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Internet in the service of young murderers

April 18 2011

16301.jpeg All the young killers converge into one. They leave their mark on the Internet. Often, in time to discover it, the tragedy can be prevented. Most often, the young "The Executioner" resort to the popular video sharing services, which spread a message of an impending massacre at their school, as well as video-will, to become famous and become a "hero" of the news.

Young geeks often in these video messages to the people talk about the reasons for their actions and have inspired their predecessors. Why are they doing this?

According to psychologists

"All they need is attention, they want to get it any way - says psychologist Ivan Poddubtsev. - As the saying goes, good things can not be glorified, so many young people, hungry for fame and attention, opting for a violent actions. Because this will be a greater response. It literally explode the Internet and even television world, as is the case with the Finnish students who shot their classmates. In the understanding of adolescents to show the violence - it's cool. It is no coincidence the entire Internet is filled with video clips, filmed almost children. They take off like beating someone in the schoolyard and expose it to the network. How to torment animals. How to set fire to homeless people in doorways. And many at once become "stars" and many of them are not only comment: "You're geeks, but a lot of positive feedback from those of the teenagers, a lot of support, and feel a superhero."

16302.jpeg Begins with animal abuse, end the mass slaughter their classmates. Not so long ago was a case where a young man posted a video in which he throws the dog off the bridge. Just a few hours a young person, as it turned out later, living in Latvia, became the most hated criminal in the world. Video filmed on a mobile phone by one of the accomplices of the crime. It turns out that during the tragedy on the bridge was a group of thugs. Some time later after posting video on the Web, have become known all these criminals - his name, home address and telephone number. The police have already started looking Svazhuna Benyuk born in 1987, which was wanted. The guy was himself, not because the conscience is tortured. And because he was simply afraid to lynching - via the Internet, he was inundated with letters, in which enraged people threatened to beat him to death.

Dog named Pepper, who fought for life for several days, still dead. Wretch who committed this crime, was found and punished. Lithuanian court for the first time in the history of the offender was sentenced to a real prison term. Owner of the dog in the courtroom could not hold back her tears. An elderly man lives alone, and this dog was his only friend.

This cruelty, sadism for the sake of ordinary pleasures. And it also happens that a teenager would shoot half the class, if only just to become famous. And the crimes young people are planning, clearly aware that they are doing. Here is one high-profile cases. Young people, students in high school named after Georg Buchner in Cologne, posted a net video, which showed its considerable arsenal, and talked about Sowie intentions, warned that the looming tragedy that they want to coincide with the anniversary of the events in Germany on November 20. Then graduate school in the town of Emsdetten killed 37 people, and he committed suicide.Young people planning to "honor" that, in their opinion, the hero, armed with crossbows, Molotov cocktails and firearms. Actually, it was after this incident, the police began to focus more on videos posted on the Internet.

16300.jpeg Almost every one of the young killers left videos with wills and announcing their crimes. The police are actively warn their colleagues not to overlook "bloody" message of juvenile delinquents. And it happened all at school after the incident Yokela when massacred student posted a video on Youtube, where the detail about their future actions, intentions and announce the list of victims. If the killings in schools has become a trend, then the publication of video clips with threats of such actions, has become a mini-trend among potential young thugs.

For example, the way he was arrested a teenager from the city Maanika located near Helsinki, posted on the popular video sharing 30-second spot, where he was with the weapon in a school building. Thereafter, on November 9, the police managed to arrest a young man before he realized his plans.

The effect of chain reaction is largely triggered by the media and increased attention to the problem that will not be able to circumvent party. Each incident creates a certain number of followers. With the rapid development of Internet-speed chain reaction was significantly higher. 23-year-old Cho Hee September, dispatched in Virginia in the light of 32 people, according to video footage that he was lecturing on his website, inspired by the actions of Canadian students Kimvira Gilles, shed blood in their school. Apart from this character, Cho Hee September admired Colorado teenagers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, sitting in the school shooting, "Columbine." He called these two "martyrs", and in his will, saying: "You abused my heart, raped my soul and tortured my conscience. You thought that consuming just one more miserable life. Thanks to you I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenseless people. "

According to psychologists

On this occasion, a psychologist at the University Clemson, South Carolina gave the following comment: "We have identified five points were present in all incidents of shooting, we have studied, - says Robin Kowalski. - First: the person was someone rejected. For example, broke up with his girlfriend. This usually occurs shortly before the crime is committed. Many students who have committed such crimes as were outcasts among their peers. Ridicule, bullying and other forms of exclusion - the usual thing in the lives of those who arranges shooting at schools and universities. This is the second sign.

Also, almost all young people who shed blood in schools, brings manic love of weapons. They are keenly interested in them, to understand the brands, features. Or disassembled, as mainly committed suicide before they had time to twist the police.

The fourth feature is the concern for death. They talk a lot and think about it. Same Cho Hee wrote the play in September, where the red thread that runs the theme of death. The protagonist of his works ever wished the death of his stepfather, throwing darts at a target with his photograph. "

And finally, the fifth sign Kowalski called mental problems.On many of the teen-killers repeatedly received complaints from their teachers, school counselors and classmates. However, the above features are very difficult to identify a potential killer. In fact, many teens have several of them. Predict the actions of students, thus it is not possible.

In addition to the general tendency to spread videos of threats on Youtube, including the young killers has become popular to communicate their intentions, even on the walls of the school toilets. Unknown student, whether in jest, or earnest left on the bathroom wall inscription, stating that he was "bloody massacre worse than in Virginia." Despite everything, this trick has caused concern in the rough school administration, and later at the police.

It turns out, Youtube, and in general, the Internet in the hands of mentally disturbed people is really terrible weapon. Along with publications in the media and various rumors, the trend of killings in schools and has spread through the world wide web. Head of the Department of Social and Forensic Adolescent Psychiatry SSC Serbsky Eugene Makushkin, commenting on the situation in yokelskoy school, said: "By analogy with the United States should probably consider the problem of proliferation and lack of control over the sale of firearms." Coupled with such easy access to weapons threat massacres in schools is becoming more and more.

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