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Dismissed as "Prime Minister" (more scandalous press conference)

December 4 2005

We already reported about the scandal press conference on the relationship of producer Eugene Fridlyand and his, now former, wards of the group "Prime Minister". I recall that it was organized production center «FBI Music» for what would be its owner (Eugene Fridlyand and Kim Breitburg) presented to the press his views on the situation. Also planned to introduce a new composition of the group. But no one knows trails in a cozy room where journalists gathered, entered ... young people from the "old" structure "of the Prime Minister." Their emergence has made a paralyzing effect on the audience.

The Premier explained its position and the reason that prompted them to appear at the event: "P Ishut that we were greedy, that we are some kind of unrealistic to earn money. But in 8 years (the group's existence), none of us do not have apartments, cars, on which we drive, bought on credit. It's not about money - deal in human relations. We were not treated like human beings. Over 8 years of no claims to Evgeniy Fridlyand about our joint business we never had and have no intention. The whole conflict has occurred solely due to human relations. "

The narrative was interrupted by the disgraced soloists advent leaders «FBI Music», singer Valeriy Meladze (he previously was a "client" Eugene Fridlyand) ....

Begins to Eugene - he tells the story of the relationship with the participants of the collective, the history of the group. Says emotionally, periodically referring to the documents.

But comes the time to the very "sweet" to submit a new composition of the group "Prime Minister". Yes, it was announced, but how to do it, if there are retired Hall "premieres" ....

Friedland starts from afar: "This year we, together with the TV channel" Russia "makes the project titled "The secret of success." There was a nomination for the "Groups". Valera (Meladze), volunteered to be a mentor in this category of participants, among whom was a group of March 8. We gave the boys different tasks to try them in different styles, and they have expressed themselves very well. We are the owners of "prime minister". And since the people who participated in this project and signed a contract with us, refuse to fulfill their obligations, we decided that we need to recruit new members. Are currently preparing all the documents that the group was known as the March 8, will now be called "the Prime Minister." (These words aroused heated emotions of the four "former").

When passions subsided a bit, and journalists allowed to ask questions. The first of these was an unusually cunning and explosive: "Will there be a group of March 8 to perform songs written by former members of the Premier - Minister?"

Friedland (F): "All right to the entire repertoire, regardless of who wrote owned campaign."

And then began a real dump - the journalists at this moment to remind the spectators of tennis matches during a protracted draw the ball. Phrases with blazing speed of flying from one to the other end of the table.

"The Prime Minister (PM):" You call the new group "Prime Minister", and our concerts are selling ... "

F: "This is not your gig, and my. Please check with an accountant. "

PM: "Absolutely. What was written in the press sheet that brass musicians and dancers have saved our solo - it's not true "

F: "Group" Prime Minister "- a pressurized brand. When he left Dima Lanskoy, I received letters from fans who said that he was a person of the group, etc. But nothing came Marat and Dima forgotten.Importantly - the musical material, interesting people and live singing. Group - my, I do not have to prove anything. "

Degree and volume of conversation rose, while the hall has not entered a man who introduced himself as the head of the press center. He asked the participants to "cool down" as the building where the press conference, was built in the 18 th century, and it may simply not survive.

Defuse the situation took a calm and sensible Valeri Meladze:
"I once was on the other side of the table in the same conditions. Our conversation then was no less tough, but we still came to the normal solution. Now we do not decide who is right and who is wrong. In any case, who something from something must give. I think that the issue ultimately will be resolved in the normal way, because there is simply no other. "

Meladze words have had a calming effect. Wranglers decided to draw the attention of journalists.

Question: "Until the court more than two weeks. I understand that until this time the conflict is not resolved in any way ..."

F: "We have a prescribed scheme of termination. From her, we took into account that the guys were to us as children. We have made concessions and reduced the amount of payments under the contract twice. Moreover, proposed for just 15% take in our rental copyright on the name and repertory. But understand, we did not find, so our offer is in force. "

PM: "This is not true. Eugene, are you kidding!"

Here the role of peacemaker trying to intervene unflappable Kim Breitburg:
"Producers can not protect anything except the contracts. It turns out that if any man in show business, having a producer, may at any time to leave ... It all could have been resolved peacefully. I do not leave the hope that during these two weeks situation normalizes .... "

PM: Do you offer a new composition, "the Prime Minister, what is there to say?"

Here, cool Breitburg dealt a blow, breaking from the active to this point, Vyacheslav Bodoliki the rug out from under their feet. He expounded his views clearly and without mercy: "The fact that the Glory - a creative guy, a talented author, etc. It is quite ambitious, like all musicians. He wanted to be a producer of "A-Sortie», wanted to write songs for other participants in the project "People's Artist" - that he was not denied. He started doing this very successfully. But the trouble was that, in parallel with Bodolikoy songs for group A-Sortie »began writing Taras Demchuk - unknown author .... Between them there was competition.

Suddenly, another situation arises that Taras comes into the group .... Naturally, renowned for its beautiful musically educated guy was competition. In that moment, and was born this squabble. Six months Demchuk quite worked fine on stage. But the team did not want to accept it .... Yes, the guys could be some of Taras claims for artistry as he was a freshman. Formally - the reason for refusal to work was Demchuk.

Next came a purely ethical question - whether they want to own the new "premiere" of to be or still want to stay "on March 8 ..."

F: "No meaning it has not. There is a brand that meets a certain quality of music, performance and everything else. As for the visual image, it takes six months, and it will be quite different. Even in some of the groups changed, and nothing terrible going on. "

Question: "Tell me, who now has the right to speak on behalf of the Prime Minister?"

F:quot; You understand correctly. All copyrights, proprietary rights to the name of the musical group "Prime Minister" belong to me - it is officially acknowledged. "

Then began the focus skill which would envy itself Koperfild - "premieres" show, the paper which stated that they hyped the owners of the name "Prime Minister".

F: "So you are now challenged, that is the name I came up with?" You tell the Russian language. They always lie. "

PM: "No, what did you come up with - we do not dispute. But it is not registered."

F: "Once again I ask, who owns the name?"

PM: "We own the name ...."

F: "Liars, sit and lie!"

After a brief skirmish producers left the room, now confused talking "premiere":

"To say that we have no relationship to the group that we have not put any talent, no heart to concerts .... It's a lie!" Just a moment we realized that the road just is not there. We're not just talking about it to his wife. We did not like the clips that were shot very poorly, and arrangement. We would like to see everything differently, we talked about it. in response to this we were sent so far. Over the past 1.5-2 years, we all stuck. "

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Photography, provided by "FBI Music".

Maria Pavlikova

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