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Touring adventure in the style of rock (Part I)

July 12 2006

The tour - so magical sounds that word for the musician. New city, new people, known ... There is a downside - fatigue, running, in general elements of a normal life musician, if the music for him not only creativity, but also the way of earnings. Travel may be different - and not very successful, fun and such, on what then did not want to remember ...

Everyone who goes to touring trip (in other words, in the round) for all his time as a family. This is perhaps one of those "extreme circumstances" in which people can express themselves fully. By the way, interfere in the round of useless and pointless - it's like trying to escape from a submarine, so you have to endure, even if foreign oddity you got the hell out.

And if one of those who go the majority of drinkers, then wait for unforgettable moments - from the funny episodes and finishing is not funny broken limbs and set upside-down rooms in the hotel. The latter runs a series of stories - violent temper distinguished themselves by many famous rockers such as Axel Rose (Guns N 'Roses).

In a world of so-called "underground" PR image and likeness of kitsch is not very developed - if the adventures of, for example, a group of "brilliant" can be found at every corner, about the adventures of the rockers, even the most famous, so much and often do not write. A Meanwhile, wandering round the towns and villages can write a collection of anecdotes from the life in terms of longer than "War and Peace" ...

... Yesterday we were in Moscow. Having played a concert in a small but very well known club, weather cloth bags with tools, equipment and clothing, our group went to the Kazan Cathedral. We had to visit a concert 2 cities - Samara and Tolyatti. Nothing, of course, but the anticipation was no less than if we, like foreign bands, went to a tour of Europe.

At the station we waited for the train, but not simple, and "Moscow - Karaganda - so do not forget. In the car we already pending completion - another group and accompanying them (two girls). Hard to be a girl musician - touring temptations darkness, the more that local fans are famous for availability. Therefore easier to do an all its carried with me "- and no one then no one in what will be suspect.

Total us was 13 (two groups, three guides, one photographer and one tour manager). Before departure remained for about 15 minutes and those without a bottle to leave the capital could not have gone to the store. Better, of course, the station is nothing of the products and beverages not to buy - who knows what, but people still dare not pass overgrown popular trail to a certain store.

The carriage was dark and stuffy and smelt of long-distance trains. This reserved seat will be our home on wheels for 15 hours to Samara. One could, of course, remove the bus, but then our journey could take more time, and to the same bed, even on soft Recliners, quite uncomfortable.

Our company is spread out on the floor of the car - Ruslana (our tour manager) was able to buy tickets only on the upper shelves and continuous space. In this regard, rose two problems - some people could not sleep upstairs, and we are very strained those passengers who are not lucky enough to be on the lower shelves. Fortunately, we were all very tired and were not inclined to controversy, so I just tried to keep myself quiet, and those who could not sleep in the upper shelves were swapped with those of our men, who had tickets for the lower bushing seats.

The train is shoved, and bassist of one of the groups, Glory, has already managed to get injured - when we were unpacking the package with alcohol began to fall. Catching the bottle, Slava heavily hit his finger on the table. This injury will prevent him from playing two upcoming concert.Outside stood Kohl - the only one who came to see us off, wishing to help materyaschemusya the whole car glory, painted on a dusty glass mesh and wrote "Iodine". These three letters and mesh drove us up to the Samara ...

To be continued.

Author: Pauline Kulikovskikh

Васильева Камилла

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