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Concert Extreme: steydzhdayving

June 23 2006

Anyone who has ever been at punk concert, I simply could not see people jumping from the stage into the auditorium. To some it looks like a complete frenzy, and someone probably wants to try it myself. Steydzhdayvig - the phenomenon is not new, it has long been practiced by both fans and musicians themselves.

Steydzhdayving (Stage Diving) - jumping from the stage, practicing live heavy metal music (heavy metal, punk, grindcore, death metal, thrash). Steydzhdayver or jumps up on stage himself, or he starts taking his hands and he "floats" on stage. By the way here it is the swimming on the surface of the crowd called kraudserfing (crowd surfing) - we'll describe it in detail some other time.

Iggy Pop and Peter Gabriel were among those who first decided to jump off the stage. The new element the show quickly gained popularity among musicians who considered steydzhdaving new Extreme chip. And since then, who just did not jump into the crowd.

It is impossible to establish exactly who the audience when and where to jump into the crowd for the first time, but this really extreme fun very loved by many. At the present time without steydzhdayverov not do any major concert musicians in the above styles. In smaller clubs also arrange steydzhdayving, but it is less safe and convenient. Although no matter where the jump, it is dangerous to life as a jumping and other spectators.

Cases where people break their arms or legs, jumping from the stage is not uncommon. Quite a few deaths - steydzhdayvery break the neck, hurt his head on the floor. This happens when no one is leaping catch, and because people wrongly jumped head down - it is impossible to do not in any way. However, it does not chill wanting to feel better than the stars themselves. Few people also refuse to stand on the same stage, albeit a second, next to your favorite songs, so in this case you noticed the whole room. But is it worth that risk to life, to say difficult.

At major festivals around the world among amateurs steydzhdayvinga often held contests for the best jumper - who is on, above, and technically more difficult jumps.

If you still decided to jump, remember the following rules. They allow you to land more safely, without injuring others while:

- For steydzhdayviga need a large crowd of people, and the more your friends in it, the better (it gives a guarantee that you will be caught and you will not fall on the floor)

- Assessed the situation - you need to know exactly what the public adequately configured. If the previous steydzhdayvery jumped well, you can make an attempt and you

- Choose a place on the stage, so that when a jump does not break the equipment musicians accidentally stepped on it

- Try not to fall into the hands of guards - they can kick you out of the club. And in general is better to know whether steydzhdayving practiced in this club

- Before you jump, lay out from all pockets that could fall (cell phone, keys, documents), as well as all sorts of chains (a chain that hangs on the belt better to leave the house), and bracelets - they may get lost or get caught on someone's any arm or hair

- Never jump feet first! "You can cripple those who catch you

- The best jump or torso, or back. Some still do somersaults in the air - it looks very impressive, but without preparation do not even think to try

- The most important rule - never jump headfirst! You can easily break his neck

- Does not stay on the scene. When jumping, face to the audience, to identify the place where you will jump and jump

do not approach the musicians, you prevent them from playing

- If you fall, get up quickly if fallen someone close, helped him get

- Try to jump away from the photographers - during a jump you can touch and break their equipment

Author: Pauline Kulikovskikh

Васильева Камилла

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