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Doom "Titanic was predrechena

August 28 2007

In our life, often, accidents occur and overlap. However, sometimes they seem to be simply incredible.

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1. Machine-killer. The famous actor James Dean died in a car accident in 1955. His sports car was not injured, but soon after the death of an actor, a sort of bad luck began to chase the car and all who touched her. Judge: shortly after the accident the car was taken away from the scene. At that moment, when a car imported into the garage, its engine mysteriously dropped out of the body, dissolving foot mechanics. The motor got a doctor who put him in his car. Soon he was killed during a race race. The car later was repaired, but the garage, where he repaired, destroyed by fire. Machine as exhibited in the sights of Sacramento, has fallen from the podium and broke up the thigh a passing teenager. To top it off in 1959, the car in an unknown manner completely independently collapsed into 11 parts.

2. Double-rescuer and rescued twice. In the 30 years of the last century, Joseph Figlok, a resident of Detroit, was walking down the street and suddenly from the windows of multistoried building is literally on the head of Joseph fell year-old child. Fortunately, both escaped with minor party scene fright. Later it was learned that the young and careless mother simply forgot to close the window, and a curious child climbed onto the sill and fell on his stunned unwitting savior. But the most interesting thing happened a year later. Joseph once again went down the same street, and suddenly, out of windows of the house collapsed on him the same baby! Both members of the incident once again escaped with slight shock.

3. From fate will not leave. Henry Zigland was sure that I could circle around the fate of a finger. In 1883 he broke with his mistress, who, having failed to survive it, committed suicide. Brother of the girl grabbed his gun and tried to kill Henry, and, having decided that the bullet reached the goal, shot himself. But Henry has survived: the bullet barely grazed his face and went into the tree trunk. A few years later Henry thought up to cut down the ill-fated tree, but the trunk was too big. Then Zigland decided to blow up a tree with a few sticks of dynamite. The explosion of the bullet is still in the trunk of a tree, broke free and fell right on the head of Henry, killing him on the spot.

4. Based on the novel by Edgar Allan Poe. The famous writer Edgar Allan Poe wrote a story which said the fate of the passengers who survived the shipwreck. Many days they scoured the ocean for utlom craft, while hunger is not caused them to kill and eat one of the satellites - the cabin boy named Richard Parker. Several years later, in the open sea was discovered skiff with three survivors of the shipwreck people. It turned out that the survivors were four, but after a while hunger has forced adults to kill and eat the cabin boy named Richard Parker. Moreover, none of the survivors did not read the story by Edgar Allan Poe.

5. A familiar name. In 1920, three Britons were traveling in a train in the same compartment. In the process of dating revealed a strange coincidence: the name of one of them was Binkhem, second - Powell and the third - Binkhem Powell. None of them was in relationship with others.

6. Terrible taxi. In 1975, a resident of Bermuda, riding a moped was accidentally shot down a taxi and killed on the spot. Exactly one year later his brother was killed in absolutely the same circumstances. Coincidence? Maybe.What would you say that the brother was killed, riding on the same moped, was shot down by the same taxi and the same driver, so even with the same passenger in the cabin?

7. The loss of the Titanic was predrechena. In 1898, writer Morgan Robertson wrote a novel, "The Abyss". It tells of the first and last voyage of the transatlantic liner "Titan". Despite the fact that the liner was considered the most reliable vehicle in the history of mankind, it sank in a collision with an iceberg and took with him a lot of lives. In 1912, thirteen years later, the transatlantic liner Titanic, which was considered the most reliable vehicle in human history, sank during her first and last voyage, rushing into the darkness of the iceberg, and taking with him a lot of lives. Romance and life coincide even in small things: the book on Titan were 3,000 passengers on the real Titanic - 2207, lifeboats in the book was 24, while on the Titanic - 20.

8. Double King. King of Italy Umberto I once went to a small restaurant of the city of Monza, to dine. Order of his Majesty respectfully received by the owner institution. Looking at the restaurant owner, King realized that before him - his exact copy. The restaurant owner and the person and constitution strongly resembled his Majesty. Men chatted and discovered other similarities: both the king and the restaurant owner born in one day and the year in the same town, both married to a woman named Margaret, owner of the restaurant opened its facility on the day of the coronation of Umberto I.
But this match is over. In 1900, King Umberto was told that the restaurant owner, in which the king loved to visit from time to time, died in an accident on the shot. No sooner had the king to express his condolences, as an anarchist shot him in the crowd surrounded the carriage.

9. Book-Barnett. In 1920, the American writer Anne Parrish, who was in while on vacation in Paris, came across a secondhand store for your favorite children's book - "Jack Frost and Other Stories." Anne bought a book and showed it to her husband, telling how she loved this book as a child. Anne's husband took the book, opened it and found on the title page the inscription: "Anne Parrish, 209N, Webber Street, Colorado Springs." It was the book that once belonged to the most Ann!

10. Son of his father. In 1858, the poker player Robert Fallon shot a loser his opponent, saying that Robert - Schuler and won a $ 600 fraud. Fallon place at the table vacant, the win was lying nearby, and no player would take "an unhappy place." However, the game had to continue, and opponents, consultation, came out of the saloon into the street and soon returned with a young man who happened to be passing by. Freshman put down and handed him $ 600 (winning Robert) as the initial bids. Arrived by the time the crime scene the police found out that the recent killer cut with passion in poker and won a novice, who had to pay $ 600 initial bet to win the size 2 $ 200! Having understood the situation and arrested the main suspects in the murder of Robert Fallon, police ordered to transfer $ 600, won by the deceased, his next of kin, which was still the same lucky young player who has not seen his father more than 7 years!

Irina Kapustina


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