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Metrosexuals - great response of sexual minorities

July 18 2008

Once they were called dandy. Today, apologists style - metrosexuals. This phenomenon appeared not so long ago, and sex is very remote.

Metrosexual - always a man. Dandy, as is known, already in the century before were women. Catherine de 'Medici who went hunting in the tights, of course, does not count, but here's her compatriot - femme émancipée and author of the novel "Consuelo" Aurora Dyudevan, who wished not only to be called George Sand, and saunter on Nohant exclusively in costume - it is was a real revolution.

Sochinitelnitsu immediately dubbed "French Brummel" - actually the name of the founder of dandyism - English dandy George Brummel, even half a century before Oscar Wilde shocked society by their neletsepriyatnymi, but witty, and sometimes openly prickly, phrase-arrows. What's really nothing to talk about Hollywood kinoprimadonnah the 20 th century, Marlene Dietrich, Garbo and warm, to complement its male wardrobe is also a cylinder. The image of the female dandy generally quite actively exploited in the cinema during the last century.

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Suffice it to recall Frances Gaal, from pre-war comedy "Peter" and the Julie Andrews of the American musical "Victor and Victoria. But the final image of woman-dandy legalized already in the 60 years of his collection, focussing on trouser suit, recently deceased Yves Saint Laurent. And after 40 years of relevant style unisex affirmed its 'male' collection for the weaker sex the other world fashion guru Tom Ford.

However, if a dandy - whether male or female - has never followed someone and did not move in the wake of something, but on the contrary, has always been the harbinger of a new, kind of avant-gardist era, the metrosexuals, a phenomenon which emerged at the turn of 1920 th and 21 th centuries - the children of the world. Dandy often became the subject of condemnation, and sometimes even biting ridicule, while metrosexuals - always his life at this festival. The researcher of this phenomenon Olga Vainshtein and did call them conformists. And perhaps she is right - the "new beau" willingly accept the terms of the game around the world and like to live by its laws. Hence, strictly speaking, their name - the children metropolis metropolis pets or saying simply - mega star, whose orientation is determined by the rhythm and spirit of the city.

Of course, the metrosexual never will order in a restaurant ketchup, but at the same time and never jeered at the address of his neighbor. He is politically correct and Servilia. Do not blame anti-globalists, but in no case will not join their company. However, something that still unites the metrosexual and its precursor - a dandy. He is always aware of the secular and cultural life. And he loves to please. Himself. Metrosexual refined and well-versed in the novelties of the cosmetic market. And if in the old days, this market is almost entirely served by the female half of humanity, now and then a man very frequent customers.

Sverhpristalnoe attention to their appearance, their toilets and even to care for themselves, as nothing else unites the metrosexual with a dandy. But that is what has led some observers to refer to adepts metrosexuals gay. It is not. Anyway, not all of them - are as follows. Suffice it to mention the names of David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck. And in general: that's the whole point is that the term was coined by British journalist Mark Simpson, to showrbi et orbi (ie worldwide) a new generation of people, sensitive to the graceful and elegant, but it is not at all at the same time supporters of same-sex love.

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