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"Hooligans" in casual style

April 18 2011

16313.jpeg Casual style was and is at the peak of popularity. The streets of Moscow, Tokyo, New York, London and other cities are full of fancy-dressed young people. Open any fashion magazine - and find yourself in a world of labels "street fashion". But the British "hooligan" casual - an undoubted leader. London from Carnaby street has long been tucked in his belt Milan and Paris.

Modern youth chooses sasual not only because it is fashionable, comfortable and practical. This is an entire youth subculture, a kind of lifestyle with the slogan - Looking good - Behaving bad! - "Decent appearance does not guarantee good behavior." This slogan was coined by British modernists, represented by teddy boys in the early 50's.

Let us turn to history to trace a path of development was casual style and what trends he has made in the development of the fashion of the last decade.

The founders of the style of teddy boys, creating a new youth clothing, take into account the craze of the working of English youth football. Matches broadcast on 16314.jpeg TV, watched the whole country, everywhere in the stands the fans standing and singing alter hits rock singers to support their soccer idols.

In the mid-60's to replace the football fans came to the skinheads. Plaid shirts, tight blue jeans, suspenders and high boots - a new perspective on the world and the kind of dress-code. The symbol of the new changes in casual became a British brand Lonsdale.

In the 70 years in football came first black players, the advanced youth was fascinated by music, ska. Polo Fred Perry, shirt Ben Sherman, Lois jeans and Levi's, shoes from Dr. Martens became the standard uniform for the progressive youth.

In the 80's casual style enriched with elements of punk culture - wherever possible torn jeans and boots with steel inserts. The fashion on leather jackets in the rivets and cut dzhinsovki decorated with various symbols. Each generation has made its reasons in a modern casual.

16315.jpeg Now young people throughout the world chooses casual and show his personality in full, but some people are very worried. In England, the younger generation is already sounding the alarm - the traditional English casual outlaws! For example, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair introduced a ban on the attributes of youth fashion and strenuously fought with a gang of evil "hoods", the current prime minister continues his work. He enthusiastically convinces the British manufacturers and sellers of apparel ban hoods, caps and other similar elements of the youth subculture, linking them to the rapid increase in youth crime.

Bloggers vengeance Blair ridiculed and mocked David Cameron for being out of a huge number of problems in the country, both men have chosen a mythical enemy of the state - the man in the hood. But is ridiculous, really?

In a lively discussion of issues involving many prominent political figures, as the result of effort premier and his associates was a large-scale advertising campaign, which declared a ban on the attributes of youth fashion.

img src = "/ images/article/3/1/6/16316.jpeg" alt = "16316.jpeg" hspace = "10" vspace = "10" width = "249" height = "182" align = "left "/> It has gone so far that in many public places have banned the wearing of hoods and baseball caps. Young people in the style of sasual entrance into an elite department store Bluewater in Kent, is strictly prohibited. If good old England blames the fashion in the growth of youth crime, solving this issue at the government level, what could happen in Russia if to some deputy will come to mind to fight youth crime by eradicating youth fashion?

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