience - this is serious.

You have a very touching music. Love songs penetrate your very soul.Do you dedicate songs to girls?

Of course, the dedicated, but the heartfelt love songs - just personal stuff, and the audience we did not perform.

What do you value most in the first place in a girl: the mind, or beauty?

Artyom: Is it separated from each other? Personally, for us - no. (Smile).

Max, you're family practitioner nature?

Max: Yes, even the most (laughs).

Do not interfere with your personal touring?

Of course, interfere with, because it is very difficult to live away from a loved one, for half a year not to see. But work is work, and our halves are trying to treat her with understanding.

And someone in the group have already started a family?

Yes, Artem and Sergey. By the way, Sergei will soon be the second time the pope.
And someone from the people close to you goes with you to concerts? Who are constantly with you?

Yes, this is the second half of Artyom (smile). They're just inseparable, and serves an excellent example of the rest of the group.

Asked about the hobby guys answered ambiguously. It turned out that Sergei and Janis ardent fans of fishing, Lesch romantic and contemplative female nudity, and Artem's a great game of football.

Guys, you've spent on April 1? Played anyone?

Really wanted, but the alarm went off in the studio, and the rally failed.

And you have somebody played?

Yes, a friend dressed in our fan. Wore a black wig, glasses, made a bright make-up and asked for her autograph, and then actively asking us questions. We did not recognize her at once and began her serious answer to these questions came to the interview very seriously. When they did it, it was very funny (smile).

Max, on 5 April you had a birthday. As you said it?

Max: (sighs) It was fun, despite the fact that I'm tired. I had to cut salads to the entire group, but the guys really helped, especially with cleaning (smiles).

And what of the presents you the most memorable?
Two girls presented with a lot of balloons filled with helium, and asked me to write on every ball in his desires and release into the sky. It was very romantic! A St. Petersburg fan club presented a T-shirt with a photograph on the reverse side of our songs. Probably not to forget (laughs).

Are you worried before the concert?
Yes, there is the adrenaline, and start to worry. Especially this happens at big festivals, and more because usually everyone is in turmoil: left, five or six songs read the burial service and did not understand, and already have to go. All of this bucket, and therefore sometimes shake. Here's a Janis so often the case.

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