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The girl ran away from home, today announced a suicide bomber

April 18 2011

The girl ran away from home, today announced a suicide bomber. 16387.jpeg Power structures are on the ears: on Tuesday evening in Moscow, from Surgut had to fly 20-year-old Moldavian Victoria Sirbu, ostensibly in order to commit terrorist acts. Reported by one news agency referring to the metropolitan police. This is not the first such post in the last month. But if the information is true?

According to sources, declared to be pursued Victoria Sirbu, born in 1990. Her marks: height 170 cm tall, of medium build, straight black hair, slavic facial features, wearing a long black coat. Sarbu was to arrive at Vnukovo Airport on March 29 flight, which lands at 18.10. According to the news agency, she plans to commit a terrorist attack, during which intends to voluntarily destroy yourself. All metropolitan police department and avtopatruli already received an order to detain a potential suicide bomber.

Meanwhile, just before the March 28, Dagestan Interior Ministry has notified the metropolitan counterparts about the possible arrival in Moscow of two urozhenok Kizlyar district of Dagestan - Zeynap Magomedova and Patimat Ramazanova. The fact that they suddenly disappeared from the sight of law enforcement agencies, under the supervision of which were the widows of militants. Dagestani security forces have assumed that Zeynap and Patimat able to go to Moscow to out of revenge for their husbands commit a terrorist attack ... However, later it became clear that the two women did not cross the border of Dagestan.

"Now we can state that the information on their departure from the republic and the assumption that the preparation of their shares of suicide bombing have not been confirmed - said representatives of local law enforcement agencies. - As it turns out, young women simply changed their place of residence, moving to another town of Kizlyar district. "

Even earlier, in late February, it was reported that in Moscow to carry out terrorist attacks left a resident of Ingushetia Hawa Fargieva and a native of Kislovodsk Timur Sheremetov. However, other evidence suggests that they intended to commit a terrorist attack is not in Moscow, and in the Stavropol region. And to this day unknown, got a couple of terrorists from the capital. No details about their detention were reported.

As for Victoria, Sirbu, the FSB authorities information about the arrival of terrorists in the capital have not confirmed and stated that anything not know about it. They suggested that the reporters slipped "misinformation." According to the same staff of the Investigations Department of the Investigative Committee for the Khanty and Ugra, a girl anywhere earlier than "light", and moreover, there is no reason to suppose that it planned to arrange the attack.

Negatively perceived information about suicide and the residents of Surgut, where she allegedly arrived. On Internet forums, many of them are in favor of innocence girls to extremist groups. There are also suggestions that Victoria Sirbu declared wanted by no means due to terrorist activities, and for some other reason, who prefer to hide. "The real reason why she was looking for, we never learn, and the topic of terrorism is now very fashionable "- wrote one user forums.

Friends of Victoria Sirbu put forward its own version. "It's all a lie, I can say with absolute certainty" - the student said Sergei Tkachev, who is familiar with Victoria for seven years. - She had quarreled with his mother ran away from home and flew to Moscow.I can assume that the rumors caused her family to find her and return home. "

According to Sergei, Victoria, where she was staying in Dagestan's sister, tried to forcibly marry. However, she disagreed with the decision of the family and returned to Surgut, and then, after a quarrel with her mother, flew to Moscow to a friend. After that, the relatives decided to use "terrorist" version to restore the "prodigal daughter" home. "

Also, a few days ago, Dagestan Interior Ministry has requested assistance from the metropolitan counterparts in search of 24-year Turazovoy Maliki, whose husband and brother were to extremist groups and had been previously killed. The girl suddenly disappeared somewhere, and when they searched her home found Wahhabi literature and instructions for making improvised explosive devices. Law enforcement authorities believe that Turazova could go to Moscow to blow himself up in revenge for the slain relatives ... Detain the alleged suicide bombers have not yet succeeded.

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