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Elena Vodonaeva: "Stepan compares me with Einstein!"

December 7 2005

This girl has friends and enemies, aficionados and terrible envious. It is called a bitch, selfish narcissistic, a girl with high self-esteem. Fans of the reality show "Dom-2" may condemn this participant, and do not trust her. However, it is already half a year on the project. Delights in men. Flirting with newcomers young participants. But remains faithful to his beloved man Stepan Menshchikova. Alain Vodonaeva gave an exclusive interview , which, in defiance of many fans of "House-2" opinion about it, revealed a quite different side.

Alain, tell me you do not think the steppe to marry or choose to live as long as civil marriage?

I think so far we have to live in cohabiting relationships. And after a while if it is me making an offer to become his wife, then I will think about it. In the end, when eventually our feelings for each other does not fade, and break out with greater force, we must combine them with legal marriage.

Would you like to have children?

Of course! But I think the decision about the birth of the child should be taken not spontaneously and consciously. Plus they have to grow into a full family. So once we get married, then the kids always opened.

What gifts or surprises you like to receive from the steppes?

Stepan I have such a dreamer! Always tries to give me something special and exclusive. For example, once on the "choice of sympathy, he gave me a gift ..." morozhenovoe tree. " He personally built from pieces of wood that something resembling a tree, and every twig fastened over ice cream (creme brulee, butter, chocolate, berries). It was very tasty and unusual. I was ecstatic!

What quality do you appreciate in men the most?

For me, it is important that men to combine intelligence, courage and sense of humor. Incidentally, all these qualities is at Styopka, for what I did and fell in love. I like that he can be a very caring, creative, unusual. I am attracted to his intellect, sense of humor, bravery, courage, loyalty and sexuality.

And nothing you do not want to change it?

I was wildly annoying his passion for computer games! I would very much want him to have ceased his head to score this foolishness. And it seems that all the "shooter" for him is more important than I am. And still very much want him to become more resolute. If he was determined to get rich and famous throughout the world, we should not lose precious time - should act!

The best compliment that you did the steppe?

Stepin compliments are most commonly associated with my gorgeous figure. But most of all I like it when Stepan tells me something good about my character, intelligence and abilities. For example, he recently told me: "Alyonushka you I have such a clever and resourceful, that your intelligence would envy even Einstein!".

Is the best song for you for sex?

I think that will suit any rhythmic and catchy track. Generally in life, I love the music group "VIA Gra" and "Bachelor Party".

What do you put on to feel sexy?

in any outfit feel sexual: in jeans and a sweater and a dressing gown. The main thing - to realize that not a thing makes you sexy, and look, walk and smile.

Do you agree that in love as in war, all means are good?

I think so. But personally I do not have to fight for the man. Typically, young people were fighting among themselves to gain my sympathy. And for this they used different means: the cunning and deceit, and lies. But I'm sure that true love can be awakened only with sincerity, not any dirty tricks.

Tell me, how much you need time to get ready for a date?

In fact, it all depends on who I'm going on a date. If this man is of little interest to me, even on a date I will not be particularly "nafufyrivatsya. Say, 15 minutes and at the charges will be quite enough! And if a man like me crazy and I want it as a surprise, I'll meet on a date and hour, or even two. One must be to pick up a cool outfit to make a beautiful makeup and hair, so when he saw me, he said: "Darling, you're so fine!".

Tell us about your first love, if it was?

My first love happened in kindergarten! I was unconscious in love with a very good boy, and he - in me. And so he appointed me the first date ... in the toilet. We agreed to meet there during the quiet hours. I'm terribly nervous, but still came. But in less than a minute later, I quickly slipped away from there. Very shy. And then the father of this boy, even my parents asked me to talk to his little son, because he feels strongly.

Did you have as many fans to the project?

Of course! How many can remember, for me has always ran a crowd of enthusiastic fans. Gave me any gifts, said some unbelievable compliments and promised to get a star from heaven, in general, tried everything possible to get away from me reciprocity.

The most memorable phrase, which you and I were trying to meet?

One day I walked in the street a young man about 20 years and said: "Girl, call an ambulance! I am blinded by your divine beauty! ".

Who is on the project, but Stepa, you're pleasing the most?

If the men, the Dima "Moscow" Donskov. I am very pleased with him to communicate. He has a great sense of humor, so it is never boring. He is very romantic and caring. Between us is only friendship. But I'm sure he can make happy any girl.

Whom do you consider your true friend to the show?

I am very pleased to communicate to the project with Masha Politova. She is very nice and good kid. But these friends we have not yet become. And most likely, will always be just good friends. Because a real friend I have one - this is my favorite mom!

What could you wish brand new members?

First of all, a newcomer to be yourself. Because any affectedness audience sooner or later feel. Then, we should not aspire to all cameras at once, because hyperactivity often scares away than attracts. But mope and sleep all day and crossword puzzles are not worth it. And you should not lie ever!

Who do you go for advice if you have a conflict with the steppe?

Of course, I immediately ran home to call my mother and her advise. She always helps me and gives some very important recommendations, helps "razrulit" our relations with Stepan. But more often than any conflict with Stepka I am able to solve itself. I'm not a pumpkin for a head! (Laughs).

How do you think is possible if the friendship between a man and a woman?

In principle, it is possible. A very long time between me and May Abrikosov were real friendships. Now they have gone wrong, but I still think that a man and woman can talk just as friends.

Do you often swear by steppe, and who first goes to reconciliation?

It all depends on how you feel the situation. If I am guilty, I always first go up and ask for forgiveness for their bad behavior. But if he is rude, then I'll wait for the first steps on his part.

Remember the best time, living at the project?

The best time I think all of a half years spent on the project. Because every day in the House-2 "- is a little life with its joys and sorrows. But the most memorable day for me was the day when I first came to the "Dom-2" and expressed its sympathies to Stepan Menshchikova.

Were you ever ashamed of their appearance?

No, because I always pay special attention to their appearance. Hotyaya any clothes feel confident. A man who was ashamed of his appearance, first of all be ashamed of himself. And I'm not ashamed of myself ever!

Do you have a favorite thing?

I love shoes with high heels, because it makes me even more feminine and sexy. Now my collection of several dozen pairs of shoes of different styles and colors. And I'm not going to stop there. So regularly replenish their stocks of new footwear innovations.

You're your own choosing clothes or Stepa help?

I am myself a stylist. When choosing clothes, I always guided, first and foremost, their own taste. But I am happy when shopping with me and goes Stepka like a man tells me underline how profitable my dignity.

What are you doing to ensure that all the time to be in shape?

It's simple: I love to dance to the fiery rhythms of Latin American artists such as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin. Indeed, during the dance train almost all muscle groups, improves mood and burns extra calories. And still I try every morning to start with oat clover with fruktikami.

Getting any sleep if you're on a project?

Unfortunately, sleep on the project is not always possible due to all sorts of interesting photo shoots, interviews and other activities, which mainly take place either late evening or early morning.

But at heart who are you: an owl or a lark?

I am by nature a night owl, so that usually fall asleep in the morning. So when I'm just going to dive into the world of dreams, I have time to deal with cases.
Is there a difference between what you dream about on a project at home? What?
I think there is a difference. Because the project often dream of participating and leading the project, and at home - relatives and friends. Especially, the house sleep a hundred times more real than on the project.

Flax, which you are most annoying to talk about you?

Wildly annoying when strangers try to climb into my soul and give me unwanted advice.

Your biggest flaw?

I can not get rid of a terrible habit - smoking. So many times already tried to quit, and even a couple of days along without cigarettes. But then still give up and re-lit. I understand that each cigarette takes away my health, but I can not help myself. Just sometimes it seems that if I do not smoke, you will not be able to make some important decision. Well, try to eliminate this bad habit.

Most, in your opinion, crazy act that you committed?

When I was little, I lived two houses hamster - a boy and a girl. Once they have begun the mating season, and I always tried to look for them in a cage and see what they do there. So the parents decided to give away a cage with hamsters to me in kindergarten. So I had an idea to play our kindergarten cook. I took it and hid the hamster in one of the pans. But by the time the cook opened the lid of the pan, hamsters had sdohnut.A a poor cook by surprise hysterics began. Naturally, the teachers immediately summoned to the garden of my parents. But mom and dad then I do not strongly criticized.

Do you have any hidden talents? What?

I have a lot of them. For example, I well versed in art, world literature and psychology. And I know how to prepare delicious desserts and milkshakes.

Is there a difference between Alena Alena to the project and now?

Of course there is! Now I have become much more confident than it was before the draft. My character has become stronger, and position in life - is harder. Still, I had a lot of plans for the future and ways to implement them. And I learned to value freedom and cherish the relationship.

Who do you most often represents: a businesswoman, model, actress or a loving wife?

In fact, I want to be right and businesswoman, and model and actress, and a loving wife. And I faithfully believe it, I sure will. I uzheest some business ideas that I'm going to implement immediately after the end of the project.

Share them with our readers?

Immediately after the "House-2", I first send out your resume, and the concept of my program "Bath", where I hope to become a leading, nation-wide on television. And I'm going to simultaneously pursue a career actress. I think after the show, in which we will participate with Stepan, I always offer to star in other pictures.

And in a movie you starred?

Yes, but it has a big secret! I can only say that it will be a comedy series, it will shoot a very famous and talented director, and the new film will be released next year. So come soon. Soon you'll learn everything yourself.

If Stepa make you choose between a career and to them that you would you prefer?

If Stepka I really love, then it will not make me choose between him and the career. Otherwise, I'll be very unhappy if I do not do her career or lose it. I would like to deal simultaneously with their careers and continue to build relations with Stepan!

What is your motto in life?

Second life motto "I see the goal - I do not see obstacles, and love the motto" I came, saw, I conquered! ".

Tell me honestly, do you see their future only with the steppe?

At this point I really want to link their fate with him only. But fate is impossible to predict in advance. So I would not rule out that the time may come when we understand that our relations have exhausted themselves and we had better part with him. But I would like to see us working together more grandchildren were brought up!

Do you think that you have built your love?

I really love her already built, because I love Styopka sincerely wish that we were always together.

Why would you not then leave the project and begin to build relationships outside the perimeter?

We have to Stepka on this topic once talked and came to the conclusion that our time on the project has not yet ended. There are plenty of unfulfilled ambitions. So in the House-2 ", we plan to live until the very end.

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