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Anton Komolov: I always remain myself

November 6 2005

Meet with one of the most popular young television and radio presenters Anton Komolov - not an easy job. His day is painted minute by minute. Interview with Anton, we agreed last summer, and every day for various reasons have been forced to postpone our conversation. And then, finally, our meeting with Anton place. I arrived in Ostankino on radio "Europa Plus", where an hour before the broadcast in a relaxed atmosphere Anton gave an exclusive interview for StarStory .

Anton, what we meet with you, like a miracle: you have a very busy schedule. How to start your day?

Naturally, my morning starts with viewing the email. I read the letter and bear all sorts of meetings and interviews, just to make it appear busy and keep working man (laughs).

Usually, people working in radio and television, difficult to compare these two types of media. Difficult for them to understand that it's easier that difficult ... You stick to the same point of view?

Yes, I agree that to conduct such comparisons very difficult. Work and television broadcaster equally difficult.

Still interested in your subjective opinion ...

On the radio, on the one hand, it's easier because they do not need all the time to keep the person on the other hand - harder, because all that you can play in a program on TV one facial expression, for example, raising an eyebrow, on the radio will not work. Your response will not be understood by the audience, because there can only auditory contact: only the tempo, timbre, intonation, you'll be able to convey to the listeners what you want.

Probably, when operating on the radio, where no one sees you, there's always a temptation to come to work in the form of undress? Or during the broadcast scratch your nose?

Well, actually, I rarely go in a ceremonial form, since most of them prefer the sporty or casual. And pick your nose, unfortunately (laughs), also will not work because of such actions, my voice will vary greatly and the audience will guess what I'm doing at the moment.

Open secret: while you're in the air, on the screen is the same as in real life? Or there are two Anton Komolova - one media person, the other - the common man?

I've always remains itself, otherwise it would be difficult to build and pose as someone clear the air, but in real life bare their true faces. I remember a few weeks after starting work in television, the greatest compliment to me was the remark of my friends who know me in different situations. They told me that I'm screen is the same as in life - a living, naturally. Probably the most important thing for a leading ... That's why I myself in people I appreciate sincerity and professionalism.

Proper demeanor - is a leading aerobatics, its brand. Identifiable people can be counted on the fingers, and you're one of them. How do you manage it?

Perhaps the concept of a brand in relation to man is not quite applicable, but since we operate with such notions, saying that, starting to work on themselves and their own style of performance, I never thought that someday the name of Anton Komolova become a brand (smiles) .

I just worked. And now confident that all of my awareness comes from the sincerity and naturalness.I'm not an actor, can not play, so worried about any situation alive, playing only the role itself. If the lead actor performs the transfer, it is often seen him play because he reconstructed from one line to another can be very difficult. And when I see such a game is not on the stage and on screen, I doubt the sincerity of the speaker.

Anton, and you're an owl or a lark?

The owl, of course, with pronounced.

Do you have any authority on television, which, in your opinion, have something to learn?

If you take the older generation, I like that and how does Vladimir Pozner - he has a fantastic response, excellent head. He long ago could rest on our laurels and be the honorary teleakademikom or honorary curator of television in our country, but has been active media-life. I can still distinguish Alexander Maslyakova. He has a tremendous sense of humor. Vladimir Solovyov - too professional in their field - can be cynical and ironic. And I really like Vanya Urgant - very clever with a grotesque sense of humor.

What is your working day?

Once upon a time is not necessary. One day, I only have the evenings can be a radio broadcast, and immediately after the program I'm going home. In the other - shooting or participate in an event that I spend as moderator. And sometimes even the whole day free. Creative profession is very unpredictable.

And you are in a live situation when you lose your mind and is forced to improvise, sometimes not even a topic?

Of course, it happens all the time. In the air there is no time to think, and very often simply take off the head of the word, and get lost in any case impossible. Just recently had a case: I could not remember a word and a long walk around the bush: the most Alchemist's Stone in alchemy, not magic, of course, but the miracle ... And then listener sends an SMS with the hint that this stone - Philosophy. I knew this, of course, but at that moment he could not remember. Such blunders on the air frequently, and there is nothing wrong with that. Listeners graciously forgive us for such errors (smiles).

You are often compared with Dmitry Kharatyan. How do you react to such a comparison? I know the public people do not like to be like each other ...

Now I compare a lot less. And started to look for similarities long before I became a public person. I used to have, for example, had a different hairstyle, hair-like Dimitri. I remember a teacher of English at the University of Haratyan loved and admired by my resemblance to him. As a result I got from her bonuses to tuition, for which special thanks to the actor. Maybe later, if I became an actor and I would have called the second Kharatyan, I would be offended by a certain similarity with the Dimitri.

But since we are doing quite different things, such a comparison, to be honest, do not bring me any happiness or frustration. I remember I had just finished university, and one magazine survey conducted similar to each other people. That's when we, and introduced to Dimitri. And when I worked on the program "Short Circuit", even Julie Rutberg, a good friend Haratyan, said: "Anton, how are you with Dima still similar.

Do you have a look at show business?

He is no respecter of persons (smiles). Perhaps, I will say that in our entertainment business do not have a romantic flair and the aura, which he attributed to people who dream to get there.And while all is not as ugly, dirty and vulgar, as journalists write in the tabloids.

And you yourself to invent the style?

I'm working on my style on the radio, and then what Anton Komolov in the air - and there's my style. True, it varies depending on the program. Say, the transmission on television involves some external component. In this case, we, along with stylist go to the store, and choose clothes to a specific program.

And the earring in his ear, too, is part of your style?

This shackle me 5 years ago he gave my love, since I did not shoot. I think it's sort of a mascot ...

Since you touched on personal life, let's talk, what girls do you like?

First of all, she must be beautiful, with gorgeous figure. Of course, in the eyes you want to be able to read her intellect. But if the girl saw the man behind it started to walk, he has little to say about it (smiles). It is also very important to me that the girl was feminine, with a great sense of humor, and not a bitch ...

Do not you think to get married and start a family?

I am a civil marriage for many years and, like many men for me to stamp in the passport is not so important, unlike girls. In my opinion, is the traditional male and female point of view.

If you have a day off there, how do you prefer to spend it?

With pleasure! With friends! With the favorite! Sometimes the computer or reading books. In general, the best holiday for me - to sit at home, surrounded by various magazines and surrendering interesting reading.

And how do you like to relax?

In the warm sea. Arctic Ocean was not very attractive (laughs). Although I was not there, so I will not slander. I have a very tight schedule, so if you select a minute, I prefer a warm place: beach, sea, sand.

I know you went to Italy in the summer ... Tell us about the brightest impression from the rest?

On this holiday, I traveled the whole of Northern Italy by car. It was great. I love cars and would recommend if there are international law and the extra 50 dollars a day to rest this way - an unforgettable impression.

You're a big fan of cars?

I am not the racer and not extremal and believe that to drive on Moscow roads is stupid. I always smile cause people who are in town at the traffic lights and begin to compete with each other - this is ridiculous. Any car owner it is clear that to win the one who is more powerful machine. Today saw a Daewoo Matiz with a spoiler and had a good laugh. As far as I know, an upper wing gives the car stability, if the speed of 120-140 km / h to enter the rotation. I doubt that this machine at this speed, anyone dares to turn. As for me, I am quite calm motorist. I do not need anyone to prove anything, I'm faster or steeper.

What kind of car you like?

I am very pragmatic driver. I like many machines, for which I am not ready yet to give a lot of money. I like the Jeep Infinity, Land Cruiser Prado, for example. Sports cars are mostly impractical, they can not ride in the winter. I love the combination of price and quality, and prefer Japanese cars.

img alt = "Anton, together with Olga Whisperwind - shooting at the MTV" hspace = "10" src = "/ img/7020.jpeg" align = "left" border = "1" /> Remember your first salary ...

I was still in high school. My friend asked me to unload the wagon with the dolls. I remember two consecutive days, instead of lessons, we went to Moscow and unloaded the truck from the warehouse in Kamaz. And dolls were huge - 90 inches tall. Fortunately, they were light, and easily could be moved. True, they are all the time and plyumkali plyamkali. With the money I bought sneakers.

Then I was a big fan of basketball and went into the new sneakers on a basketball court, as a real nigga. You probably watched classic movies, where they call themselves niggers, and no blacks. According to the plot, they often go out on the playground and feel like royalty. So I felt exactly the same black king in his sneakers and was happy. However, in the same evening I was very broke her new athletic shoes, he immediately ran to the store and exchanged for a new pair. Since then, the shoes were my shoes off. By the way, a couple of years later when I received my first pay, bought the club jacket with yellow sleeves. I was still friends jokingly referred to railway workers.

Favorite anecdote from Anton Komolova?

They're vulgar and obscene, the black and cynical. I guess I would not venture to tell them (laughs).

We thank the press service of "Europe plus" and Igor Korobeynikova for any photographs

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