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Dibrov: "Fear - is the body of the dragon, and everything else - it just Bosko"

June 2 2005

Personal data:

Dibrov - the legend (no kidding), our television. This is he first began working with a pager on the air, he first brought it on the air phone calls (and without editorial censorship), he is first able to talk with the guests in the studio as if the conversation began long before the broadcast and will continue after. His "Anthropology" has become a model talk show since the late 90's. But before she, too, were the program - "Installation", "Fresh Wind" (in the Peter the fifth channel). And unprepared audiences were horrified - the Rostov dialect, uninhibited, then blew away the free wind of change. How was it possible?

Then there was more: the "O Lucky Man!" On NTV (now this program called "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire") and "Night Shift" on the First ...

Now he is an extreme in every sense of the show "I'm ready for anything!", Which - surprisingly for a show - it is impossible to reproach in the extreme stupidity.

Dibrov: - There is a transfer of "I'm ready for anything!" On RTR. Not looking?

Participants a few days or months of study by psychologists. Through a specially designed system try to discover which of the phobias of the most powerful man. And if someone has claustrophobia, so his being taken into the mine. Someone who is afraid of height - throw a parachute.

Corr.: - Do you think the heroes of the program after it forever say goodbye to your fears?

Dibrov: - Yes, they are happy people. I noticed it more than once at banquets after shooting sessions. "Yes, I now feature is not an enemy, but now I can do anything!"

Maybe stupid, overcoming resistance, drag on the edge of the roof of a man who is afraid of heights. But, at least, something similar should be treated like that. In any case, our heroes feel an incredible relief, and we - the buzz. We showed people that the strongest man fights his stress ... for the sake of another person. (Re: This is not the pathos Dibrova, in sacrifice for another is the main course of the program - N.Sh.)

Fear - the same as alcohol: in some proportion that is not terrible, and even useful. That's only until people understand what this proportion, he can go far - like a leaf prodrozhat life, then to ask the question: Why all my life I was afraid?

Corr.: - And what else are we afraid of life than to be trapped in a mine or skydive?

Dibrov: - One could say that fear - it is the body of our dragon that plagued us throughout life, and everything else - just Bosko it.
We are terribly afraid of the chief. Afraid of the reprimand, which he will give us a puncture yesterday at work. It poisons us all evening. We can neither eat nor drink ... We are afraid that he will do anything to deprive us of a raise, even worse - nadpilit piece of what is now.

Why are we so afraid?

We fear that in old age, perhaps, "I took a leg, and on that I'll be in hospital? And what it turns out, I can not buy an apartment to your child? Some kind of bum turns out ... And finally, I am a young man, all I want, and now the head sawed off for a raise, and I'm not achieve success for 35 years. "

And how delightful novels did not take place because the person afraid!

"He loved a woman in Kuibyshev in 73-m. Here's what would be love! "

"So why are you not open it, did not invite into your life? What are you afraid of? "

"Then I was married."

"You do not love your wife?"

"No, I did not like."

So why are not you divorced? "

"I was afraid to change anything. And suddenly she was b worse? "

Corr.: - Or?

Dibrov: "Why do not you moved on to another job, you are offering!"

"It's a risk, but at this every day I get paid."

"Why do you money in the bank has not taken and did not suit your own business? You figured out that the Chinese wear "go" this season? So do shop Chinese wear.

"And then I burned up"?

Yeah, boisssii? Have you tried it? You try it! ..

Corr.: - And for you never creeping fear of losing everything?

Dibrov: - I was afraid when I was 23. Most of all I would like on TV, but guessed that the guys from Rostov did not wait in Ostankino, as, incidentally, there's no waiting for the boys from Moscow.

Then I worked in the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, and they called me once in two organizations: the Komsomolskaya Pravda and Tass. Honestly - all my life I wanted to Komsomolskaya Pravda. But I suspect that in the beautiful Olympic newspaper I sopyus, and freemen will take me.

And Tass said: "Take the staff, but in the party and government department. Will be safe and to give his seventieth apartment. In the meantime, 300 rubles a month. "

They were fantastic money for the 23-year-old creature. On the other hand, all my life I was anti-Soviet, "Beatles fans." And me - Tass?
I weighed. And at that time I was married, and in 1923 did not get married except by aerial. In 1923 it seems that "love" and "marry" - are synonymous. Then it seems that the debt is paramount. By the way, not far from the truth by those who think so ...

In general, I chose to TASS.

I was afraid to trust yourself, your dreams ...

That such was my fear.

Corr.: - Now what are you afraid?

Dibrov: - I am not afraid of anything.

Corr.: - There can be such. And, for example, during his career?

Dibrov: - What's to fear for his career? Does not succeed? Too late to be afraid.

Lack of money? Who needs money to bring happiness?

Corr.: - Yes, but each time their telekumiry, language, orientation ... And bosses are changing. Young come and say: "From now on, we take only the young!"

Dibrov: - They are, incidentally, now sit anywhere, here are the princes. Young - that's fine. But it comes across such a cool head licensing program. The question arises with the lead. It's like with the singers. You can arrange to anyone, but who will sing? We would happy to not Kobzon, but who? Necessary knowledge of life in the corners of his eyes, handsome exterior, and not a portrait of the typical inmate sanatorium Veterans Party in Peredelkino. Something in need. And then the casting just for fun invite Dibrova.

Corr.: - And what you give up?

Dibrov: - Well, the program "Golden Gramophone" I propose to no avail. Because then there will be just too great for dry cleaning expenses. Of vomit will have lead costume-leading order, you know? Also I no one has ever proposed that the "Star Academy" or whatever else I would not suggest ...

Corr.: - A "Anthropology"?

Dibrov: - At some point, it seemed to me that anthropological gatherings are not particularly needed. I thought, now we need iron boys, soldiers Urfin Dzhyus to adopt.

But today I see that there is, perhaps, yet we still povoyuem, Cossacks. Errands, someone should!

So I am going to offer about it, "Anthropology" ...

There are two ways to do this. The question which one to take.

he first path: to call the program a completely different word, to make science-based studio, invent curious clamps to the frame, as we have done in the "night shift". Then there will be progress.

Or the second way: no, consider that "Anthropology" at the time was invented right. Because conciseness white background and black and white pictures makes convex idea that sounds from the screen.

Then its so called - "Anthropology".

True, this raises the question: "Yeah, Dibrov engaged samotsitirovaniem, nothing new has come up with" ... But it did I did not quote, but as always in the Cossack fly to where now most needed. We need to think that it is better that the more important.

Corr.: - Of course, you can easily - you've come up with an idea and can with her now as much as necessary to live. Themselves have found. And this quest, many lead to nowhere ...

Dibrov: - Here are the statements about "the search itself" ... I often hear them and maybe they have some meaning.

But for me they were always harmful, confusing wording.

You - the head from one place - that's you who. Try their lives to prove otherwise. And in any case, do not think in this case, at what point can I achieve their own success and who is it I am.

I once thought I could benefit from working in television. Because I can tell you about Max Ernst, surrealist art, a world view than that which surrounded me, the greatest possible number of people.

Corr.: - What you need to love themselves more, to achieve success?

Dibrov: - More itself at some point I fell in love with her profession.

All my life I did something out of fear. I did anyway because he was afraid to act according to what is actually felt.
In the end, my job was more important than myself.

Love is more important than pride.

Fear - it is not such a bad thing. As in the pottery, here the form of constraint gives grace.

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Oleg Artyukov

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