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Mafia bosses, great and terrible

January 27 2011

15988.jpeg The word "mafia" good reason comes from the Italian language. Sicilian Mafia - the oldest and most powerful of criminal clans. Who was the head of the Italian underworld in recent decades, what is the unwritten code of "godfathers" and a hidden mafia bosses from justice ...

The arrest of Salvatore Lo Piccolo in November 2007 was a triumph of Italian law enforcement. Lo was already the second capo dei capi (boss of bosses), the Sicilian Mafia, which was caught by police in recent years. Mafia still reigns in Sicily, but the state does not sleep: the arrest of each of "The Godfather" shakes the ground beneath their feet powerful organization, whose history includes more than 150 years.

Where truth and fiction about the Italian mafia - hard to understand. Symbiosis between fiction and reality creates a completely new story. Here are some of the most notorious of its episodes.

When the November 5, 2010 Salvatore Piccolo was taken out of the house in handcuffs, the son of Mafia Sandro shouted after him: "I love you, Dad, I love you, Daddy!" This family drama, as noted by observers in many ways echoes the plot of the famous series "The Sopranos." However, the most piquant moment was not the scene, and the detection of Piccolo in the home page of the document, which is believed to investigators, was a kind of honor code for the mafia. Paragraph, "Thou shalt not kill" is not there, but it contained a strong recommendation not to sleep with the wives of his "colleagues" and not to steal from her.

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No matter what noble purposes or pursued discovered the pact, the compiler of it - my uncle is not the most fair rules. And Salvatore and Sandro (apple does not fall far from the tree) has been recognized killers. Police also said that several months before their arrest, they have strengthened their grip on Sicily, teaming up with American gangsters involved in drug trafficking.

Bernardo Provenzano is known that for 43 years, deftly evaded justice. His ability to avoid the servants of the law has become a truly legendary. As a cautious Provenzano was in no hurry to devote to the details of his life the press, and indeed anyone else, it is not surprising that the legend about him multiplied and overgrown with all the new details since he broke with his family and began to roam all over Sicily, changing one secret hideout to another.

Deserves special mention and management system developed by Provenzano: all actions were coordinated through pizzini, tiny zapisochek which were transferred to the right people through trusted and repeatedly checked, "the boys". Zealous Catholic, Provenzano kept house as many as five copies of the Bible. One of them was dotted with mysterious cryptogram, which according to the investigation, are the key to many mysteries of the Mafia.

However, the most valuable quality Provenzano, perhaps, was his phenomenal ability to restore order among his subordinates. Rebel with Provenzano anyone and had no idea. While the boss was "out of business", the Mafia has flourished, surviving the era of recovery.

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The most significant episode in the life of Toto Riina, for 15 years, took the boss was a kiss, which actually was not. Deserter from the camp of Riina on condition of anonymity, said law enforcement agencies that in 1980 on one of the gatherings he exchanged a "kiss of honor" with the guest of ex-Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti.Riina, of course, tried to keep enemies closer than friends, and so could really be with Andreotti at short leg. But experts believe that the former prime minister was not in the environment Riina. Subsequently, Andreotti had spent one year in the courts, to save his reputation and denying links with the Mafia.

Giovanni bar was known by the nickname of a talking pig. So unpleasant nickname he earned before the killings for his sloppy appearance and insatiable appetite. He once confessed that his own hands slain from 100 to 200 people. Among the victims 11-year-old son of head of the rival clans, who is afraid of the bar, could give testimony against him in court. After killing the boy, Pig ZAMEL tracks, throwing the body into a vat of acid. In 1992 became the top-level "career achievements" bar: he organized an explosion on a highway, killing a judge Giovanni Falcone, his wife and his five bodyguards.

Our last hero, Matteo Messina Denaro, known not only as Don Playboy. He has a weakness for luxurious sports cars, designer watches and sunglasses. That he has become the new unofficial king of the mafia after the arrest of Lo Piccolo. Denaro could not inherit: it can be considered and poseur majeure, but caution it can not refuse. According to some reports, 45-year-old Denaro implicated in the murder of Judge Falcone and Italian police are convinced: Denaro will stop at nothing to retain power in their hands.

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