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Reform of the army, or what awaits us in this election year

August 29 2007

This week, the command of U.S. forces due to lack of recruits going to start paying premiums in 2000 dollars for each new military recruiting station on a candidate for military service.

Representatives of the command of the U.S. Army expects that this program will help them to further recruit for military service until 1500. The introduction of bonuses for new recruits drive to the recruiting station is because of the ongoing fourth year of the war in Iraq, the number of people willing to serve in the army descended almost to nothing. For two years in the U.S. Army does not hold an annual plan for recruitment.

And what's going on in our army? Most of all concerned with the issue of hazing. In the Russian courts for many months are considered hundreds of cases of death and disability soldiers. For example, Maxim Plokhov was taken to hospital with a preliminary diagnosis of poisoning. " Only a few days, the young man died. Command of the said that the soldier died of kidney failure. Say that it simply beat to death by soldiers are not even necessary.

One of the last resonant stories after Sychev case related to the hazing occurred in St. Petersburg this winter. Ordinary Roman Rudakov hospital doctors had to cut part of the intestine. Thundered recently in the news and the message of the tragic death in the army chitintsa Sergei Vasiliev. Numerous violations were discovered throughout the country.

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"Santa" is constantly extorting money, beaten, bullied. Even selected toiletries, and are not allowed to wash in the bath. There were cases when for the sake of fun, they stuffed the frightened newcomers into cells for service Shepherd and filmed it on video.

Fortunately, now in our army began serious reforms. Since 2008, the service life is reduced to one year, and graduates of the military departments of civilian institutions do not be calling in the army.

However, the "lucky" to obtain the release from service, very little. Since 2006, the army called not more than 15 thousand men who have completed higher education, while the country's army is enriched by 340-350 thousand recruits.

Over time, the number of neprizyvnyh reduced even further - the Defense Ministry in 2010 will reduce the number of military departments from 229 to 67. So that the entire program to the exemption from service officer recruits - the usual populist campaign. But the real beginning of the year were canceled, most deferments from the army. From next year the service will need to encourage not 340,000 conscripts, and more than half a million.

From external reforms, we note that by October, our army will be a new form and new solder. It is assumed that the feeding of our troops will be allocated an additional 2.8 billion rubles. Now a soldier's ration costs 67 rubles a month, and will be 80! Sad.

Recall that the talk of the global reform of the army of the Russian Federation carried out since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Moving a large part of the soldiers on a contract basis now - is a priority. Recently, the Defense Ministry said that contractors after the service shall have a preferential right to enter any institution of higher education the country. But the contract must be not a year or two, and from 3 to 5 years.

Alas, the actual number of people willing to serve in the army on his heart, and even for money, is minimal.Here is that answer our readers a question that would force them to join the army?

"An army soldier must engage exclusively in combat training. lives strictly by the statute. social safeguards, the quotas for admission to university, an interest-free loans for housing, education, career opportunities and appropriate safeguards if they wish to continue service after the deadline "

"And in general to make anything can not serve, you must desire"

Fedor Prokhorov, manager, 1921

"Benefits for training or war!"

Dima student, 20 years

"I recently took charges, exactly one month was in the army and lived on their minds ... for no apartment, car, etc., I will not go there again ... and that given the fact that I was promoted to lieutenant and conditions I had not the worst. "

Michael, a student in 1921

"Apartments and education are all good, but for me dedeovschina limiting factor.

Even a year in the Army can become blunt. If there are only taught to run and shoot, then I would have thought, so no. "

Nicholas, an engineer, 24 years

"The army will make me go just coincidence, namely, the non-arrival at graduate school, or that there was no work, and it is unreal."

Eugene, teacher, 1922

Practice shows that the acquisition of military units of soldiers, contractors did not lead to a reduction of crime and bullying.

The ministry concerned with the outcome of the spring draft. These options are not encouraging, willing to go into the army, almost none. The fact that the orders of the army is no better than in prisons, have heard everything. "Hazing" there are many hundreds of years, but now it has passed all human limits.

To solve this problem, first of all to fight with officers, to promote "hazing." Requires ruthless in punishing any hazing. In order to destroy a dangerous hierarchy, you need to conscript served only with their peers, not to serve, together with his classmates and fellow countrymen.

Let's hope that the current government will not repeat the mistakes of the past, and the call-2008 with a call in 2007 will not tie up anything.

Alex Vitvitskiy


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