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Marriage and maiden name

January 31 2008

White dress, champagne, guests, flowers, a ring on his right hand - that's a dream come true to get married. But if the bride after the wedding, decided to forget about her maiden name, then immediately after the festive fun will be stunned, not only from the fallen family happiness, but also on the pile of applications, dies, bursts and other paperwork associated with the change of name.

For a start will have to change the main document - a passport. And within a month after the wedding - actually, which is called "honey". Only the honey here and does not smell - if within 30 days documents to replace passports did not have time to pass, facing a fine in 1500 and then in 2500 rubles! To the family budget is not impoverished, by the marriage certificate should be attached four photographs, pay a state fee of 100 rubles for a new form of passport, and with all this good quick stomp to the passport office.

In addition to queue at passport offices, which have to withstand from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours, waiting for you an unforgettable 10-14 days, during which will be made out a new passport.

Add to this the dubious pleasure of a very inconvenient work schedule passport and visa service, which usually coincides with the average statistical work or training.

The most fun can happen if the bride accepting her husband's name, not yet 20 years old. And, even if the day of birth to happen in two months after the wedding - a Russian passport will have to change twice. First - because of changes names, then - according to the law, upon reaching 20 years.

Next in the queue - your passport. Then hurry especially nowhere to tight deadlines and even more fines is not provided, but it's worth re-register as well. Given the tightening of the issuance of visas to many countries, and then have long to prove that you are is the very Ivanov, who later became Sidorova.

The price of issue: 400 rubles for a form zagrannika old-fashioned, wooden, and 1000 - for the new, which is everywhere began to issue from the beginning of this year.

Insurance pension certificate and TIN changes immediately to obtain a new passport. It takes about a month. Sometimes the change of the documents involved in the firm's management, which employs a bride. But it happens very rarely.

It is also necessary to change and medical insurance policies. Without parting with a new passport, marriage certificates going to storm the insurance company serving the health clinic in the community. In exchange for the old policy will be given a temporary (it will do a couple of weeks), and then another two months make happy young wife, a brand new constant.

Edit documents at work is very individual - sometimes the whole procedure to do in one day, in the larger firms could take up to two weeks or more. For this we must provide a marriage certificate, a copy of the new passport, Tax and Insurance, pensions as well as a statement about changing the names of visa chief. If your work is the protection and you need a working permit - apply to the aforementioned pile of papers a couple of pictures and wait a day or week.

Student ID card and record book me for about a week on the basis of your statement about the change of name with an attached copy of marriage certificate. Library cards at any library of the city changed immediately upon presentation of a passport. Sometimes you need a new picture, in other cases as well as in the student's record-book and studbilete your new name is written on the girl.

Bank card, too, must change.In the department of the bank that owns the card is written the statement and makes a confirmation letter from your employer or school that you actually changed his name and that you are really you - provided that the card has been issued through the university or at work for payroll . In other cases, enough of the marriage certificate and a passport application. Take the process of issuing new cards from 2 weeks to a month.

Another is not to forget to notify the change of name the bank, where there are loans. It is a condition of contract for the provision of credit. Otherwise the loan, taken for five years, will be asked to urgently settle for five days. That is, the contract may be terminated ahead of time, still a fine soldered together with the early repayment of the loan. So for three days and up to three weeks after the change of name, you must send a bank letter of notification, with copies of the new passport and marriage certificate.

In the presence of a driver's license, while changing the names have changed them as well. By the way, a clear law on this account there - you can just carry with me in the glove compartment of a marriage certificate. But that would once more meticulous representatives GBDD not recover precious time is a time to go to the local MREO. There's just write a statement showing the new passport and the old law. The new law will get you a week or three.

So decide for yourself - whether to change the maiden name, or not worth it. Sometimes - though it is rather the exception than the rule - the name change after marriage husbands. Then all of these circles of hell instead of a honeymoon is a strong half of humanity and is awarded after his wife's surname.

If the couple have decided to compromise and take the hyphenated name, such as Petrov-Sidorov, then run around to all instances the young couple together. And with the same set of documents.

By the way - to change her maiden name to the surname of her husband and the wife can after the wedding! Moreover, it does not matter how long since this wedding took place - one month to three years. It will take patience, marriage certificate and a statement to the registrar about the change of name.

And as other countries?

In the U.S., Australia, New Zealand to issue maiden name fit quite conservative. When his remains mostly ladies lawyers and journalists, explaining that became known as sovey maiden name. The others quietly take their husband's name. In England and France on a married lady with her maiden name at all would look askance. In Scandinavia, more and more spouses are taking a hyphenated name, is especially popular trend among women. Husbands are in his name, but the wife gets a double. Biggest zamorochki course in Spanish. From birth, the baby receives a double name - the father and mother. But the parents of the child also had his father and mother. So it turns out that Spanish or Spaniard to go rewarded family tree in the passport. Such multi-family Lucía Fernandez Hernandez Carreras Rodriguez Lopez Hades - found not only in the series. If a girl with that name will get married, for example, for Marquez, it will be all of the above plus de Marquez. " In Denmark, more often a woman says goodbye to her maiden name and my husband takes the name of the newly-fledged marriage. Only in Iceland's name change for women in general is not accepted. Although, in a very strong desire resident of this northern country can take the surname of her husband.

Elena Pakhomenko,
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