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Viktor Sukhorukov: "A lot of money - it's interesting. Cease to value them"

April 4 2005

When we are with Victor on the phone agreed to the interview, I asked to meet at his house. "We are with you just a couple of minutes to chat - and you're already thinking, I just Pushcha you to her?" - Heard in response. Puzzled, for some reason arranged to meet ... at the zoo. He laughed and - agreed.

Dossier on the actor:

Viktor Sukhorukov was born on November 10, 1951.
Played in the Leningrad Academic Comedy Theatre. Akimov, in the theater of the Lenin Young Communist League (now the "Baltic House"), the State Theatre of Drama and Comedy on Foundry. He acted in films: "Whiskers", "Comedy strict regime", "Operation" Happy New Year " "All my Lenin", "Brother," "Brat-2", "Freaks and Men," "Streets of Broken Lights," "Gangster Petersburg", "Antikiller," "The Tale of Fedot Archer", "Theory binge" "Poor, Poor Pavel", "ShiZa", "Dead Man's Bluff", "wish", "Goddess" and many others. For his role in the film "Poor, Poor Pavel" awarded "Nick".

... The cold had driven a long time local residents in indoor aviaries, in which we have wandered from the famous artist, talking about his life, work and views of the surrounding world. And all would be nothing if not smell - indestructible witness the animals in a confined space! The first question was born, perhaps out of this ...

- Do you use perfume, cosmetics?

- Yes, I love perfume. Everyone somehow exploiting smells: one to attract attention, someone to calm, for his own pleasure. I - to expand their world. As for cosmetics - a deep childhood I, like probably all children, regardless of gender, dyed his hair "Londotonom, tried to shadow, lipstick ... In this present and curiosity, and desire to experiment, and laugh at themselves ...

- What you smell more roads?

- The concentration of semolina, bleach and infant urine. Strange, huh? But it is the smell of the kindergarten, which my mother drove me many years ago. And when I suddenly feel it now, nostalgic for my being.

- Are there any other scents in the collection of your memory?

- I remember the aroma of raspberries, which my father brought me a newspaper bags to the hospital when I had scarlet fever. The smell of tobacco Soviet - was the first time my mother took me to the guests, and the peasants there drunk and blows. Their women, of course, to separate. Cockerel sat on the windowsill in the stairwell and a smoke, "White Sea". I remember my first deodorant - Polish "Konsulon. I gave him when I was studying at the institute - then it was a terrible deficit.

- You often give perfume?

- Yes, but he never give to - shy. I think, therefore I hint: "Watch for yourself, from you stinks."

-And what flavor should come from women?

- Everyone - his own. But one thing I know for sure - it must come from the freshness.

- What do you consider important in a woman?

- If we're talking about the beginning of dating, then what do I react in the first place - it takes it me or not. Second - how much it is tolerable to me. I am a complicated man in me a lot of things are mixed, there is too much suspicion, and sentimentality. And third, the required quality - goodwill.

- How do you think - the emancipation of women has spoiled?

I am not against emancipation. Let their careers, wear pants, their heads shaved. But at the same time let not lose the mystery, mystique, and at least the illusion of inaccessibility - then there will be a struggle for the body, for the invasion of the female essence. And if a man does not see any obstacle that must be overcome - if, excuse me, everything about him falling.

- Are you hurt a woman?

-There was an incident in his youth, when one has caused me injury. Then I thought of myself better, had confidence in his men's remarkable abilities. Met with a woman, and she told me: "Yes, what are you man?". First, experienced, and then decided for herself that she - just stupid!

- How to go through unhappy love?

- It is essential that everyone understood: it is on this earth is not alone, and his situation could be repeated hundreds of thousands of times at different times with different people. So, they all hang, drown? No, I live! And remember that this was the state of pressure in his head, suffering - minutely, it will be held next week, but this week is to be lived!

- You have many years of Petrograd were an actor, and now moved to Moscow. Why?

- Explain. The roots of my Moscow - I was born in the suburban Orekhovo-Zuevo, studied in Moscow, in GITIS. Then the director Pyotr Fomenko called me to Peter. I went and played in his play a major role - 70-year-old man. Not thinking, of course, that stuck in St. Petersburg for so long ... So that in Moscow I moved and returned.

- Do you feel its there?

- I have a feeling that I was nowhere and never left. If those 25 years and was not - as claimed by productively live here.

- It is easy to agree on proposals directors?

- Willingly undertake all for what I'm afraid. When an internal jim-jams - I do not play! - I say to myself: try, take a chance! This is a very strong incentive to work.

- What role think is the best?

- Viktor Ivanovich in the movie "Freaks and Men." She made me suffer. Suffer together with it, during it and after it. It is in this role, I went to the booze, I was taken to a psychiatric hospital narcological department. Afternoon lying on a drip, and the evening came to the shooting - and so for ten days. Now look at this Viktor Ivanovich and wonder: how I got this view, pause? This role is burning me, and I confess his love for her ...

- Do you believe in God?

- Yes, that's just all the time I doubt whether it is possible to combine belief in God with belief in mysticism? I'm reading and horoscope, and listen to fortune-tellers, and black cats go round ... But here recently going on Varvarka - and suddenly I see the door. Look - it is a door to the church of the XVII century. I went in, and well, let's put the candle - and for health and for the repose! Came a calm, tranquil ...

- On the question of mysticism: if you suddenly become a door, wherever it led?

- By understanding the surrounding world. Once upon a time, when I was very hard, often thought: "There are so many people, and at the same time - I was completely alone. Why me nobody sees? Angry and asked who knows, in the air:" I personally I am, what should be done to this world see me? Not to mention that took ... "I really did not have enough understanding and love.

- If you've been given lots and lots of money that would be done with them?

- A lot of money - it's interesting. I think I just stopped to appreciate them. Would come out and started handing out right and left.

- At this stage, set yourself some specific purpose?

- No ... Now do not spend much time on writing objectives, and to calculate its range of cases, roles, and people. I think: with whom to continue the path, and from whom to refuse.

- Who is closest to you people?

- The youngest sister, Galina, and my girlfriend Irina Stanislavovna librarian from St. Petersburg. If they only proshepchut - immediately rush off to them. And everyone else can do without me.

- What are you doing now?

- It is interesting to live: a new generation of filmmakers debutante called me after him. Recently got the black comedy "Night seller," directed by Valeria Rozhnova. Finished work in the movie "Satisfaction" by Mikhail Shevchuk. Starred in a film about submariners, for the first time in my life in old age wearing vest, got on the submarine and prodyshal their lungs with cold air from the sea. Finish shooting "Ataman" Viktor Mishchenko. Proceed with the filming of Stanislav Govorukhin in the movie "Not by bread alone ..." That's how I live.

- And what do you do besides work?

- I love the land and dream, when my creative career, become a great breeder - a follower Michurin. I will invent new varieties of carrots, beets, mix apples with shoe polish ... On the ground, I get another, do not look like yourself, man.

- What is your life philosophy?

- The fact that I - just one of many, and this should be tolerated.


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