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Top-10 from the life of stars: the most stupid situation, and statements in 2005

January 4 2006

Ceremony, the winners are determined by an international Internet voting and voting member of the International Academy of stupidity.

The most blunt statement of the year
1. "Can you take me the truth?" - Britney Spears
2. "Fuck you on x .." - U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney asked his opponent to do self-satisfaction.
3. "They never stop thinking about how to harm America. We also can not stop thinking about it "- George W. Bush.
4. "Cool!" - Paris Hilton.

The most stupid situation, the
1. Singer Ashlee Simpson has devoured the soundtrack during "live" performances.
2. Basketball brawl involving Ron Artest.
3. Prince Harry arrived at the masquerade dressed as a soldier SS.
5. Russell Crowe threw someone in the head phone.

10. Jessica Simpson apologized for his chest
A well-known American pop singer and actress Jessica Simpson has admitted that he never thought his big chest - the greatest dignity. On the contrary, according to her, always tormented her guilt over such an enormous size.

Simpson, debuted some time in the reality show MTV and is known primarily for the film "The Dukes of Hazzard," admits that had some "curvy shapes" in a fairly early age and it took awhile to get used to them, writes British The Sun .

"In my adolescence was a very big chest ... I was all getting out, and I felt guilty over my body, but now people are buying a chest like mine," - said the star.

09. Sarah Jessica Parker is fond of "cheap"
Glossy magazines are often called Mrs. Parker the most stylish persona: she is a connoisseur of fashion and exquisite flavors. Although the Sarah Jessica believes that her taste in perfume somewhat overrated, and says he prefers "cheap" smell., According to FemaleFirst.

"Once I met a girl, from which wafted a delicious aroma. It was a musk - Parker says in an interview with Vogue. - I said "Oh my God! How nice you smell! ", And she told me" Nothing special. This aroma of cheap store Rite Aid ». I went straight there. This fragrance was my favorite scent for a lifetime. "

Sarah Jessica told me that she had "sunk" to this fragrance, which bought out the remainder of the manufacturer in 590 bottle, when she came out of the market.

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08. Bruce Willis broke into the night to strangers
Bruce Willis recently broke into the night to a strange German family. The fact that the Hollywood star suddenly went on a visit to strangers with his father and younger brother. It happened in the provincial town of Idar-Oberstein in southwest Germany.

Dumbfounded night visit to the hostess Doris Bush, Bruce explained that 50 years ago, he was born in this house and now wants to go inside and see how things have changed over the years. Willis immediately proceeded to the bedroom and started taking pictures of the interior. At breaking German famous actor explained to the hostess, in this bedroom, he spent the first two years of his life and now it pulls to visit the places of his childhood, reports FemaleFirst.

img height = "100" hspace = "10" src = "/ img/9154.jpeg" width = "100" align = "left" border = "1" /> 07. The guards tore his wife Jennifer Lopez Paul McCartney prosthesis
The unpleasant incident took place at the door of the office belonging to Jennifer Lopez's company, which sells clothing line Sweetface, a model which develops the singer herself.

Heather, the wife of Paul McCartney went back to pass Jennifer disk which recorded videos original content. In one example, shows how China's trying to fleece the living raccoons.

Spread like DVD, PETA («Organisation for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) encourages people to give up eating meat and using fur and leather.

Security guards office, he saw an intruder, blocked her way. When Heather tried to pass her rudely repelled. Shake prosthesis twisted and unbuttoned his safety strap from the attachment. Heather, meanwhile, is not going to give up on trying to meet with Lopez.

"I'll find out where she lives, and come back - the woman says. - Or get to it anywhere else, "reports

06. Michael Jackson goes to the ladies toilet
Michael Jackson got a delicate situation in the United Arab Emirates. He mistakenly went to the ladies toilet in a shop in Dubai. The singer does not speak Arabic, and therefore misunderstood the sign on the door. Artist left the women's restroom as soon as they realized their mistake.

"He was immediately recognized, and around it there and then gathered a huge crowd - said in a statement, the press attache of Jackson." - Michael had to await the arrival of police detail that he could safely leave the store. "

Local media say the 47-year-old Jackson stayed in the ladies room so before you go to the public, a little freshen-up, reports ROL.

05. Robbie Williams sees UFOs every night
Every night in my dreams Robbie Williams sees UFOs, which, according to the musician, is on its way to our planet.

"In the evening, I quickly want to go to sleep again to see the aliens - says Robbie." - Mark my words, they just fly in, the deadline - after seven years. "

Despite the wealth and fame, the pop singer wants to become a masseuse, a ghost hunter or just a person who studies the nature of paranormal phenomena, according to FashionLook.

04. Giant breasts Scarlett Johansson almost ditched actress
Scarlett Johansson nearly broke my car zasmotrevshis its buffer, placed on a giant Hollywood billboard.

Sexy babes had to abruptly hit the brakes when she saw her breasts inflated to epic proportions on the advertising poster. 20-year-old star admitted that she was shocked by what he saw, the billboard advertised a new film with her participation, but the poster was just one huge bare chest, reports FemaleFirst.

Scarlett Johansson shared: "I was returning from Los Angeles, when I saw the most enormous photo myself. By surprise, I screamed and slammed on the brakes. Very strange to see myself the size of a brontosaurus, and a hollow chest enormous, as the cave. I still can not get over it. "

03. David Beckham bluster pass Victoria clinicbr /> The former Spice Girl and mother of three children addicted to tobacco. Every day Victoria attends an exclusive tobacconist Davidoff in London.

Close friends say she can not live a day without a cigar. Recently Beckham rested on a yacht with the fashion-industry maestro Roberto Cavalli (Roberto Cavalli), in numerous photos of Victoria is buried in tobacco smoke, so that her face is not visible on either. Habit scares her husband David, a football player can not tolerate tobacco smoke and threatened to send Victoria to the treatment of tobacco dependence, according to FemaleFirst.

Former nurse young Beckham dismissed fastidious Victoria, admitted that "Madame is constantly smoking a secret from her husband immediately after the third child and threatened to fire me if I tell David about the nicotine desire.

However, Victoria does not want to obey her husband, and absence of a villa in Madrid on her request was made by the tobacco study.

02. Scarlett Johansson is not pronouncing a British mate
Popular American actress complained that "feels insecure in England, because he can not pronounce the local abuse. When she utters them with his accent or even stumbles, everyone begins to laugh.

This problem began to worry about an actress filming a new movie directed by Woody Allen in London. The actress had to spend long hours at the British pronunciation of expletives, as in role in some episodes she was supposed to say, reports FemaleFirst.

In this case is not over: in the filming has been involved a great actor Ewan McGregor (Ewan McGregor), in which she immediately fell in love. So Scarlett had to try twice to please Evan.

Johansson really wants to do a bed scene with a burning Scot, she has repeatedly talked about it with Woody Allen. But, unfortunately, the producers want to do without pictures of nudity and sex, as the film is designed for family audiences, including children under the age of 16.

01. Tom Cruise upset the American Psychiatric
American Psychiatric Association (APA) stated that the singer starring Tom Cruise irresponsibly uses the promotional tour of "War of the Worlds" to spread his ideas of Scientology, an ardent supporter of which he is.

In response, Cruise called psychiatry "pseudoscience" after the channel during the show NBC Today presenter referred to the anti-depressants and psychotropic drugs Ritalin, prescribed for children with hyperactivity. This drug inhibits the excessive activity of the brain. Currently, according to some reports, has about 4 million American children take Ritalin.

Representatives of the association expressed regret over the fact that, perhaps, irresponsible remarks Cruz in the future will be able to keep people with mental health problems from getting help they need, reports the BBC.

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