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In Germany, exfoliate extremism - not enough money

April 25 2006

Recently, cases of street killings, which can be traced "fingerprint" of national hostility, but became publicly known and a matter of policy. The ends usually have to look long. Statesmen is unpleasant and disgusting, and should be the next wave of talk about the need to do something , something come up.

However, it is not necessary in this together to point the finger at Russia. Certain difficulties in varying degrees are present everywhere and almost primarily in Europe. And while all eyes are on Russia in connection with another blatant murder or massacre, in Germany, turned a lively debate on the issue of xenophobia and intolerance.

For the record
In recent history, Germany is a significant date - October 4, 2000, when in Dusseldorf, was attacked on a synagogue. Shortly after this episode were formed three organizations - Civitas, Xenos and Entimon, whose flag activists rallied the German anti-fascist movement.
According to official statistics in Germany today there are over 400 000 neo-Nazis and their supporters, of whom about 100,000 are dangerous.

Cause was an attack at the weekend - during the celebration of Christian Easter - a citizen of Germany of Ethiopian origin in Potsdam. The incident immediately became known painting - investigating the motive for the crime engaged in federal service.

The latter is especially outraged some ministers of Brandenburg (Potsdam, where is located), declaring that excessive politicization of the incident and discharge conditions, which caused a dispute between the ministers of the earth and the Attorney General of the country. Now all the focus on the problem of xenophobia and indeed to anything (especially at the mention of such a developed country like Germany).

Meanwhile, another noteworthy: the issue of extremism and violence begins to flake. It turns out that German citizens are also often become victims of criminals, immigrants.

German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schauble, in particular, said that in Germany, beating not only blacks, but also a "blond and blue-eyed." To take back his words minister had only under pressure of criticism.

We are talking about "left-wing extremists", including Islamic fundamentalism, which would be nice to something to oppose. In other words, it is supposed to allocate money for specific programs and projects. And here in front of the German government opens another dilemma. Starting with the fact that not many are willing to admit this kind of problem, and ending with where to get this money.

Deputy Chairman of the German Bundestag, Wolfgang Thierse, for example, offers not make hasty conclusions: "Violence, no matter from which it is politically motivated, should be resisted. But today in Germany there are serious difficulties with left-wing extremism. "

Nevertheless, the ruling party of Angela Merkel proposed to withdraw the required amount of fund to fight "right-wing extremism" and give it to colleagues, opposing the "Left".

Elan save quite understandable when one considers that, since 2001, the German government has allocated to the fight against extremism over 150 million euros, while the number of projects to address the problem of xenophobia has long passed for three thousand barrier.

Thus, the rights of Berlin, at least on one point: the situation can not influence the further multiplication of organizations. However, the problem is also not able to cope with, and does not determine which kind of extremism must be fought in the first place, and someone in Germany there are more people - immigrant or homegrown fundamentalist neo-Nazis, mostly from East Germany.

Meanwhile, Germany is actively preparing for the World Cup, which, according to various forecasts, will come to 1.5 million football fans from around the world. Right-wing parties in Germany are going to use this event to promote the Nazi and extremist ideas. According to German media, neo-Nazi march planned for June 10 - just after the official opening of the championship.


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