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Bombers, or "free artists" at work

July 28 2006

Graffiti - art is unlawful, in relation to him is often used such a thing as "criminal art". Until now, the municipal authorities have struggled with the bombers, because graffiti has become extreme enthusiasm. But everyone knows that forbidden fruit is always sweet. So when the night falls on the city streets, graffiti taken for their cause.

With "Sound" a song dedicated to this direction: "Every weekend I bomblyu subway trains, walls, and this is not a hobby, I am from this, it's inside me. And will it continue until I get caught, of course. " The epidemic of graffiti caught not so long ago, Moscow and other Russian cities. But if the past it was simply "informal creativity", but now it has turned into a real industry.

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The greater the risk, the greater is the blood in his veins. Team «Rats», consisting of four graffiti, often gets into some unpleasant situations because of this seemingly harmless hobbies. But for them - to paint walls - it's a lifestyle. First, Came, Krek, Oneto and a half years linked by one thing. They go out at night, that would add some color to a gray life of the city walls and beyond.

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Often there are problems with the police. This winter, the boys once again came to bomb train. The command "Stop or I'll shoot", was the signal for that would "do his feet. However, First lost one shoe, had to return. A total of «Rats» visited on a visit at the police for more than twenty times. Usually resisted by the fact that "we no longer do so will" or "the first time, the paint too, not my friends managed to escape, but I, unhappy, one stayed here." There was even the case when I had to jump out of the patrol car with handcuffs on his hands.

They never paint with music, because if we once again get caught, it could be much more serious than in the previous combined.

The children are not repeatedly offered to earn money, razrisovyvaya club, but for such proposals always followed the refusal. "We are free artists, if we start to draw money where we say we cease to be graffiti in the full sense of the word."

In the team are no girls, just because it's dangerous, harmful to the body, and the girls created "of flowers and bells." "We are saving them.

Graffiti - this adrenaline! "Words can not describe the joy you feel when you see the train, which you have painted a few hours ago and now it is full of people traveling with your picture on the train! If you are ill with this, neither the police nor anyone you will not stop until you yourself are not sick! "

For the majority of graffiti - this expression of thoughts, some ideas, disagreement with the views of most people. "I do not want to be a gray mass. Nowadays, young people want to stand out »« Rats »decided to do it by the medium of graffiti.

True, we should not forget that graffiti is equivalent to vandalism. So suffer severe punishment for innocuous, seemingly drawing more than real.

Catherine Boyarkina

Васильева Камилла

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