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Mihalich and AnimaL ДжаZ: "I'm crying on the movie" Amelie "

September 1 2005

Today in Russia there is a lot of heavy alternative bands, or, as they are known in the west, new-metal. One of the brightest representatives of this style in Russia - a group of Animal DzhaZ, or "whistle pig" - a group sometimes called herself. Especially for StarStory vocalist Alexander "Mihalich" Krasovitsky gave an exclusive interview.

To what musical direction the group is Animal DzhaZ?
About it is always difficult to say, but I would say this: It's a heavy melodic rock.

Tell me, how did the band?
We met in August 2000 - all playing in bands at the same rehearsal. The initiator was me, actually, all, and called together a group. At the first rehearsal, came up with three songs, after which it became clear that the team was formed. For four years we played one composition, but the summer of 2004 had to part with the keyboard player and drummer. Now we have new people in these positions.

Why did you decide to call it?

Title invited our drummer Thomas, the one who is now with us for not playing. He has to Animal Jazz was a group with this particular title. So we decided not to depart from tradition ...

And where did you came alias "Mihalich?

This is my middle name (laughs). Me and my mother and my sister called, in general, has become a tradition since childhood.

What groups or singers you are guided in their music?
Mainly in the western artists such as Incubus, Metallica, U2 , Sinch, Dredg, Faith No More .

And what teams you can highlight to the Russian rock scene?
In Russia there are many good teams, but the highlight I think I can "Tekiladzhazzz", "Bricks», Billy's Band, «the Pole."
What are you trying to express in your lyrics and music?

At this time we are passing mood of soul and body.
What Animal DzhaZ experiences before each of his performances?
I have to say, we do not take to such groups, who do not care where and how they will perform, so usually we experience fear and anxiety before going on stage (laughs).

Is there a group for a specific ritual before a performance, or maybe some dope?
I have a personal time of writing, but I can not say about him, even if you strongly ask (laughs). But steadily before each performance we all ritually drink with 50 grams of sambuca ...

Can you recall any funny thing that happened to you during a performance?

No, nothing. There are moments of ordinary workers - someone who's head breaks the guitar neck, someone in the room jumps directly with all the cords (smiles).

And how do you see the future of Russian rock music ?

Everything will be fine, if a country to preserve the freedom of speech. Internal reserves huge, young musicians are generally much stronger than the previous generation - both technically and ideologically. Personally, I see now 5.6 such groups, who deserve no basement existence.

p align = "justify"> It remains to add infrastructure - radio, television and film producers. But this add-in does not appear overnight, should the years pass, should enter into force on people who at that time have grown, but did not come from the 80's. These are people with a correct understanding of show business. So my forecast is optimistic.

And you yourself an optimist or a pessimist in life?
Hard to say, well, I'm a pessimistic optimist (laughs).

When did you get involved in music?
In ancient times: I sing from 3 years old, and already at 7 years was a soloist in the choir. Then my interests have gone a little to one side, the region of knowledge society, and in 27 years I have gathered the first group.

How did you learn in school?
I graduated from school with a silver medal. But geography was not even much steeper than the teacher. That is, probably, and all that I can boast (smiles).

Do you have any bad habits?
I smoke cigars, and cursed.

Would you like to change anything in your life?

My rule of thumb - do not look back and nothing to regret. And the fact that I have is better to live in peace.

How are a group of relationships in your personal life?
What can I say: we all are not married, we have a girl. And (this is certainly interested readers), none of us did not sleep with his female fans (laughs).
And what do you like doing in your spare time?

I am leading a normal life like all normal people: internet, movies and concerts - that's my hobby. Yes, and even computer games.

Is there a place where you often like to be?

Yes, not one. This, above all, Montmartre in Paris, Freiburg, and embankments. In general, in cities, where we often play, there is unusual places. For example, in Nizhny Novgorod - the stairs Chkalova in Petrozavodsk - quay of Lake Onega.

Do you have any reference book you love to reread?
Yes, of course. It's "The Chronicles of Amber, Dovlatov (especially the" Reserve ") and Max Frye.

A favorite movie?
Now like most about "Amelie". This is the only film during which I always cry.

Do you have a favorite color combination?

Green, blue. In general, I do not love the saturated color and tint.

You never thought about how to sing with someone duet?
Well, them to the devil, these duets. Sang already. Is it that I would sing in a trio - with the Pope and the Supreme rabbi (laughs).

What are your future plans?

To release another album, a son and died in his sleep.

Your wishes to our readers?

Come to terms with his shortcomings.

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