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Sixth attempt to save Terri Schiavo over her death

March 31 2005

Terri Schiavo died. Her death came a little more than a day after the U.S. Supreme Court in a 6-second time refused to reconsider raee decision to disconnect the apparatus of artificial feeding. Gesture of despair - the next appeal Schiavo parents Bob and Mary Schindler (Schindler) was rejected by the supreme judicial authority of America on the 13th day after the main disconnect device.

Yesterday, Schindler was allowed to "visit" the daughter of a hospice ward. After visiting Terri, he spoke to reporters who, together with participants of the picket in defense of life Schiavo clock duty at the gate of the hospice. Bob Schindler said his daughter, apparently has changed little since then, as an apparatus for artificial feeding was switched off. "She continues to fight for their lives - said Schindler. - So, and I will continue to fight for it. " The fight is over.

The protesters can go home. Emotional group of fighters for the preservation of life Terri Schiavo has continued to picket and her hospice to bomb high court appeals of the United States until the last moment. Even after last week it became clear: the death of Terry inevitable.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who has made, as claimed, all to save the life of Schiavo, a public sign of his impotence. "I can not disturb the court's decision - said Governor Bush said in an interview with CNN. - I do not have the authority to act contrary to this decision, it does not allow neither state law nor the law of the country. "

Recall that a week ago, Schiavo family's lawyer, Gibbs sent another appeal to the Supreme Court. To appeal, accompanied by an expert assessment of the patient, made by the Department of Children and Families Florida (Florida Department of Children and Families), based on the conclusion of neurologists who examined poor.

Concludes by saying that the state should recognize the Schiavo "is not the vegetative and minimally conscious." "This new information raises serious questions and demands urgent action", - commented on the Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

U.S. Supreme Court considered the appeal and attorney Terry Schiavo family. However, another petition for an extension of life Schiavo was rejected by the court, even without comment. And then Terry left.

As we have already mentioned, the age of 26 she received a brain injury. At the time of her death was in 1941, the last 15 years most of the time Terry was in a deep coma. Initially, the dispute about the right to a "life" arose between parents unhappy and her husband Michael. Michael was convinced: wife herself would have rejected the "artificial life" and even argues that the shorter hours "enlightenment" she expressed a wish to die .

Florida lawmakers supported Michael. Terri Schiavo has disconnected from the apparatus of artificial feeding, but sverhusiliyami parents and their attorneys diet resumed. Behind his parents, Terry 12 trials.

Fateful day for Terri Schiavo was 18 March. In accordance with the verdict of the highest court of the country, the power supply unfortunate in this day had to stop.

To prevent this, parents are unhappy even a month ago, immediately after the decision of the Supreme Court, appeal directly to Congress. In response to their appeal congressmen have sent notice of administration and medical staff of the Hospice.The content of the notifications said the representative of the Republican majority in Congress, Tom DeLay (DeLay):

"The document contains a requirement for the administration and physicians to hospice to continue feeding Terri Schiavo. We must give hope to the life of her, her parents and friends. The fight for Terri is not over. "

In the case broke, President Bush. Commenting on the tragedy of Schiavo family, the U.S. president said he strongly disagrees with the decision of the Supreme Court, and that "people who live entirely by the mercy of others deserve our special care."

At an emergency zasedenii Senate adopted a special law - the preservation of life, Terry Schiavo. The legislative initiative of the U.S. Senate voted by Congress. Your document was signed by President Bush, especially for the interrupted vacation and returned to the capital. "In controversial situations such as this, our society, our laws and our courts should act on the side of life" - said President Bush.

However, on March 18 apparatus of artificial feeding Terri Schiavo was still off. Since that time it began its days. At the gates of the hospital representatives of human rights organizations, students, friends and other people who are sympathetic Terry, conduct continuous picket. Over the past week on the outskirts of this building has been arrested 35 people, some of them tried to break into the hospice to water the poor patient.

In a fatal moment of disconnection of the unit, Michael Schiavo was near the bed of his wife, Terry, reported by CNN's lawyer George Felos unhappy wife (Felos). According to him, the procedure was "calm and quiet." "She has the right to withdraw from the world" - the lawyer said.

Already known Congressman Tom DeLay speaks about the disconnect device feeding sharply and categorically: "commits murder defenseless citizen of America. Feeding apparatus must be immediately turned on, Congress will continue to fight to save her life. "

Last week, Terri Schiavo life has divided Americans into two "parties" - those who believed that her life must continue, and those who were convinced: this existence - an imitation of life, and it must stop. Convenience discussion, and after her death go to the radio station, television talk shows, newspapers. Some of the participants in these discussions had to go through something similar tests, which ended for the parents of Terri.

Beverly Stack, Seyrevill, NY:

"My daughter was 32 years old when she became ill with lung cancer. One lung had to be removed soon, the other lung was made a major operation. The operation extends the life of my daughter for several months and perhaps years, she was breathing without a respirator.

The doctor told me that breathing at any moment to stop and ask - if I wanted to physicians in this case have entered into a light tube and hooked up my daughter to a respirator. I firmly replied: "No". Accept this decision was not easy ... But I knew that Cindy herself did not want to live through the machine. She died the next morning, December 13, 1995, without regaining consciousness. "

Mary Johnson, Sacramento, CA:

"After a serious injury my sister was 6 days in a state of deep coma. She had kidney failure, heart was on the verge of stopping. She breathed through a respirator for 5 "natural" breaths accounted for 22 of "artificial". We knew: her life now depends on machines, and there is no chance to recover. It was decided to disable the device.

Tina Balch, Morris, Minnesota:

In 1997 my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors told her to live no longer than 6 months. A few weeks later her condition deteriorated, she was rushed to hospital and is connected to a respirator. Breathe herself she could not. The mother was unconscious, and the decision on its fate was to take me. After her mother was diagnosed, she told everyone that the most severe punishment for her would be life at the expense of cars. At my request, the respirator was turned off. "

Cheryl Miller, Biria, Kentucky:

"My father became ill with cancer and a few months later slipped into a coma. Many have a family for him to live in any state, any price, as long as possible. At my request, my father hooked to an oxygen machine, I also wanted him to live. But two days later I myself shut off the oxygen ...

Several years later, the same tragedy to happen to my youngest son. And I again decided to terminate the artificial existence, because I knew that the normal life of my child will never happen.

Both father and son until the end of days would be in a coma and dependent on cars. Is this life? As it was not hard for me, I'm not sorry for what he did. "

Helen Lopez, Denver, Connecticut:

"My family went through the ordeal, after I was hit by a car. Concussion was so severe that doctors did not doubt: I will die. The last word was left to my family, and they have chosen life. For many months life in me, supported solely by artificial feeding tubes. But in the end, life wins. I am fully recovered and now feel like before the injury. "

If you want to express your opinion about the fate of Terri and about euthanasia in general, please do so here .


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