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Touring adventures in rock (Part III)

July 18 2006

Concerts in the outback - a kind of miracle. Nowhere else you will not see a storm of energy, throws fans. As people get used to the fact that the performances of foreign groups in Russia are no longer such a rarity, as even two years ago, they may be less and less of a surprise music and show his compatriots. But despite this, only one mark on the Billboard "Moscow brings together hundreds of people.

... In addition to our two groups in Moscow at a concert in Samara were a few locals. One of them managed to obtain and more widely known, performing the opening act for foreign teams.

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Despite the height of the May holidays, the people in the club came decently. One of our escorts, Dima decided to teach a lesson samarchanam concert extreme and the whole concert was jumping into the crowd near the stage, showing by example how to "ugarat.

Our team played last. While other teams followed each other on stage, we began regular touring psychological problems. Apparently, all the vocalists people uneasy, and ours was no exception - had striven all his life to be like such grandees as Tommy Lee (Motley Crew), Axel Rose (Guns N 'Roses) and Blackie Lawless (WASP), he always remained in some something unknown to anyone but him the world, from this world into the light thrusting mostly vocals affectation on the stage and beyond, well, all sorts of "Destry", the desire to go against the rules. Well, almost asleep, has already managed to pour a few containers of alcohol, Vadim staring blankly at the world. This grim picture supplement bassist glory with his damaged fingers.

Despite everything, we were determined to "break" Samara, it was not permissible to relax - we were the headliner of the evening and we have come a long way to come here. That said, nowhere to retreat - for us, Moscow.

And the performance took place. They say that after our concert in Samara was founded, our fan club. We can assume its mission accomplished. Although, of course, everything could be better quality - so you always think when something has been done.

After the speech, fed us a delicious and of itself, we complemented the meal well deserved drink. A little cooling down, we decided it was time to move toward our camp. Taking with him from the club three others - two girls from Togliatti, who helped organize a concert there and a local group of musicians, making a memorable photo on a background of luminous signs of the club, we headed down the street.

No food or drink for us at the apartment, which we were to spend the night, did not wait, so non-stop-shop we needed - it was later, and the night before was still a long, everyone wanted to remember the tour not only for concerts but also for the funny stories and a glass of snack. At the end of the street on which we walked, brightly lighted display case of a large convenience store. As it turned out, such as we are already there waiting ...

If in Moscow to the long-haired male representatives have already learned to adequately almost always (I do not take those when people deliberately seek to cause a fight), then outside the Moscow Ring Road still reigns deaf "scoop".

In general, shop around waiting for us as much the two companies "knew nothing". Sam store was on the opposite side, at the entrance it was easy to notice rights, 4, on our way was a little much, seeing us from afar. "Where going?" - Asked us cheeky lad of 22 years. "From the club" - calmly answered some of our own and we passed.Because we did not have the slightest desire to continue the conversation, then, ignoring all questions, just started to be disposed towards lodging (only 5 minutes from the place). Apparently, it's not like the local youth, and they began to move behind us, shouting something. It is difficult to say what they had anticipated, pursuing a crowd of 16 people, most of which are huge adult men. Fortunately for both sides on our way lay a police department, our pursuers behind, apparently realizing that this showdown is better not to organize.

Close to the destination, we noticed the night tent. We were amazingly lucky. With less than a huge package of products, we went into the house, which was withdrawn overnight for us.

Never before have I had occasion to visit these homes - only two floors and only 2 apartments per floor - one giant communal, and the second common flat 2 rooms with kitchen and bathroom. The noisiest and most of them turned out, was sent to the apartment, but the most quiet - only 5 people in a communal, where in addition to them, and housewives were still tenants, which it was desirable not to interfere.

The whole night from the open windows on the street sounded a loud laugh. One after another, people went to bed, and already at 13:00 the next day we arrived for the micro-bus to Togliatti.

The conclusion in the next section.

Author: Pauline Kulikovskikh

Васильева Камилла

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