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Shiz has covered all: the family Osbournes completion - transvestite double-Kelly and daughter Kate Moss

November 7 2005

For starters, singer, host of a popular reality TV show and daughter of the famous Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne from the fans simply do not rebound, and this is despite the fact that it is thick, tasteless dressed, the patient's head and does not get out of the hospital where treated for drug addiction. In fact, my daughter walked in the footsteps of his father otvyaznyh, and if it failed fully to him, he is likely to fifty years it is the smallness of the slow down and be more home-girl.

Now Kelly's TV career in full swing and she is making progress. And everything is good, except that, like all famous people, the younger Osborne faced the back of his popularity - the harassment from fans. Recently, Osborne pursues a fan-transvestite. It copies the appearance, dress like her, beautiful as it is, and even mimics her voice.

First, Kelly is often seen a copy of the studio, close to home or in clubs, did not pay attention to it, considering such a fan of harmless simulant. But recently this has become an obsessive pursuit to bother her. It happened after a transvestite hidden in her dressing room and then attacked her and tried to strangle her by her stocking. A few days later he caught up with Kelly in the women's restroom of the club, the girl was saved, which proved to be near her friends. A few days ago, a transvestite into her room, carefully guarded mansion Osbournes. As it turned out, did the maniac is quite simple - passed through the main entrance in the middle of the night.

Sharon Osbourne has opened the door, thinking that her daughter had returned. But when he heard screams from the top, and Sharon climbed into his daughter's room, she saw at once the two dissimilar daughters, one of whom immediately jumped from the window. Now Kelly Osbourne always appears under the supervision of two thugs, bodyguards, who is rumored to have even the toilet with her walk. And it is no accident - one of the attacks happened in the toilet! Kelly is afraid to be alone, but to walk around with bodyguards is not very convenient. Police looking for geek-a transvestite, but he is still at large.

In Sharon Osbourne is now complete care - not only that she had to reassure frightened daughter, Kelly, so more and preachy talk "little daughter" Kate must read, laments a caring mother. "Kate's daughter" - a British supermodel Kate Moss, recently released from the hospital where she was treated for drug addiction. Of course, Moss is not the daughter of Sharon, but she argues that when "sees poor reed Kate, tears welling in her mother's love." Just Sharon said that Kelly and Kate are very similar in nature. Recent cocaine scandal ruined his career Moss, mother of the family Osbourne perceived very close to my heart and now believes that simply has to "save the baby Kate from depression and a bad guy Pete Doherty."

"She was always falling in love with the bad guys - and this is all her trouble. She's so naive, vulnerable and loyal in love, and these goats just that and enjoy. Pete - young addict and his entourage solid rogues, but Kate liked him, they even lived together. So it's all his bad influence, - says Sharon. - The more he and the gun shot to her will not do, and our beauty, we find a man worthy and respectable. "

eyt Moss, discharged from the hospital, immediately moved to a house Osbournes, where it is taken as his own daughter, and strongly support. So that now in the house of the great Ozzie two unlucky daughter.

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