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Group "Pilot": "My creation - it was me!"

September 7 2005

St. Petersburg produced a lot of bands that have become legendary Russian rock music ("Aquarium", "Cinema", "Alice"). To this day the capital on the Neva River never ceases to amaze and delight us rock bands. One of them - a group of "Pilot". On the quality of the music team is long time to collect stadiums throughout Russia. Recently, the group leader Ilya "Devil" gave an exclusive interview with reporters StarStory.

Ilya, say, the band's name was invented just because of the sonority of words, or it has some secret meaning?
This will remain true only among group members. And to invent false stories, frankly, bored. So this is - a personal secret (laughs).

And how did the group itself?
An abrupt change in the name of the team in just 5 minutes before going on stage. It happened on Jan. 11, 1997 at "Landfill" on Ligovsky Prospect.

Are there any artists on which you would like to be in your music?
There are many groups and people who, one way or another, affect us. But none of them can not determine a unique vector directions of our work.
Rather, we take from them those things which they have already invented, but we have not yet been used, and we would like.

And with someone of his colleagues on the shop floor "Pilot" supports the connection?
We communicate with colleagues, rather, during working moments: at concerts, with the same interests in music. And because we're too little time in free mode to communicate with the musicians still on vacation (laughs).

Personally, I like a lot of groups. Some more, some less ...
Can be called "Heaven Here", "Basil K.", "December", "Tekiladzhazzz", "People Lopez and many others. It is clear that we are not talking about monsters deserving of our fate, where the criteria of "like - not like it" is somehow not at all acceptable to them, unless you are arrogant young man who has no idea about the difficulties of life and respect for Senior.

What do you think of Russian rock music have a future? What is it?
I'm not a fortune teller, I do not know. I do my job, I try to do it well. And the future of rock music in general, let the aching head of Russian citizens, a country which is rolling in the basement of immorality and bad taste. Every nation deserves its artist. Each artist - his listeners.

I have often heard the "Pilot" was called grunge, and punk band. And to what style you yourself with?
To no. I personally think that just singing songs. I do not even think of myself as a musician, by and large. Well, what I'm a musician with three fingers on the piano and ten chords on the guitar? I just sing that itself is torn from the inside out.
What are you trying to say in his songs?

Each song - a world apart, a separate picture, a separate book.
How can a writer to answer the question "What are your books?". Every creator has to say about his creation, only one thing: "My creation - it was me!".

What feelings do you catch up before going on stage?

"Finally!" (Smiles). This is an unusual sensation, equivalent to what you feel before jumping into the water when zamayalsya in the heat.

And that helps you tune in the desired wave before the show?
Belief in the fidelity of what I do.

I understand why I do it, for what, for whom and why. And this brings me strength and joy.Before going on stage, I remind myself these things. I'm simply saying to God: "Man, now we'll have some fun soul!" (Smiles).

Can boast of its clarity of concerts?

We are people, and nothing human is alien to us either. Therefore, there are also mistakes and flaws. And in this - a life in this - HUMANITY this music. It all depends on the whole - the mood, the weather, precipitation in the morning, eating, audience hall, apparatus, etc. This, authenticity, live performance differs from the "silo cud" plywood music that consumes respective contingent.

And when you became interested in music?
I was not even 2 years old when I mumbled something under the plate and tried to get into a player with a scream a la "Hey, DJ, put my CD!".

In your songs are often referred to some animals, very often the birds and cats, and the latest album is called "Fish, mole and pig." Why is that?
Many of our songs are created on the example of a parable. And of course, that animals are taken for example, those closest to us in everyday life. This imagery.

And you live at home pet?
Yes. The wife - Fox Terrier, and her mother - a Siamese cat.

Tell us about your family ...
I am married. Although I think that such things do not relate directly to our music and the band "Pilot". And the other band members have their own personal lives, and spread on it can only exclusively on their own, for that there is an incentive or reason.

I have some bad habits?
This is something like "And not a saint you, Ilya?" (Smiles).
The answer is simple: God alone is holy, as is well known. I can not throw a stone at a sinner for himself in mud up to their ears.

What are you most afraid of in life?

Stupid people, who are also, and proud of their stupidity. Simply - rednecks. I hope that endure all that they can bring me. I personally am not afraid for myself, but here for relatives and friends, sometimes it's scary.

What are your hobbies?
I love swimming. Rarely, for financial reasons and lack of free time - paragliding. In winter, sometimes skating. Summer - on roller skates and a bicycle. But there is a dream to resume classes in Alpine skiing.

Favorite time of year must be summer?
Yes. I love the sun and the sea. And winter's still not very much. Due to poor health - one, and from the fact that I do not like to carry on his pile of clothes - two.

What are you reading now?
Now began to "bridge" Ian Banks. Preparing for his "Wasp Factory".
I read a lot. Recently re-read Max Frye. Previously - "The Chronicles of Amber Zelazny. And every two years, I reread "The Master and Margarita" ....

If it is the end of the world that you think will save the world?
Love. That love, which means that awareness of the unity just one. Naturally, the world can save only the one who created it so - you are.

You have such an informal yellow-black group. Why is this and how do you comment on the team logo?
We just often used black and yellow posters that are visible from afar. Then it became a matter of a certain chip.
The emblem of the group - the same mystery as the name. False stories told by the hundreds. Are you sure you want to hear one of them? Personally, I'm tired of lying. And I will not tell the truth.Something a person should remain their private, at least until then, until he decides it's time these things be manifest in the light.

The Group would like to sing with someone duet? If yes, who?
I have already offered to sing a duet Dolphin and the group "The Sky here." Was refused
from both for different reasons. Therefore decided that I would sing with those with whom formed itself without interference, and straining. Here are sung with Miha from "December" a couple of songs. Perfectly turned out.

What are your future plans?

Live until evening, and even then, these plans depend not only on me (smiles).

And what you want to wish our readers?
Understand that all around - it's you yourself. Therefore, there is no one to whine and complain no one, no one else to blame. Everything you see around you - you have created yourself.
You are what you eat.
You are surrounded by what are worthy.
World - just your mirror.
Want to change the world around them - to change ourselves.
And start with, to be kind and patient.
Have the honor of their debts before the world and the courage to give them up.

Material provided by the portal StarStory

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